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When her plans for the holiday hit a disappointing bump, Spike invites Rarity to spend Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearth's Warming with him and Twilight. A warm, if somewhat dysfunctional and amusing pair await her. And in the end, maybe she'll get what she needs this year.


Cover by: chelseasnow

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This is just heart ache inducing fluff here, with some comedy on the side.

Apologies for any errors. In order to get this out in time it had to go unproofread. Please feel free to point any you see out.

Alright. Commence read.

A fun read for the Holidays.

:twilightsmile:Amazing as always. Saw a few spelling errors here and there but nothing to bad. Hope you and everyone else had a great holiday and a happy new year

I actually dislike Sparity fics with a passion. But this, this is one of the few exceptions I make to Sparity. Well done!:raritystarry:

A few minor spelling errors that take nothing away from a warm and sweet story. Well done. Happy Hearth's Warming to you. :pinkiesmile:

*insert pic of little girl from Despicable Me screaming "Its so FLUFFY!" that i'm too tired to find.*

Great fic man. Now, I'm supposed to be up in five hours. To work on the day after Christmas. I hate my job sometimes. Oh, and Merry (belated) Christmas!:twilightsmile:

Aw.... I'm just filled with D'aww at the moment. You're really good at creating fluff that doesn't make me gag off the sugar.

And I love plotting wingman er wingmare Twilight after she's had a few (ha!) good cups of eggnog in her. That was truly funny! Thanks for the read. :twilightsmile:

A perfectly adorable story. This was a great read to end Christmas night. :twilightsmile:

Nice job Twilight! She clearly needs to drink eggnog more often. :twilightsheepish:


1855645>>1855868 I caught a bunch this morning when I woke up. Most of them were towards the end it seemed, probably a side effect of being tired and typing :derpytongue2:

1855820 I'll take it!

1855941 I feel you :ajsleepy: And yes, your job does suck. Late Christmas Eve and early the day after; that's just cold.

1856030 Thank you! Glad somebody noticed it :raritywink:

1856037 But the real question is, who was she wing-mareing for?

1856116 :yay:

1856678 Just as I planned!

1856741 Trying to suck up to Twi, huh? :twilightsmile:

Thank you all, and Merry Christmas.

The door swung open at Spike’s touch as he ushered Rarity in. “Twilight, I’m home, and have I got s surprise for you.”

Vat is zat "s" zhere?

Oh, and you used the picture I sent you! I'm flattered.

Rarity starred at the drake, her face hiding a small bluff. “What was that, darling?”

probably meant 'stared' and 'blush'

quite a cute fic. :pinkiehappy:

“Peewee takes after you, Spike. He’s quite the gentlepheonix.”
Spike momentarily considered sending his roommates diary
He settled for a quick quip. “Like your one to talk.”
And some others...
But daaaaang, this is epic stuff. No wonder there's no downvotes. Great job.

1856954>>1856937>>1856954 Thanks guys! :twilightblush:

You sir have depleted me of all my d'awwws for today as well into next week, bravo sir bravo~


HHHHHHHHHHNGGGGGGGGGGG, i feel like this deserves a continuation, it was so beautiful :raritydespair:

Very cute story. Thanks for sharing it.

1855380 Since you asked so nicely... :pinkiehappy:

-It's "Sweetie Belle", five "e"s in total.
-I'm usually willing to overlook a spelling error here and there, but not when they flip the intended meaning on its head. You once misspelled "milady" as "malady". :fluttershyouch:
-More to the funny side: "loving others for their quarks". I guess that should be "quirks", unless ponies in Equestria are so diabetes-inducingly sweet as to love others for the subatomic particles they're made of. Nice image, that, by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

We love fluff in these parts! :pinkiehappy:
And that certainly was some grade A cute and IC fluff if I have ever seen it.
And do I smell some background Twilestia?
You won me over!


You misspelled every instance of "Hearths" warming.

Heart is appropriate, yes, but HEARTH is an olde word for fireplace, essentially. So er, yeah, that bugged the hell out of me reading this.

That and things like "Quarks" when you meant 'quirks'. Quarks are subatomic particles typically associated with nuclear fission. You don't love someone for their quarks.

Its. Possessive. It's. It is.

Whose. Possessive. Who's. Who is.

You made so many niggling mistakes I just couldn't enjoy the story, I'm sorry, and I really wanted to, but every time I really got -into- it another careless mistake just pulled me right back out of it, and once more I was reading someone's writing, not a story.

Spike: +777 kiss experience :moustache:
Rarity: -777 loneliness :raritystarry:
Loot: Fluff, Cookies, Vanilla :twilightsmile:

Took ya long enough Spike. :eeyup:

1857749 For starters, every single it's and its was right. I don't enjoy wild goose chases. The who's mistake was in the first paragraph only. Quarks was once. So basically Heart's Warming, which I actually thought was the name of the damn holiday, was the only real error that woould cause any problem. Uness your saying two errors and one you made up in over five thousand words makes it unreadable. Honestly, I feel trolled about the whole this is completely unenjoyable because of something so minimal.

1857553 Thanks mate. Typing program on my new tablet is weird, so I appreciate the point out.

Comment posted by Path_of_cloud deleted Dec 26th, 2012

1858005 Gotta love that aoeing looting. :rainbowwild:

1858164 Oh, while we're at it, one I overlooked: It's "Hearth's Warming". True, the pun is quite obvious, but there are one or two places in the story where the characters are clearly talking about the holiday with no punny intent whatsoever.

1857243 I agree, I would love to see where this goes.

just so cute
each new amazing fic i read about this amazing pairing i get moreandmoreconvinced theyre so perfect for eachother, :heart:


Oh how you're going to hate the irony of this but:

You're. Your.

And no, I was impressed you got the It's and its right, that was good, but I was giving examples of the types of errors you were making. I wasn't going to go through the story and list every single one I found individually because that would be an unnecessary wall of text; a few critical examples should be enough.

There are 4 types of people:
The people who like you for the right reasons
The people who like you for the wrong reasons
The people who dislike you for the wrong reasons
The people who dislike you for the right reasons.

It's awfully tempting to just through me into class 3, many have before and many will rightfully do so again, but I urge you to at least consider the possibility that I'm saying this to help you, not just to be a meany mean pants.

Your father keeps mumbling about conspiracies to rob him of his ten minutes and government wolves.


Wonderful story and thanks for the reference!

1856766 Late Christmas Eve didn't happen, thank Celestia. What did happen however, was one of the worst occurrences of insomnia I've seen in a while (I'm fairly sure I have it. Really tired when i go to bed, lay there awake for 2 hours.). Didn't fall asleep til 4ish, had to be up at 7. Combine with Dec 26 crowds? I'm surprised I only used one 200mg caffeine tablet. On the other hand, I used a gift card to buy more pony stuffs at Hot Topic after I got off of work. Combined with all the Pony-swag I got for Christmas? That's a LOT of Pony-swag.

I wish I could cook defiantly.

1858352 Ever hear of connotation. Look at all the other corrections that I thanked the commenters for. There is nothing unreadable or unenjoyable here. I'm not painting crap and calling it gold, been there seen enough of that, but it sure as hell does not having the problem you're claiming.

Fun fact: all the your and you'res were right in the story as well. I'm aware you were referring to the comment.

1858256 :twilightblush:

1858326 :moustache::heart::raritywink:

1858467 You got that stuck in my head. Need more Magnum!

1858484 Nice... kind of.

1858588 Rage against the machine, man, or Celestia in this case. Thanks, mate.


There defiantly was something to say

Spike could defiantly cook


It’ll give you two sometime together

sometime should be some time

Spike looked readY to faint

Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Dec 27th, 2012
Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Dec 27th, 2012

1858641 :facehoof: Sorry about the rant.

In case I didn't say it before, the fic was awesome. I can definitly see how that could shift into clopfic mode there at the end. An outtake perhaps? Or did you decide to go completely SFW with it?

SFW? Who are you and what did you do with Path_of_cloud?

Death by D'awwwwwww

1858739 Put it all in one post, then it's not as annoying.

So much fluffy lovey-dovey feels.... Awesome.

1858720 Had those fixed already, must have opened it right before hand. Thanks though :raritywink:

1858745 I'm a keep it safe.

1858848 I fluffed him into submission! :trollestia:

All my d'awws, you have them.

I regret to inform you that we our stuck are
Hearth]s Warming apostrophe
Twilight answer sagely answered
In a lot of ways, it reminds me of you when you’re working Rarity. shouldn't that have a comma before Rarity's name?

also, i.imgur.com/c732z.gif

I was a manly man once...
I wrestled bears, rode sharks, and used old spice.
Above all, I never read stories of pure romance.
What happened to me?
I now find myself enjoying and dawing over stories that are naught but fluffy romance.

Oh well, this really was a nice story, even if it is subtracting from my manliness.
All the adorable fluffiness is here. So nice.
Uh...It's too late isn't it?

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