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Why did Steel Wool Studios have to make Roxanne Wolf (look up Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach) so freakin' hot?


Night Flight was like any other bat pony: webbed wings, nice fangs, fluffy ears, and an extreme taste for mangoes.
Then the mango decides (as best as an inanimate object can) to retaliate somehow.
It would not go down without a fight.


Conceived at half-past 1 AM.
Hey, at least I finally wrote a bat pony story.

Cover art done by Snow Quill!

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Code Orange is serious business

mangos mangos everywhere!
the horror

Two questions:
1. Why did she flail around and destroy the living room when they tried to rope (string) it out?
2. If she could just bite it in half at the end, why was she unable to bite it in half at the start? Or visa versa -- how was she able to bite it in half at the end given that she couldn't at the start?

Makes me wonder what a code melon would be

Probably from the giant seed in the center.

What if they had tried to (carefully) cut it down?

The flailing was part of the Three Stooges gag. Seriously, hilarious show.

Tapping the mango at the end dislodged it slightly before she bit it down.

It’s okay, Night Flight, it’s okay. These two are experts. If they can’t get it out, no one can, Night assured herself, calming down slightly.

Dusk: "I fear we can't get it out."
Night: Crap.

Duskfall and Moonfall both surveyed the living room, completely destroyed by Night Flight’s flailing. Realizing how much they had to clean up, they passed out.

And when they woke up later they saw the room and immediately passed out again.

I've seen a lot of the Three Stooges. Sadly, Vaudeville-era comedy generally does not age well to today.

I think most people today would look at the behavior of them as "inept" instead of "comedic". I.e. -- instead of laughing with, they would be laughing at.

Edit to clarify: I watched those growing up. Yes, I'm that old.

Been watching that show since I was a year old, thanks to my dad, and I’m from one of the last three generations. Heck, I watched them with my dad just yesterday.

I believe that's Echo in the picture if I can recall correctly…

You are correct.
I literally made Night Flight, Duskfall, and Moonfall last night for the story. Maybe I’ll continue their arcs one day, who knows.

Why not ask someone to do art for your OCs?

I don’t have online cash to do commissions, and who does really good requests?
Plus, again, came up with them just last night.

Could I ask for a link?

On site just type in Goldfur on search and set for users

More like a Pain-go!?


Well it would depend on the type of melon


... Wait... No:facehoof: Goldfur is that dude who made futa cat taurs.

The one who does the art is this lady

crap your right!! I'll be over here in the corner.:derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

How would you even get a cantalope stuck in your mouth?

I don't know I just fucked up

ok, I was confused because idj means I don't judge

Source doesn't match image.

Thus we witness another event in which hands are fingers are more useful than hoofs.

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