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Twilight can not find her pillow.

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I have to write a research paper, but I got bored and this story was born. Back to work...
This story is my mind+caffeine+background music+lack of sleep+my craziness+ me trying to be funny
and if you add all that up you get this story. Yay.

at the end of the story your face should look like this:

:rainbowhuh: wtf did I just read?


I just realized that your post said

"at the end of the story your face should look like this:

:rainbowhuh: wtf did I just read?"

So I guess it WAS a big success.

I'm so confused :pinkiecrazy:
Rarity's "death" was the greatest thing I may have ever read :rainbowlaugh:

incoming hate, take coverrrrrrrrr
431118 glad you liked it.

My face was a real 'wtf did I just read' but I admit, I loved it. It was silly, it was dramatic and it showed the true horrors of a pillow fight. Well done!:twilightsmile:

This is the best thing since sliced bread. I laughed during class because of this. You sir/madam have earned a favorite and a follower.

That fucking Troll xD
I'm sorry but this is a story that just cannot be beaten. Absolutely brilliant. 10.

431147 what can I say, she's trollestia :trollestia:


That was amazing.... I could totally see that as an episode really, only with everyone not dying, and there being something about not obsessing in there.....

431186 just toss in some friendship and less death and boom, episode.

But if they do make an episode like this, I'll be throwing my money at the screen. All out pony war is exactly what the show needs.

So wait... were ponies dying for real? Or was it just Rarity-eque drama?

I mean... sure, you could go for true death, but... it's almost better if it stays true to it's heritage and everyone gets up later.

431286 idk, in my mind they all get up later after being unconcious, but its up to the readers imagination

This is nothing to kid around about... I lost over 300 fighters that day...

This is incredible. Someone needs to make explosive pillows a reality :trixieshiftright:

'My entire squad was either captured or killed. The enemy nearly got me, but then it happened. The mother of all bombs was dropped. I was the only one lucky enough to be behind a wall when it happened. I'll never forget that day, the day that everyone fell until I was the only one left. The final day of the Great Pillow War.' I just had to say that.
This brings back memories of when I was a kid, a simple game that turns into a playground wide war.

431385 i could see somebody writing a sequel about the only survivor after the war...
it would be epic :O

and the good ol days on the playground, i remember em too.

Lolwut to da max! A good read to read once in a while.

431416 the world may never know...

431296 that picture, it fits so well.

431385 I remember my first playground war, somebody decided it would be fun to run around wacking people with a sock filled with sand. Soon everybody was using sand-based weapons to attack each other. (I used a sock and a bottlecap filled with sand, the latter being completely useless.)

Is it bad that while reading this I was thinking up ways to actually weaponize pillows?:pinkiecrazy:

431467 no, that's perfectly normal. What did you come up with?

So was the background music you mentioned the ultimate showdown or something? cuz thats what i was thinking about, especially at the line "She let a tear drop from her cheek for those lost."

431480 I was listening to a lot of background music when writing this story.
I'll post some of it.


I used to be a unicorn like you, but then I took a pillow in the knee.:ajsleepy:
Sorry couldn't resist.:pinkiehappy:

431518 bahahaha that made my day :rainbowlaugh:


431525 for not freaking out I used the meme, you sir, get a like a fave and a watch.:yay:

Pinkie Pie's death, so majestic~ :rainbowlaugh: I'm going to go with the lighter side of things and figure that, though everypony was getting smacked around, nopony actually died.

Also Lyra is a real warhorse!

431542 many people don't know it, but in her spare time Lyra is a 5-star general

First is the obvious soaking the pillow in water for extra mass to hit harder. Building on that is the use of substances other then water, various poisons or caustic chemicals, possibly using flammable chamicals along with treating the pillowcase in a mixture similar to touchpowder so that the impact can produce a spark to ignite the chemicals. Soak the pillow in a resin or similar glue and allow it to harden for a pillor brick, make the pillow stuffing out of fiberglass insulation so that impacts cause bursts of small glass particulate to damage lungs. Stick a large number of metal or glass slivers throughout the pillow so that the impacts cause them to puncture the skin, again this can be combined with the soaking in chemicals to allow for the injection of any manner of substance into the bloodstream...:pinkiecrazy:

431585 0.0 :derpyderp2:

If I go back and edit, I'm adding some of this stuff. Will make it 10x more dangerous

nah but, don't think ponies have access to all that stuff. But still :pinkiecrazy:

Me and my ponies we were the surviving members of green team...the pillows were every where...bodies laid on the field like pencils that you set down...Me and the others did what we could to push them, then they got the upper hand...In the end, the purple one it was that destoryed me and my ponies that day, and I'll never forget the words my leader said
"War never changes" :ajsleepy:

OMG this cannot go unseen!

I laughed thoughout the entire story. :rainbowlaugh:
TheOnly. You, my friend are a genius! A crazy genius, but still a genius!

I just hope that nopny died :twilightoops: I know you said in a comment that they were just unconscius, but with explosive pillows that would make ponies fly away and the overkill in the end with the nuke-pillow-thingy, I'm not too sure...

That, dear author was one Hell of a Twilight Freak out. Good show sir, jolly good show.

That was hilarious!!
Regarding the Spongebob episode, do you mean the one with the sand castle wars?

Somehow this seems appropriate now...

On an unrelated note, you've inspired me to write a warfic.

Cool story ,bro

Just making sure:pinkiehappy:!
Anyways good job!

Best Story ever! 5 moustaches out of 5 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

432077 that picture is very related, and I'm glad I inspired you. Listen to epic music while you write it, it helps.

That was bucking amazing. I didn't go 'wtf?' :rainbowhuh: I went 'OMFG!' :pinkiehappy:

But they all survived in my mind.

Throw in some friendship, no explosions/rocks in pillows, and nopony falling unconscious, and it's suitable for MLP: FiM.

You sir, are amazing.



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