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A tense conflict with Starlight Glimmer has come to an end, but not before her persistent efforts to change the past culminated in a brief exchange of laser blasts with Twilight, to which Spike was an unwilling witness.

With the long and stressful day finally over, Spike approaches Twilight with a simple request...

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Spike seems uncharacteristically childish. Like, I know he's a baby dragon, but I can't think of a single moment in the show where he acted this much like a kid.

I think it kind of fits, a private moment, after a big trauma, brings out Spike's more child like qualities. Twilight is basically Twilight's mother, and the realization that she is regularly risking her life strikes him hard on a very basic level. His most basic desires and feelings come bubbling to the surface and in the moment he lets down his guard, stops trying to be "grown up" and wants the security that his parent will be there.

6988250 We're going to pretend I agree with you so that I don't have to waste time starting another pointless argument.

Not very good at that, claiming you don't want to argue by making a statement that appears to question my intelligence doesn't defuse the situation. If you disagree you disagree, it's only a ugly argument if you insist your Objectively "correct" and any interpretation that isn't the same as yours is factually incorrect. I say it's subjective opinion, there for argument is pointless as there isn't a "right" stance.

6988948 I didn't claim my opinion was objective. I I said I was going to pretend I agreed with you because I don't actually care strongly enough about this topic to actually debate it with you. Neither the words 'objective' or 'factual' appear in the statement that you refer to as ugly. The only thing I said that's even remotely close to implying anything about your intelligence was my labeling the argument (which is a collection of words, and not a person named Xanderfox) as pointless. If you're going to insist on dragging out an unsolicited argument, at least refrain from shoving words into my mouth.

I am not claiming that either of us is wrong. I am saying that I don't want to talk to you. The reason that I don't want to talk to you is because I do not care enough to either agree or disagree with your statement, I did not at any point indicate I wanted to talk to you, and I am currently undergoing emotional recovery after receiving news about the violent murder of a family member.

I don't care about this conversation. You have your interpretation of the text. I have mine. They are different. I do not care about this fact, and do not wish to dispute it, but considered it rude to simply refuse to acknowledge I was aware of you. Thus, my comment stating, in the most restrained way possible, that I had no interest in continuing to remember that we have ever spoken to each other.

Have I been redundant enough for my original intent to sink in yet?

If I said if. I said IF multiple times. I said "making a statement that appears". You APPEAR to have ignored what I said just to justify being indignant that I would accuse you. Again I said "APPEAR" as it "it looks like this is what you did" I'm not sure if it really is or not because I'm not a freaking mind reader.

The repose you gave to my initial post APPEARS to have been a smugly veiled insult that my OPINION is factually INVALID and your BETTER THAN ME. Maybe you didn't mean it to come off that way, I don't know what you meant, I only what know how it came off! if you don't want to dispute a point how about you DON'T make a statements that come of as belittling that point, because it not what you want to do?

NEW FLASH I was critique your statement "We're going to pretend I agree with you so that I don't have to waste time starting another pointless argument." as sounding disingenuous and insulting and offing up WHY it came off that way because of the IMPLICATIONS it might unintentionally carry with it. if it clear enough hummm? Have I EXPLAINED ENOUGH that was about what you said and not what you may or nay nor have meant? I am sorry I am getting so heated but I am SICK AND TIRED of being misconstrued and having people attempt to invalidate things I say by looking for the offense. I though you statement came off badly. It implied things you may or may not have intended that that's why "We're going to pretend I agree with you so that I don't have to waste time starting another pointless argument." was a BAD STATEMENT.

6989179 You explained your interpretation of my statement. I refuted your allegations as rationally as I could. I explained myself to the best of my ability.

You then flipped your shit.

Let me spell it out for you: Your opinion is valid, and there is no evidence to suggest that either of us is better than the other. But, and this is the crucial thing, I do not care. This argument is not important to me. Therefore, it is inevitable that my attitude of apathy would come across and it might seem as though I were belittling you. This was not my intent. My intent was to communicate that I didn't care enough to start a debate about whether or not this fic has OOC Spike. My intent was not for my apathetic statement to be deliberately interpreted in the most confrontational and offensive way possible. My intent was to tell you that I didn't care enough to confront you over something I disagreed with you on.

So, are we cool?

I can believe that evil will never win...because they're not allowed to by the code of children's animation. :yay:

It was because you felt the need to say what amounts to "I'd say why where wrong but your stupid" when you meant "I disagree". You manged to say "i disagree" in a manner that came off smug. I assumed including a "if, then" made it clear IF you meant to imply my opinion was invalid you where being a jerk, not a direct accusation. You response to that WAS a direct accusation. your original reply had an implied sense of superiority amounting to "I am ABOVE disagreeing, unlike YOU" , if you didn't mean it that way then you don't need to defend that opinion. You "counter attacked" instead, defending an opinion you didn't even have.

6989735 No. We''re not doing this anymore.

Shut up.

I sorry I had to feel I was clear and final in what was bugging me.

6991073 You were clear the first time, asshat. Just because I'm apathetic doesn't mean I'm stupid. I've understood every single fucking word you said to me.

Shut the fuck up. Never fucking waste a second of my time again.

You feel the need to insult me I feel the need to wast your time. I thought I was being clear the first time, I assumed your first response might not have been sarcastic, but maybe I was wrong. You where acting like condescending douche, the comment wasn't clever, it wasn't funny, and changing the subject doesn't make it less so. I dare you not to respond, it'll prove me wrong.

And I apologize to jkbrony, I really did like you story. I'm sorry that got lost in this arguing.

Comment posted by QueenMoriarty deleted Mar 2nd, 2016


You where acting like condescending douche, the comment wasn't clever, it wasn't funny, and changing the subject doesn't make it less so.

In order:

I meant to do that. It wasn't supposed to be. It wasn't supposed to be. The only subject change we've had is you ragging on about your interpretation while I mindlessly repeat the same thing I said in my first comment.

And how does not replying somehow prove you wrong? All of your points, though overstated, are fair and relevant and true.

Finally, because I'm curious, why isn't the fact that I've blocked you doing anything?

I dunno, I'd like to consider the matter closed and chalk to up to use both being reactionary. I know I find it hard to hold my tongue sometimes (real shocker I know).

6991173 Funny, how this started with a comment meant to make you think I wasn't worth the effort it would take to argue your point against me.

Ironic, in a way.

I honestly don't like this story.

Im completely neutral to this story. I can't like it or dislike it :applejackconfused:

"Dear Shining Armor,
Hey, it's Spike. How's it going? Everything is fine, I guess. Hey, do you think you can do me a favor and teach me how to fight? You see..." "...if anything happened to her..." "...I just want her them to be safe, if I can do that, then it will be worth it..." "...please don't tell them or Cadance..." "...I HAVE to do this, I won't stop worrying until I have the strength to protect them."

"See you soon, Spike the Dragon"

This reminds me of a Darkwing Duck episode where Gosalyn tries to get drake to quite heroing after he loses his eyesight, flat out stating she's afraid that he will die.
I always appreciate it when a kids show doesn't skate around how dangerous being a hero is

"Dear Princess Celestia: Your faithful student has come an incredibly long way in only a few years. But after that last battle, this time with an even more powerful and creative opponent than anypony I'd ever known about, I'm very worried that Twilight Sparkle or one of her allies, or any combo thereof, won't make it out of the battle... ever again.

"Whether or not we like or want to admit it, we're going to have to pass the torch to the new breed. Starlight Glimmer is still very much a question mark. And seeing the responsibilities they have elsewhere, I don't know how much longer the other five can hold out. Something has to happen.

"Signed, :moustache:"

Cute. Unrealistic, but cute.

Then again, I read this sort of fiction because it's a tad unrealistic. If I want something that's true to life, I'll watch Forensic Files.

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