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It's just a peaceful and typical day for Twilight with the usual studying, all until Rainbow Dash knocks down her door and drags a very reluctant Twilight to one of Pinkie Pie's famous parties. But as some of the attendants of the party get intoxicated, what sort of chaos will ensue?


Third story attempt. I'm not sure what I've got in store for this, but I had a picture in my mind that should put itself on paper soon enough. I hope you like it, you guys are the only reason I write :3

As a note, there won't be any sort of clop in this, in case the description was slightly misleading. There may be 'flings', but nothing more than that. I'm not a good clop writer anyway P:

(Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YrPtQhOejbU/TfOzor2eUTI/AAAAAAAAAIE/NoEdM32RzYg/s400/booze_by_de_masque-d3ih4jb.png
As usual, I dunno the artist.)

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I ain't Relevant Heavy Metal for nothing, even if I go for the low hanging fruit.

Pegasi have an alcohol resistance so high that not only are all hangovers half what they should be, but even a lightweight pegasus is the equivalent of a world class earth-pony drinker. Applejack has an impressive resistance to be able to survive 5 against a pegasus if the pegasus is starting to get tipsy.

Oh damn. Somepony... *glasses* Spiked the punch.

My "fetish" for drunkenness makes itself reminded... I'm glad you chose not to make it clop though, way too many drunk-pony stories end like that :ajsmug:


Really? I would have expected the opposite, considering that Pegasi most likely are much lighter and thus more sensitive to alcohol compared to strong earth ponies with a lot of muscles and a body to handle it. What do you base your reasoning on?

Fuckin cliffhangers.

571239 Pegasus healing factor.
A broken wing does not heal in three days. The pegasus healing factor comes from the unique circumstances of Pegasus' birth (the pony, not the race). Pegasus was born when Medusa's blood fell into the ocean. This explains the healing factor, The Stare and how Fluttershy was able to resist being turned to stone. A pegasus' blood can neutralize most poisons, because of the nature of pegasus being the indirect offspring of Medusa and Poseidon.

571251 Applejack drank five. Rainbow Dash drank seven.

That cliff hanger hope rd wins:pinkiehappy:


Nice to see that you did have a proper reason to believe that, but personally I will not draw a direct link between the history of Pegasus and Pegasus ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this case I choose stick by the simpler explanation (body/muscle-mass in relation to alcohol-capacity) until the show tells us different.

Alright hold on hold on
Applejack drank seven, as did Dash
>Caramel and Big Mac fetched a dozen mugs and filled each one up to the exact same level, so that there was absolutely no room for cheating. They separated the cups equally 12 / 2 = 6 each
– four on Rainbow Dash’s preferred side, four on Applejack’s preferred side and two each in the middle.
> In the end, it was all up to a seventh cup of cider

I can see why you'd think it was five, because I never mentioned the two drinking the sixth, but seven were drunk each.

Haven't read yet, but that cover is too enticing not to. :rainbowlaugh:

Ummmmm, Spike cooks for Twilight all the time in the show.

OBJECTION! it says that only rarity:raritystarry: and applejack:ajsmug: have clothes but applebloom has a ribbon :applecry:

Your argument,:trixieshiftleft:Is considered :trixieshiftright:

Well he was being lazy today. Going off no sleep and all.
Well, maybe she's not wearing it :pinkiegasp:

spike was best in this chapter :moustache: he brought the funnies

575438 Fine but.....BIG MAC HAS A....ermmm....whatever that thing is

Darn it, stop being so observant xD

620981 Alright so whos carmel,backround,OC,Derp?


I'm busies
And lazy
I'll get around to it.

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