Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria

by Blueshift


“I want to stay!” Tears of joy stream down your cheeks as you kneel before the princess, awed at the offer being placed in front of you. To be a pony? And live in Equestria? Forever? Your heart skips a beat as you giddily imagine the wonderful perfect life that awaits you. “Just don’t make me an earth pony, okay.”

“Very well, Brony Hero!” Celestia’s horn glows and she takes the Time Orb, floating it above your head as it sparks with power. “As Brony Hero, you shall become no less than an alicorn!”

“Yes! Yes!” You gasp as waves of magical energies wash over your body. Already you can feel your bones softening into marshmallow, your hands melting until they are rounded nubs. There is a sharp pain on your back as two magnificent pairs of wings burst from your skin. “This is amazing!”

The Time Orb shines brighter as Celestia magically massages the energies, reshaping your body into that of a pony. “The Time Orb will give you a life as a pony,” she tells you, as your face starts to distend into a muzzle, and your hair cascades into a flowing mane. “It will wipe all memories of your human life and replace them with suitable pony ones. It will be as if you have always been a pony.”

“Wait, what, no!” You attempt to cry out, but it is too late. You collapse as you feel your eyes growing, your skin turning into pink fur. Thoughts of home dissolve to be replaced by thoughts of pretty dresses and tiaras. “No, wait, I… I… I…” you mumble out, struggling for coherence but without success.

Then the light stops, and you pick yourself up.

“I like tiaras!” you smile brightly, unfurling your wings and trotting over to Celestia. “I’m a pretty princess! Can I wear a tiara?”

“Yes, Cadance, yes you are!” Celestia looks lovingly down at you. “You’re the prettiest alicorn princess ever.”

You blush and giggle as you bounce about the throne room. Then you stop in joy as you see a familiar hunky stallion nearby. “Shining Armor!” you gasp, running to him and nuzzling him. “My love, my honey pie! My snookie wookie!”

And then you lived happily ever after.


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