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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been tasked with their greatest challenge yet - cook dinner for themselves and Rarity, wholly unsupervised! Can they rise to the occasion and take their first tentative steps towards adulthood without accidentally causing some form of catastrophe?

History teaches us the answer is "no".

Finalist for The Writeoff Association short story competition, "Look, I Can Explain..."

Cover art courtesy of Apex Photography

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Exactly what you would expect when you put Discord and the CMC in a room together. Utter madness. Brilliant I tell you! :heart:

Beautifully done. The line about it becoming a giant brain nearly made me fall off my chair from laughter.



Thank you so much! I'm glad you both enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

Fun. Although, it could have been worse: when Discord showed up, I fully expected the entire town to be on fire/dancing a jig by the end of this, so as far as CMC disasters go, this was only a 6 out of ten on the damage level.

Mmhm. Yes, as I suspect the moent I realised this was post Cutie Marks, the now armed with their marks, the Crusaders are now capable of making even worse disasters without even trying...

(Or, to quote a wise alien scholar "Worse... Or better...?")

(Really, though. Letting Sweetie cook? You brought this upon yourself Rarity.)

This is brilliant. I love how it keeps escalating, even past the point where I'd expect things to abate. It's also written as if it would fit perfectly into the show itself. Great job!

Oh hey! :pinkiehappy: Cheers, yo, thank you so much!

Congrats on doing well in the Writeoff. This was pretty enjoyable. : D

Hey, dude! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Did... did I just read the origin story of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Given that Sweetie Belle's only canon attempt at cooking resulted in burnt juice and toast served in a bowl, I expected nothing less than absolute disaster. And yet, you somehow, gloriously, exceeded expectations.

7308662 ...Yes. Yes, that WAS the FSM being "born" and sent to our dimension. :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome story, gave me a few good laughs. good way to start the day, a cu pof coffee and a funny story. :twilightsmile:

Wait Is this "The" noodle incident that I may have read referenced in one of other fanfics (End of Ponies by SSaE? I forget)? LoL:pinkiehappy: Very funny! Brightened up my day!

7308864 And here I was thinking of the meteor from Billy and Mandy at first... Then again, with that much chaos involved, whose to say it couldn't have evolved into that on its flight throughout space?

first thing i thought of was the Calvin and Hobbes' Noodle Incident..... even though it never actually got shown in the comic.

Noodle incident from Stories in Stone?
That is supposed to be redacted.

Please, oh please tell me that title is a reference to Calvin and Hobbes!

It is indeed. :twilightsmile: That comic was the foundation of my childhood.

7311628 Sweet! Will definitely give this a read!

Glad I could help you start your day on the right hoof! :twilightsmile:

It's entirely possible, though only SS&E can say. I really need to finally read End of Ponies.
Glad you liked it!

7311651 Actually, I intend to start THIS morning now, by reading your other story. And if I like that one too,
I'm going to follow you :twilightsmile:

That was a pretty nice and fun read. I was nervous when Discord showed up (he's a character who people can miss badly with), but I feel he was well handled in the story (also bonus points on not cutting back to the noodle being at the end where we watch it mess with Earth or wherever when it becomes the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

The only area I personally felt was off was with Rarity at the beginning. This is debatable, but I don't think she would leave the crusaders on their own, being aware they intended to cook something. She knows them too well. That's a really minor issue (basically a nitpick), though.

Good job.

Ah, this I liked. Discord and the CMC caused a pastaphrophy. Penne for your thoughts?

Took me a while to read the expanded version, but this scaled up awfully well. Thanks for bringing it over from the Writeoff side of things!

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