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Bugs the Curm

No matter how far one heads down the path of make-believe, one must never lose sight of reality.

Cartoons: Bugs approved

My Favs:
#1: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
#2: Duck Amuck
#3: Der Fuhrer's Face
#4: Hillbilly Hare
#5: Hockey Homicide
#6: Rooty Toot Toot
#7: Not shown
#8: Not shown
#9: Tortoise wins by a Hare
#10: Minnie the Moocher
Norman Normal
The Greatest Man in Siam
Three Little Wolves
Hell's Bells
Gerald McBoing-Boing
Porky's Pig Feat
Fresh Airedale
Rabbit Fire
Daredevil Droopy
Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarves -Warning
Brave Little Tailor
Baby Bottleneck
Mouse Menace
The Tell-Tale Heart
Plane Daffy
King-Sized Canary
Mutiny on the Bunny
Three Little Pups
A Dream Walking
Susie the Little Blue Coupe
Birdy and the Beast
Beep Beep
Russian Rhapsody
Porky's Cafe
California 'er Bust - Warning
Education for Death
Fuddy Duddy Buddy
Toby Tortoise Returns
Mexican Joyride
Rhapsody in Rivets
Super Rabbit
Fast and Furry-ous
Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century
Group 11:
No Hunting
Three Little Bops
Adventures in Music: Melody
Northwest Hounded Police
Group 12:
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
In the Bag
The Mad Doctor
Long-Haired Hare
Group 13:
Chew Chew Baby - Warning
Farmyard Symphony
How Green is my Spinach
Little Hiawatha
Baseball Bugs
Sick Sick Sidney
Little Rural Riding Hood
It's the Natural Thing to do
Group 14:
Lighter than Hare
Drag-a-long Droopy
Moving Day
Group 15:
The Night before Christmas
Trick or Treat
Magical Maestro
Group 16:
Little Red Riding Rabbit
Football then and now
Wholly Smoke
Mother Goose goes Hollywood - Warning
Group 17:
Hot Cross Bunny
Wild and Wolfy
Donald's Snow Fight
Motion Painting No. 1
Group 18:
The Case of the Stuttering Pig
Wolf Chases Pigs
Nasty Quacks
The Major Lied till Dawn
Group 19:
Moth and the Flame
Booby Traps - NSFW
Jitterbug Follies
Toot, Whistle, Pluck, and Boom - Warning
Group 20:
Hare Lift
High Diving Hare
Bad Luck Blackie
Group 21:
Teachers are People
No Barking
One Meat Brawl
Slap-Happy Lion
Ferdinand the Bull
Clock Cleaners - High quality, but edited
Lower quality, but less edits
Group 22:
Cracked Quack
Dough Ray Me-Ow
Who Killed Cock Robin? - Warning
The Dover Boys of Pimento University
Group 23:
Pecos Pest
Hell-Bent for Election
Clown of the Jungle
Goofy Gymnastics
A Ham in the Role
Snow White
Group 24:
Bye Bye Bluebeard
This Land is Mine
The Skeleton Dance
Rabbit Hood
Group 24:
Porky's Party
The Gruesome Twosome
Book Reuve
Group 25:
Spellbound Hound
Ballot Box Bunny
[url=Draftee Daffy ]Draftee Daffy
A Tale of Two Kitties
Group 26:
How to Play Baseball
Much Ado about Nutting
Kitty Kornered
The Band Concert


Best of Season 1 Short Fics, Part 5 · 12:21am Jul 9th, 2017

I saw Ben and Me recently, one of a number of Disney non-feature works that Disney made, mostly in the late 40's and 50's, that didn’t have an attached label to it.  Even though the Disney was getting out of the cartoon short market at the time because the revenue wasn’t justifying the cost (Mickey would star in his last theatrical short in 1953, the same year as Ben and Me was released), he was actually producing quite a few

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Glad you enjoyed the blog.

For Minnie the Moocher, I'm a Calloway fan and he had a hand in that cartoon. Besides his song, it's also inventive (watch the backgrounds change, for one) and feels more organized for me than a number of Fleischer cartoons from this time. Because Betty herself isn't a good character (not that good cartoon characters really existed then) and most gags from the studio are more arbitrary than funny, cartoons with her have to be imaginative without a haphazard handling of the elements, and most of them aren't. I'll be frank, I haven't touched my top ten list (a small part of my top 50 list) since 2009, and if I actually sat down and spent my time re-watching all cartoons that might qualify, there would probably be changes.

I love Chuck Jones' best work (details on why can be seen in my piece for his centennial birthday), and I enjoy most of his films from 1945-1955, with a few others outside those years (if I redid my top 50, he'd still probably have the most on it). Rabbit Fire is one of those I love and consider amongst his best, and I do like Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit, Duck!, although I think people overate the Hunters trilogy. I enjoy Bully for Bugs as well, but there are a number of other Bugs Bunny cartoons I like more such as Hillbilly Hare (my personal favorite), Long-Haired Hare, High Diving Hare, and Rabbit Hood, just to name some I've posted. Part of it is because of the nature of the subject (bullfighting is one of the most overused cartoon premises, so they end up being really similar, something even Mexican Joyride, my fav of the bullfighting cartoons, can't escape), and because Bully lacks a few things (for example, the final gag seems more pedestrian (it would work with any number of Bugs' opponents) than say the ones in Hillbilly or Long-Haired, where square-dancing and disguising as Leopold Stokowski, respectively, fit the setting better). It's not a masterpiece, but I still like the cartoon.

Wow, this was a very interesting page to come across. I was interested in your opinion on Minnie the Moocher, since you have it listed as your number 10 pick. I've always found it to be a pretty weak cartoon, if you take away the historical context of it. Certainly not anywhere near what I would consider to be the best of the Betty Boop/Bimbo stuff. It goes without saying that Duck Amuck is a masterpiece, but how do you feel about the other stuff out of the Chuck Jones years? I'd say that one of the three iterations of Duck Season has to be up there somewhere. And I find the cartoon where Bugs fights that bull to be the best of all the Bugs outings where Daffy isn't involved.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog was very interesting!

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