Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria

by Blueshift

Thirty Four

You stand in the middle of Ponyville, the most sleepy, idyllic village you’ve ever seen. All around you, ponies are laughing and chatting and going about their everyday lives. You fight the urge to race about gleefully and hug every pony you see. No, you have a mission!

There are many options in Ponyville, many ponies you can visit. You start to salivate at the choices, drawing a bit of attention from some ponies lounging near the fountain. You can see the town hall, brimming with ponies who are obviously attending some event, there’s Twilight’s library, Sugar Cube Corner… goodness!

Where will you go?
The Town Hall
Twilight’s Library
Fluttershy’s Cottage
Sweet Apple Acres
Carousel Boutique
Sugar Cube Corner
Go and explore the rest of Equestria