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Twilight Sparkle and her class are taking a field trip to Manehattan! Everypony must wear a name tag in order to know if a student is missing or not, or to determine if that filly is a student or not.

Unfortunately, Twilight's is inexplicably missing.

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This was fun to read, but it felt a bit rushed. I'd recommend slowing down, taking more time to describe. "Show, not tell."

She searched high and low for 1 hour

First of all, write "one" in word form. Also, how likely is it that the teachers would let them do that, let alone wander in the city by themselves?

5115720 1.) Thank you for the mostly positive comment.
2.) Yeah, I have that rushing problem. It's bad.
3.) Will do (the "one" part).
4.) Let's assume it's the end of the school year. Plus, the children know very well not to go into very suspicious places, such as dark alleys.


1. No problem!

2. I'm sure you'll figure it out.


4. That works!:twilightsmile:

5115793 So, all in all, it was a great story (even being my best)? :pinkiehappy:

That title tho...
Immediately, I think of that one Spongebob episode where he thought he lost his name tag.

5115799 It was a wonderful story!:pinkiehappy:

This story was successfully successful?


hehehe, now that was very enthralling if I have to say so myself.:pinkiesmile:


A riveting tale of loss and tragedy, culminating in a grand reunion.

5115727 is it weird that this reminded me of that old sponge bob episode? cause it did :rainbowlaugh: awesome story:pinkiehappy:

...Huh? This makes no sense. That's why I love it. :rainbowlaugh:

Cuttlefish concert
Diary of a Wimpy Colt

Not sure if to laugh or to face palm

5116293 That's exactly what I was thinking! :pinkiegasp:

Also, filly Twily is awesome :rainbowkiss: Have a like and favorite!

I love how no one noticed the Easter Egg at the end.
A follow to whoever notices it.

Maybe my calling as a writer rests in the hooves of Random/Comedy stories...
Good to know...

She lost her name tag?! AHE AHE AHE AHE
I know that quote at the end. Im going to hate myself when I remember.

It was a good fic, but it was confusing at times like the filly resembling Fluttershy or the mention of Maretropolis (but nothing major )and, for some reason, it feels like something was missing.
...And I have to give props for the flashback-inducing The Fire Within reference.

5216448 Well, no story is perfect, right?
The Fire Within... I love The Last Dragon Chronicles.

5216448 The filly resembling Fluttershy WAS Fluttershy! I put that in as an Easter Egg!

5216448 I didn't mention the actual Maretropolis. Some people call gigantic cities (i.e. Detroit) metropolises.

If anyone is wondering what my inspiration was for this story, it was based on a name tag mishap I had involving my church group's retreat to Springhill Camp. Only, my name tag wasn't missing. My last name was mixed up with my mom's last name, so yeah.
And, as ironic as it is, I lost my name tag there for the whole time. When did I find it? On the last day in the cabin, under a mattress. Yeah.:facehoof:

5117747 About that last line...

I ask, "What?"

Comment posted by AppIejack deleted Mar 8th, 2015

Ah like the way ya end the story. Geez Twi, ya should join the Wonderbolts.

What have ya learnt today? :ajsmug:


According to the story, Twilight read 20 books in 2 hours and 59 minutes before realising she was late for the train. So, how long does it take for Twilight to read one book?

There were no matching search results of the book The Fire in Us. Diary of a wimpy colt is probably the Pont version of diary of a wimpy kid. Take the first book in the series for an example. It has 220 pages. It takes me 15 seconds to finish one page of the book. Suppose Twilight has super quick reading powers and can read one page in 5 seconds, she would need: 5x220=1100 seconds or 18 1/3 minutes to finish this book. Then she would have 179-18 1/3 minutes or 160 2/3 minutes to read the remaining 19 books, which is 8 minutes and 27 seconds for each book, which is 25 minutes and 21 seconds for my speed, not including the time Twilight needed to find the books, turn the pages, swap the books and to put them back to where they belong. Supposing there is a same number of words in a page of diary of a wimpy kid and the other books. Then each of the other books would have 507/5=101 pages. The first book of the diary of a wimpy kid series has 19784 words, which means that every other book has 19784/220x101= 9083 words each, meaning that Twilight read a total of 192361 words in 3 hours or 1068 words in one minute. Impressive. No wonder why she is Princess Celestia's star student.

How funny that Twilight would read a book such as diary of a wimpy kid. She should be reading loads of magic book and non-fiction.

PS reading speed may vary.

5711972 Everyone needs a break from time to time. Even the most OCD pony in Equestria.

Also, The Fire in Us is a parody of Chris d'Lancey's The Fire Within, the first book of a book series I love.

5711972 Plus, she's done so. Much. Reading, that she's able to read maybe two Harry Potter books in 1.5 hours, practically.

5711972 Don't try your mathematics on me, AJ. Trust me.

Good lord, this story did well. Shame it didn't last on a road to front page, but oh well.

6915413 (For God's sake, this is overdue.) I actually had a similar dilemma to both Spongebob and Twilight.

6992073 It's what inspired the story.

At my church group's fall retreat, I had my nametag the first day we were there. Next day, it's gone. It was like that until I rediscovered it the last day we were there, while packing up. It was under the mattress.

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