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Rarity wakes up to discover that she has transformed from a noble unicorn into a shiny toaster. Will magic return her to her old self, or will she be overwhelmed by the sudden need for bread?

~~Special thanks to the anonymous artist who created the cover image. /hoofbump ~~

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Yes, I was... er... heavily inebriated when both the concept and initial writing were done :ajsleepy:
My shame knows no bounds

Now this is an idea that should be Cannon
Nopony likes Rarity :ajbemused:

mmm toast :rainbowwild:

I read this, laughed, and was about to compliment Blueshift on another job well done... then realised you were a different author ^_^;;

But, yeah, job well done! I give this five Trixies out of five! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft:

Everypony loves Rarity.
That's why we need her to make toast.
Then there will be another feature to love.
Because we all love toast.
Therefore we all love Rarity.

This is what a demented mind creates after a bottle of wine, 1/3rd of champagne, and a few screwdrivers. I think having "suited for success" playing in the background helped.


Is this supposed to be like a Clop fic for toasters?
Sounds like Kafka's Metamorphosis. Except the protagonist turns into a cockroach and is quickly hated and killed by his family for the inconvenience he put on them.

rofl at that pic.
Yeah, I've read The Metamorphosis like...ages ago. I have enough sadness in my stories that I wouldn't make Rarity end up dead in her room!

No I wouldn't think you would crush Rarity under the hoof of Twilight or anything like that. Although I didn't know my toaster felt ecstasy when I turned it on. Kind of makes you look at other things around your house and think to yourself 'What a whore.'

2031328 Blasphemy. I don't like RD. And since I don't like RD obviously no one else likes RD. Kidding. But seriously though.

I just went to make breakfast. English Muffins. Toasted.

It felt so beautifully wrong. Also, Rarity is best pone.

I will never use my toaster in the same way... :rainbowderp:

I think my oven has the hots for someone else now :(
And my fridge is only giving me the cold shoulder.


I think my oven has the hots for someone else now :(
And my fridge is only giving me the cold shoulder

This comment. This comment right here ^ ?
It's fucking hilarious. Have a good day.

I'd eat that toast... :raritystarry:


This was very... interesting, to say the least, although it does give me an idea.

Could you write more stories where other ponies get turned into household appliances? That would be really cool.

I demand that Twilight be morphed into an electric whisk.


How about AppleJack becoming a refrigerator?

Rarity becomes a toaster.
Sex tag.

... What :rainbowderp:

...What :rainbowderp:

... More:pinkiesmile:?

We have a plan.
Get on it author!

I... I don't even...

Rarity the Toaster
Applejack the Fridge
Twilight the Whisk

zomg start of an epic mini-series! :raritydespair:

I think it could possibly be the greatest thing ever.

2031471 nah I'm not saying everpony doesn't like her
She's just irritating to me :twilightangry2:

She's a posh snob who should learn to keep her nose out of other ponies business. Oh and she should stop tricking RD into modelling for her, she knows RD hates it

Some of my biggest feels moments have been with Rarity & Sweetie

Meh I know when I'm not wanted :ajbemused:

2031958 Nope. Shes classy and sophisticated. A quality women are sorely lacking these days :trixieshiftleft: . She also has an infectious laugh. RD on the other hand is smug and overbearing with her "Hey guys check out all the crap I can do" attitude. The fact that she made it to the Wonderbolt academy with that all-for-one personality is beyond me.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Rarity being a bitch makes her best pony. She just needs to get laid is all, which is the point of this story right?
JK, all Ponies have equal distribution of awesomeness to me.

So I think Fluttershy should be a bathtub... It would seem fitting in an ironic way.

2031807 RD a lamp. Pinkie a blender, and Fluttershy can be a literal doormat.

That'd mean another pony bathing IN her... yikes. erm... ha.

Come now, Rainbow Dash looks sexy in those dresses.
Rarity is doing you favours.

I like the way you think good sir.
Now, onto the real questions.
What type of lamp would RD be?
Would she be made of pine or plasic?
Would she be economicaly friendly?
Will she be pink?
Oh the questions!

Yea, imagine her reaction to all of that, especially if it's pleasuring to her.

1. OOOH Lava lamp! Never thought of that...
2. Definitely plastic.
3. Fuck the economy. Wasteful is MUCH cooler.
4. White. It stands out best. And she loves standing out.

Is it wrong that I could look at that image for literal hours?

2032117 you have to make a fic outta that pic :rainbowlaugh:

2032165 I can't steal xara's idea. How can I be better than him if I'm using his ideas? :trixieshiftleft: I would be like Carlos Mancia

Rainbow Dash becomes a lamp.
Plot twist: She's a crime fighting lamp.


lol, I don't even know what a lava lamp, or any lamp, would 'experience'. It just goes on or off >_>

2032200 Pinkie becomes a blender.
Plot twist for a tragedy fic: Someone uses Pinkie to blend vegetables.

This could have possibly sparked the greatest series of stories ever writen.

2032226 Damn right it did. If anyone's out there :fluttercry: please.... Make this a reality.

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