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Rarity has a new coltfriend, and she couldn't be happier, but she isn't sure what to do if their next date proves more... intimate than the last. She seeks guidance from all of her friends, but the best advice comes from a most unexpected source.

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Oh man, even skimming through some of this hurts. :1 ponies+sexual relationships= Death of me. Its interesting sure enough, no real grammatical error and very well done. I'm just a bit tad embarrassed myself reading this, its like when someone humiliates themselves so bad you feel it too. In this case it would be rarity. Man I'm gonna have to read this aren't I? :twilightblush:

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that....was....well i expected Pinkie to be the type to throw orgy's, other than that this was great

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At first i was all :rainbowlaugh:

Then I was all :unsuresweetie: at the end bit. Great fic. Well written and played with the topic quite nicely.

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"Rainbow Dash must still be tied up somewhere".

... Whut.

Ok this made me laugh, but... :unsuresweetie: I think I like this.

Oh god, this was freakin amazing. :rainbowlaugh: The Applejack and Fluttershy scenes were absolutely golden, and I love the "must be tied up somewhere" line you dropped. You really built up to the inevitable Pinkie scenes as well, and they were soooo worth it. :pinkiehappy: Rarity dialogue was top-notch as well. :raritywink:

Well done, and a great way to shine a spotlight on the many flavors of inherent absurdity in intercourse, regardless of species. Each character's level of experience is, in my opinion, quite believable. Yes, even Fluttershy's.:flutterrage:

I counted at least five laughs out loud, two guffaws, and one jaw-drop reading this (I believe it was when Pinkie said she'd asked Princess Celestia about that one trick...). I usually see Rarity written as being quite experienced, but you certainly made it believable the other way. The unexpected transition into seriousness was icing on the cake, in my opinion. The story would have been great as just a whole bunch of funny stuff, but with that little dash of the serious, it jumped to being downright awesome. What a heel, that stallion.:facehoof:

Also: "Opalescence mewed disinterestedly and rolled over in her basket." Yep, that's a cat. :pinkiehappy:

That was freaking hilarious! Well written, sweet and sad, and a little sexy without being clop fic... Well done!

Oh wow XD I loved this. Well, other than the S&M Fluttershy bit. Otherwise though, it was great! =p

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I'm surprised -- you wrote good advice AND you kept it in Pinkie's tone of voice! :pinkiehappy:

And I agree with Pinkie. Even if there's no, uhmmm, reaction down below, there's still lots and lots of fun things that can be done!

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Hahaha I noticed that as well, probably the funniest part of the whole dang story.

Oh and BTW, well played HopeFox, well played. Funny story, and not ridiculous as far as storyline goes.

Agreed with pretty much everypony here! I like it, and Pinkie's got some surprisingly sage advice there.

Though I have to say, you got me on the 'punchline.' I'd been sure that it would turn out that Topaz was seriously Not Interested in sleeping with Rarity, not that he'd turn out to be a complete jerk. Well played, sirrah!

:derpyderp2: HUh? hehehe tied up :twilightsheepish: clever

HAHA! you are a comdey wizard :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie as the most experienced pony of the Mane 6. I admit, I didn't see that coming.

Also, I cracked up at this line: "Rainbow Dash must still be tied up somewhere,"

Great story.

Well, that was extremely hilarious.
Fluttershy's last line had me in stitches :pinkiehappy:

Ok this is me over the story: :twilightblush::twilightblush::facehoof::twilightblush::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightblush::ajsmug::twilightblush::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

I love this story. I wish I had my very own Auntie Pinkie Pie to feed me ice cream, and tell me that my mean exes were all jerks and it's not my fault, and give me great advice about love and sex.

All of the characters' voices were quite good and very in character. I also really enjoyed the Pinkie and Rarity friendship dynamic you set up, and how it was a perfect blend of funny and sweet. I also can totally buy Pinkie as being both bisexual and polyamorous--the girl's got a lot of love and smiles to share with the world, after all.

I think I chuckled the most at the last line of the story. My Beloved Spouse (to whom I read this out loud) laughed the most at "Now, my little pony ... you're going to love me."

Thanks for writing this and sharing!

I just loved this fan-fiction. What made you choose this topic for your special fan fiction?I WANT TO KNOW!:flutterrage: Please you should make an alternate ending for this story and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories:raritywink:

Very good story i could picture alot of the environments well with your descriptions.:pinkiehappy:
the only thing i didn't like is well personal i don't like Fluttershy being a lesbian but i guess it fit with the story.:fluttershbad:

Pfhhheeeheehee. This works so well. It even had a (varying degrees of) reasonable ending and all. You are very good at this.

Kudos to you! :twilightsmile:

:yay: You're going to love me.
:raritywink: Rainbow Dash must still be TIED UP somewhere.
:rainbowlaugh: Oh God! Oh God! Bwahahahaha!!!

At first, I was like :unsuresweetie:
But then, I was like :rainbowlaugh:
Then at the end I was like :yay:
And that was how Equestria was made.

Heh...tied up...

Awesome one-shot loved the Rainbow/Fluttershy part . Glad it all worked out at the end.:rainbowlaugh:

Haha. I laughed so hard, people around me wanted to know what I was reading. Great job. Fav'd.

Fucking brilliant :rainbowwild:

I had to actually bite down on my hand to stop myself from choking from laughter. Exceptional. Absolutely exceptional.:pinkiehappy:

Ah, I've always loved this one. Pinkie's dialogue is spot on, I can really imagine her saying all this stuff. Honestly, if the show was actually made for the people who watch it (bronies), I could see this as an episode. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

This was so freaking random!

But funny at the same time!

:rainbowlaugh: I nearly died reading this. Twice- once at the image of Big Macintosh as prospective-girlfriend's-protective-big-brother (I would get out of there so fast I'd break the sound barrier!), and then again at "You're worried that he's going to want to stick it in you and you won't know what to do!" (even though I totally knew Pinkie Pie was going to be three bus routes, a long walk and a taxi from virginty. Party hard, ponies.)

"All the ponies in this town are virgins!" was pretty hazardous, too.

Rainbow Dash tied up with Mistress Fluttershy was... well, frankly, adorable. :twilightsmile:

Overall: Continue doing what you're doing. It works.

This would mesh perfectly with canon if not for one tiny thing: Pinkie having the Element of Laughter necklace in her room.

I tend to read fics late at night when my folks are asleep. When I came across the line "Now, my little pony... you're going to love me.", I failed to stifle my laughter, and... well... they weren't asleep much longer.

Fantastic piece here, and perhaps the funniest one I've read on this site so far.

That was very tastefully done. With the exception of Rainbow Dash, (I think she could be asexual) you captured my thoughts of the mane 6's personal lives. Pinkie Pie was the most surprising. I was expecting her to drop some sage advice on abstinence , but you managed to make her a sexual deviant while maintaining her shameless innocence. The story as a whole felt very episode like in it's pacing and had a healthy portion of comedy to offset sensitive topic. Keep up the good work.

1018460 A very adult like episode no less. :rainbowwild:

Very well done. I must say. A few awkward parts, but overall, really good, feels like it fits in the show perfectly.

This is... Strangely adorable, actually.

Absolutely outstanding. I can't stop laughing, and even better, it was a legitimately good bit of advice, without a critical breach of character required to give it. Brava.

An MLP fic that deals with sex without becoming clop, handles sexuality and kink in a mature and healthy way, and is funny? :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::yay:

Fantastic. :twilightsmile:

An entertaining story with several important lessons in it. I am glad I read this.

I facepalmed at the Fluttershy/Dash part. Then I facepalmed again at the 'Raimbow Dash must still be tied up somewhere.'


So there.

Fluttershy fixed her fellow pegasus with a disapproving stare as she trotted back over to the bed. "What was that, pet?"
The cyan pegasus bowed her head and shrank back from Fluttershy as far as the ropes around her fetlocks would allow her. "I mean, it's up to you, Mistress."
"That's better," purred Fluttershy as she slipped the loop of her riding crop around a front hoof. "Now, my little pony... you're going to love me."

Yay, Dashie as Fluttershy pet is best Dashie :rainbowkiss:
I don't know if it's cute :
or sexy :
or very creepy :

As usual, Pinkie Pie is the queen of giving more information than you probably wanted to know. Fanfiction Pinkie, anyway. No way they could get away with it anywhere near as badly in the show.

2357117 It's the second one, pretty much. I think that picture may actually have been one of my inspirations for that scene. I've been thinking about writing a more serious FlutterDash D/s fic, because I think it might be a good way of reconciling their very different personalities and assertiveness levels if they wanted to have a romantic relationship together. Probably not for a while, though.

2391158 Indeed she is! I'm sure that if she ever went on a date in the show, she'd be the kind of person to gush for hours about what her boyfriend was wearing and where they went and what they ate and how cute it was and that time when their hooves first touched and and and :pinkiegasp:. Just listen to the way she talks about Rainbow Dash. :pinkiehappy:

You know, much as I dislike Rarity and I laughed when she was rejected, I felt a little bit bad for her....ok, I'm lying, sue me. But anyway, it is bucked up when the male blames the female, sex should be with someone who you feel good around, and yes it's very, very odd when it's the first time.

I'm glad Spike did not swoon over Rarity like he normally, did that would have made me a bit angry even though it's one-sided love or a crush. You did very, very well the the amount of detail in this and I laughed so hard when Fluttershy become a mitress, love that pairing. Rarity and Pinkie Pie huh? Honestly don't think I ever saw that pairing before.

I very much enjoy your work, Pinkie is awesome and it's great when she is able to get serious sometimes, it's a new change. Every creature is true to who they are, I was dying when Twi had to lie about her love life, even if that is a bit unfair and harsh. Why the buck would Pinkie keep a weapon that could defeat Gods in her toy box:facehoof:

I enjoy your work and i'll be watching you, thank you for giving me a laugh and great story.

Really excellent. Definitely one of my favorite one-shots in the fandom. It was a little bit random, but, I mean, It's Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

Anyways, very good story.

"That's better," purred Fluttershy as she slipped the loop of her riding crop around a front hoof. "Now, my little pony... you're going to love me."

"All the ponies in this town are virgins!" fretted Rarity to herself as she hurried back into Ponyville. The sun was on its way towards the western horizon, so she only had a few hours left before her date, and after all this running around, she would definitely need a bath first.

Rainbow Dash must still be tied up somewhere, so whom else could she ask?

That. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is why I have bestowed my fave and like upon this piece. :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

Leave it to Pinkie to know what's what. And even though this story is roughly 2 years old now, and I'm pretty sure that the author either doesn't visit FIMFiction as much anymore, or just doesn't write for MLP, it does seems like it warrants a sequel. You've got so much going on, and I can see a potential RariPie happening because of it.

And the pervert in me WANTS STEAMING EXPLICIT DETAILS because he's a sorry virgin still in his mid-20s and still hasn't gotten his private places intimately met to another female, ever. It's ridiculous that it seems like everyone and their next-door neighbor has already did the horizontal tango and other things, and this one hasn't seem to even gotten a sensual kiss. What is wrong with me:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

"I'm talking to myself about myself. I'm so pathetic....Just disregard everything after the first paragraph I just needed to vent a little."

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