Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria

by Blueshift

Twenty Four

You ignore Luna’s harsh looks, throwing yourself on the bed and patting your knees. “Come on Luna!” you shout, making little cooing noises. As a brony, you know exactly how to treat a classy lady like Luna. “Come here, c’mon girl! I want to put my nightmare moon in you!”

You lounge back on the bed, a smug smile on your face as you trace lines over your chest. How could any pony resist you?

Luna looks as if she has seen a spider on the bed. “I… I…” she gibbers, and then calms down. “Fine…” she replies. “But know this! As princess of the moon, I may only make love to my suitors on the moon!”

“That’s good with me, honey-pie!” you grin, getting up and slapping her flank hard. Your heart gives a leap of joy – this is even easier than you expected! Soon all your dreams will come true! Sure, it isn’t season one Luna, but you guess this will be good enough. Maybe you can convince her to put a paper bag over her head.

Luna’s eyes flash with a pure blast of magic, and you instantly find yourself transported to the moon. Standing on the dusty surface, Luna lounges before you sexily. You move to join her, but find yourself slowly floating into the air. You try to cry out, but realise that there is no oxygen on the moon.

Clutching your throat helplessly, you slowly asphyxiate as you float off the moon’s surface, the only thing you can hear being Luna’s laughter as you drown in the depths of space.

As your vision dims, you can faintly see that your body floats into the moon’s orbit. Around it seems to be a ring.

The ring is made up of the bodies of fellow bronies.


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