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When Spike comes home late in the night from Rarity's Botique, Twilight sees the tears that had frozen to his once-smiling face. There is only one explanation, and only one solution.

A nice extended block of music to read along with.

Rated Everyone for holiday happiness and Christmas feels.
Written for Christmas, and the inability to have my own mother home for the holidays. Merry Christmas, Mom. :)

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Comments ( 55 )

This story is keeping in the high levels of excellence you have always shown, Dusty. This is a work I would recommend to anyone who wants some good feels when they are done reading. :twilightsmile:


Glad you liked it Pops. I just felt I needed to get this little bit out before the end of the year. And I'm happy that I did it. :twilightsheepish:


3690317 And I have spread the word some... I shall spread it more, by promoting it on a couple FB pages

I love this!:scootangel:

Thanks Pops. I appreciate it. ^^

Thanks Manes. Glad you like my work. ^^

I'm sorry; it's well written and very dawww... but I can't get into it. The mother/son makes no absolute sense to me; especially after Rarity's mane. :twilightoops:

That was... just... beautiful. :heart:
Reminds me of a comic with the same name I read on dA, only extended. :scootangel:


That's where I drew the inspiration from. :twilightblush: I loved the comic and just had to novelize it.

First of all:

Secondly, this is a nice story. The idea is pretty solid, the family moral. But let's get down with the negatives first. One, Rarity is the element of generosity, so why would she break the fire gem? Was it an accident, on purpose, or did Spike break it and needed to cover it up? Explain, would you kindly. Now I can kinda see where you got the whole, Rarity isn't as generous as people think she is, with her whole, trying to steel a dragon's gems in Dragonshy, but you do have to include what element she is for her personality. It's important. But other than that the story is pretty solid, albeit kinda short. But you incorporated the characters decently, and the atmosphere (including the song) was pretty good as well.

You get my thumbs up. :yay:

Please, please, please tell me there's something that happens after!!!

3690459 I thought as much. Great job! :raritywink:

Many thanks friend. I'll keep Rarity's characterization in mind should I used her as a plot element. ^^

Forgive and forget, comrade. x3

Maybe, my friend. The holidays can be very inspirational for writers.

Thank you very much. ^^

3691789 You're very welcome.


... Should be jewel. Lemme fix that.

I think we both can attest to that. x3

:fluttercry: Tears of warmth, sadness, joy, and heartbreak all in one. :pinkiesad2: Beautifully touching story, and I know most people don't but I love to think of the relationship between Twilight and Spike to be mother/son. :twilightsmile: Also, I am truly disappointed in Rarity for breaking Spike's ruby heart! :flutterrage: How could she do that to someone who supposed to her "friend"?! :ajbemused: There could maybe be a sequel or maybe another one shot written for this. I would like to see Rarity's p.o.v, and see her regret deeply for breaking Spike's poor little heart.

You'll just have to wait and see, my friend. :derpytongue2:

Nothing bad to say about this story at all. Not an easy thing to accomplish, if you ask me. Nice story.:yay:

Well thank you very much, my friend. I'm flattered. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Manes deleted Dec 28th, 2013

Spike. Number assistant and number one son.

I believe you forgot another "one" in there.

And I know someone else already pointed it out, but I had a good laugh at the "clacking of a jew" typo.

Thank ya for catching that one. Hard to find those typos yourself when you're juggling art and writing. v_v Many thanks.

Why is Rarity such a dick.

3694130 I keep on telling people she is a bitch but NO they don't listen to me:twilightangry2:

This is written like the beginning of a series, but I suppose it's not

Yes, that's the comic I drew the inspiration from.

Well, considering so many people are liking it, it's possible that I could expand on this relationship between Spike and Twilight. :twilightblush:

You know what I just thought of?
Spike can lose his gems, his spikes, his friends, his Rarity, his EVERYTHING,but never, ever, lose his Twilight Sparkle.

Rarity is a bit of a bitch here.

Just a tad. Let's just say trying to sneak it from him was a bad idea.

Element of Generosity my ass.
twilight should confront rarity.

Nice story friend!

Although I think Spike sees Twilight more like a sister, still didja ever do one/plan to do one where Twilight has words with Rarity?

I do, just been stuck in a rut lately on what I should write, plus I'm planning a big story as well.

3859836 by big story, you mean BIG!

LOL I have a story that has the same title as this chapter, and it also involves Twilight seeing Spike more as a son than a friend. All of this, of course, was before I discovered this story. It was very cute and sweet, but it was extremely bitchy and out of character of Rarity to reject him like that. I love the idea of Twilight being Spike's mother.

Yeah, looking back on it a few months down the road kinda shows that I wrote Rarity a bit out of character, but then again, I haven't really dissected how I would depict her in any of my works. My forte would fall under Spike and Twilight more than any other characters I've written so far. But thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate anything that helps improve my work and your reading experience. :pinkiesmile:

5046088 No problem, mate. Rarity is actually my third favorite pony.

Who's your first favorite? Mine would be Applejack because of that sweet apple twang she brings to the party. :ajsmug:

5046709 It's a tie between Fluttershy and Twilight, probably because I'm so much like them.

5046709 It's a tie between Fluttershy and Twilight, probably because I'm so much like them.

Lol. I can feel you there with Shining Armor. Big brother to all, and a bit overbearing in the process. :twilightblush:

5046848 The problem with characters like him, Cadence, and Gilda is that there's not much to their characters. I hope we get some character development for these characters in the fifth season. (Though, for Gilda, it's not likely.) I'd also like to see some more episodes with Spike and the CMC. I find it funny that, despite being the same age and being good friends with each other, they don't have more episodes together, which is actually kind of sad. I'm a SpikeBelle shipper, so I'd also like to see that, but it's not likely.

I support both SpikeBelle and ScootaBelle, the later being one of my top ships (not sure what else I like yet...), so I feel ya there. I'm definitely hoping they expand on the Royal Guard this coming season as well as Shining Armor. And a little breezy told me there's rumors of changelings running around in Ponyville. :pinkiegasp:

“She broke it…” Spike weeped softly, looking up from his huddle to reveal his frozen tears to Twilight. Element of Generosity alright, Twilight thought to herself. She levitated her assistant closer and plopped him down softly.

Hey i think to give herself as a present would even go to far for the element of generosity.:trixieshiftleft:

friendzone for Spike :pinkiehappy:
to be honest that little bit was nice but it isn´t as good as a whole story would be.

So adorable! :heart:

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