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Why did Steel Wool Studios have to make Roxanne Wolf (look up Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach) so freakin' hot?


Twilight woke up to a horrific sight: she overslept and is late on Picture Day! Will she be able to make it on time for a good picture, or will she end up with a blank slot in the school yearbook?


Based on semi-true events that happened to me on August 17, 2016. I wasn't late on this particular Picture Day, but there was a mix-up. The only good thing that came out of it was inspiration.
This is story is kind of a spiritual successor to my first successful story on this site, Twilight's Name Tag is Missing (read that, by the way; see how I've evolved from novice writer to pretty decent writer). Hope you enjoy!
"Tragedy" tag is used as a joke.
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This promises to be absolutely adorable!

7499018 If this makes me featured for the second time, I don't even know.

:facehoof: That was adorkable!

I say it better, or else I'll be disappointed!

This is a very good one-shot.

Adorable but the scenes felt rushed and disjointed.

Also, the part about it being Saturday felt too soon and I think it'd be best if that was put at the end of the story.

7499098 Were you disappointed?

I'm so jealuous of people who are so good at time management, that when they say, "Oh no, I'm gonna be late!" they don't actually mean "late," they mean, "won't have time to dawdle around a few hours if I want to get there on time"

It didn't get featured, so I am a little.

But oh well! It's still a great story.

Cute and funny fluff.
Great job!

Heh, nice short read for morning. I like the references you put in there. Maybe a little bit more of descriptions here and there wouldn't hurt, but that's just my personal pet peeve. However, is Twilight yelling all her thoughts out in the open like this? You know, this is no movie, the narrator can show us what Twilight is thinking without her saying it :raritywink:

Aw, lol, cute, poor Twily. XD

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