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What Twilight actually said will be another fic...

just kidding.


548433 why my mind is now filled with fuck....

Lolololol THAT WAS HILARIOUSE!!!I solute you:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The One Thing That MADE This Story:

The final line.

Pure b:pinkiehappy:ing genius!

I commend you. I recall this story being done in the perspective of Applebloom and Twilight gave a bull shit story for Applejack to make up for. Kudos my dear Brony. Adieu~

That was by far the most hillarious thing I have read today. I can just imagine.
Twilight: "Well, first..."
*Twenty minutes later.*

Haha, this was pretty great. Although I would change the sentence, " ... the biggest pile of bologna I've ever seen." to " ... the biggest pile of bologna I've ever heard."

This was great!

Well, Sweetie Belle, you asked for it.

The story title makes this the Snakes On A Plane of FIM ficdom: we all knew exactly what we were getting into the moment we clicked.

Oh Twilight, you so descriptive! :twilightblush:

I knew Twilight would give such a detailed description, but Scootaloo's reaction was priceless.

Well, that's one way to make them stop! Oh curiousity!

Oh god, what.

Haven't laughed quite that hard in a while. Thanks :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight went on to describe sex and birth in graphic detail.

"...usually the stallion will be on top but the mare can be too..."

Sweetie Belle felt herself wanting to throw up.

"... and it looks like they're wrestling, but they really aren't. And the stallion moves back and forth and back and forth..."

Sweetie Belle silently regretted asking the question.

"... then, the stallion shoots a stream of..."

Sweetie Belle felt her innocence being slowly sucked from her body.

"... the mare has a chance to have a baby!"

Sweetie Belle thought that the worst of it was over, but then Twilight started to describe child birth. Sweetie Belle winced at her description. She regretted picking the pony with the best vocabulary in Ponyville to describe the process to her.

"... And then after all the screaming and crying is done, a new baby is brought into the world!"

Sweetie Belle sat silently, processing all the information. She trotted silently out of the library and back to her group of friends.


"Hey, you'll never guess what Twilight just told me." Scootaloo and Applebloom listened closely as Sweetie Belle repeated what Twilight had said.

After she had finished all the ponies were silent for a moment. Scootaloo looked at her with wide eyes.

"That is the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard."

I lost my shit!:rainbowlaugh:



:rainbowlaugh: have all my thumbs

Pure gold! :rainbowlaugh:

now they know... AND KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

I feel like such a hipster now...
I read your story before it was featured.


Both Rarity and Twilight were wrong.


I think Twilight is my hero now. On the other hand she might being taking lessons from Celestia

first time i loled from a fanfic ending in a while. congrats!:twilightsmile:

Oh Sweetie Belle. You never cease to amaze me. :rainbowlaugh:

I laughed so hard I rolled of my chair (Not kidding) at Twilight's explaination, by the way. I've lost all feeling in my back, yes, but it was worth it.

that was hilarious :twilight smile: great work

That, was the most funniest shit I've ever read.

When I saw her listening I was like:
Then at the ending I was like:

I facepalmed for a solid 5 minutes at Twilight's part.:facehoof:

I must read this.

I saw it as newly uploaded and considered reading it, but got distracted. Now it's gotten front page in a couple hours, I will read it and leave a full review, if you like.

MY god that was fucking hilarious good show op good show

549346 when i saw your comment, i thought they added new emotes. turns out they were just really tiny images.

me is heart broken now.

as for the story, well, i kinda figured what it's about, and i'll have to take everyone's word for it.
i'm gone now, peace!

what's weird is that twi gives a rather un-scientific description. I'm gonna try not to think of the implications of this too much.

I loled. Good story to end the day with a smile on my face :twilightsheepish:

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