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"Protect the briefcase!" "We need to protect the briefcase!"


Twilight wanted a nice, relaxing Saturday morning. All hopes were dashed once she had a plate of pancakes.
Then she turns her back for a split second, and the plate is empty. She wants to know who this criminal of the highest order is.


This just came up. Seriously, this just happened. No inspiration, it just did.
Huh. Tenth story. Well. Did not expect to make this many this quick. Yay?

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"But I ate Oatly's cereal earlier. The healthy things. It is obligatory for me to always look fabulous!" Rarity retorted. "I'll try pancakes one day. Just not today."

"Applejack, I think-"
"Twilight, I don't like pancakes. How would I sneak around your castle, anyway?"

But in Castle Sweet Castle they all ate pancakes!

7061016 Applejack is modest?

THAT LYING SON OF A *squee*!!!!!

Spike in a partnership with the Demon bunny wow :rainbowlaugh:

Spike you lying dragon:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Did someone steal pictures from my Shrine of Rarity?

That's very disturbing. *I say this as I'm adding another picture to my Shrine of Trixie*

Why "Tragedy"?

7062462 :trixieshiftright:Well, Trixie *is* best Pony.:trixieshiftleft:


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