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It's just a peaceful and typical day for Twilight with the usual studying, all until Rainbow Dash knocks down her door and drags a very reluctant Twilight to one of Pinkie Pie's famous parties. But as some of the attendants of the party get intoxicated, what sort of chaos will ensue?


Third story attempt. I'm not sure what I've got in store for this, but I had a picture in my mind that should put itself on paper soon enough. I hope you like it, you guys are the only reason I write :3

As a note, there won't be any sort of clop in this, in case the description was slightly misleading. There may be 'flings', but nothing more than that. I'm not a good clop writer anyway P:

(Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YrPtQhOejbU/TfOzor2eUTI/AAAAAAAAAIE/NoEdM32RzYg/s400/booze_by_de_masque-d3ih4jb.png
As usual, I dunno the artist.)

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It was a simple nightmare, one Rainbow Dash thought meant nothing. But what she had forgotten is that dreams always contain messages, no matter how unclear they may be...

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It's just another normal day for Twilight Sparkle, ponies are all happy and nothing's really changed in Ponyville. However when she discovers a strange locket at Fillydelphia beach, her life will change... forever.


I am writing this story with my good friend, Aceaddo. This is our first time, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Emphasis on 'constructive'.

This is probably going to be a somewhat long story, hopefully. So yeah, I hope you enjoy, more will be on it's way.

(P.S: Original cover image: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qiqQlUOlmY8/TpqBZc0l8xI/AAAAAAAABSg/Shlf_AooQLM/s1600/70823+-+twilight_sparkle.jpg (Can't find the artist, sorry guys :/)
Edited by Aceaddo and I)

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