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I still check this website for some reason. I might post a blog about music every now and then, and sometimes update the Youtube link below for good music I've recently discovered.


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I'm glad to see that you're still interested in writing Nos, even if it isn't for the Pony community. I hope that leads somewhere good for you.

You seem to have stopped writing as well, is there any reason for that?

Basically? I've lost my Pony muse. I can't seem to muster the same enthusiasm for Pony that I once did. There's only one thing, Spike and Twilight's relationship, that matters to me about the show anymore and they haven't done a thing with it in two seasons. I am enjoying creating comics with dSana/Stainless Key, though.

I hope everything works out for you, Nos. Best of luck out there!:twilightsmile:

Holy cow, Descendant, you remember me? I'm very good thanks. As you can tell by my profile description I'm hardly involved in the brony community anymore, which is why I've only now just got this message and responded to it (I hope you'll forgive me for that). I am interested in writing stories, as I've been reading a lot of novels over the past eight months or so, but I've gotten very lax with it.

You seem to have stopped writing as well, is there any reason for that?

Haven't heard from you in a great long while, Nos—how've you been?


NP and thank you for that tidbit of info as well...I didn't know that and it's interesting enough for me to follow up on


Huh, that's pretty interesting. I think the way they make these sounds is just by recording an air conditioning unit and EQ'ing off most of the high frequencies, but I like how the different recordings sound like different spacecraft. Thanks for the link.

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