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Well, I am what you want me to be, I guess.

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I'm so slow. · 5:35pm Jun 19th, 2012

I'll cut to the chase.

Chapter 3 of Refracted Heart is coming fairly soon, a week tops (which probably means next month).

I'm working on said fic the most. I have a heap of ideas and I'm concentrating on getting them done first.

Next I'm working on is Party Hard, followed by a oneshot that was meant to be completed in one fucking day, but instead has taken 8 weeks AND it's not even halfway done (rrrrrrrr)

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Awwh, thanks ^^
Inspiration to work on it? Sure thing.

Currently, it's my last priority, but I'll try get back onto it. People seem to enjoy it enough.

You wrote Split? You're awesome. :pinkiehappy:

30300 Why thank you dear sir :D

Dat pic....is purdy.:rainbowkiss:

Rayn is best writer <3

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