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A Hearth's Warming Romance - Path_of_cloud

Sparity for Hearth's Warming with Twilight antics.

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Hearth's Warming Eve

A light snow fell over the small town of Ponyville, creating a serene winter wonderland. Ponies of all kinds and colors walked the streets as their hooves left prints in the snow. A feeling of merriment filled every citizen and visitor to the town, and it was of no surprise for today was Hearth's Warming Eve. Tomorrow would be Hearth's Warming; everyone would be celebrating the holiday with their families. Most had taken the day off to get an early jump on the holiday, but inside the local boutique, Carousel Boutique, a white, unicorn mare and a lanky, teenage, purple scaled, green spiked drake whose wings had yet to come in worked the day away in.

The seamstress hummed happily filling the room with life as the drake handed her a cloths pin that was stuck into the thick scales of his arm. “Last one, Spike. After this, I have a few gems I think you’ve more than earned for helping me today of all days. These last minute requests for the Hearth's Warming Ball are always so stressful. With your help these last few years have been so much easier. It isn’t even nightfall, yet. Speaking of, I have to go meet my sister and parents in two hours.”

He listened intently as he watched the passion with which his unspoken and unknowing love worked. “Rarity, you know I’m happy to help. This is time that should be spent with the ones you love, not just the work you love. If being here means that I’m giving you more time with them; well, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Rarity giggled as she shook her head and handed him the now finished dress. “I highly doubt there’s no way you’d rather spend your holiday.” Spike feigned hurt holding the packaged dress to his chest, but his smile seemed half-hearted. “Now, if you’d be so kind, send that piece of fabulousity on its way. I must admit, sometimes parting with these beautiful dresses is hard, but then I imagine the smiles on their owner’s face.” Her own face formed into a smile as her imagination filler her vision.

“They could never compare to yours,” Spike mumbled as he stared dreamily at her.

Snapping back into reality, Rarity stared at the drake, her face hiding a small blush. “What was that, darling?”

“Oh, just that I should send this right away. Look at that, the addresses is on the top of the package.” With a light, solid, breath of flame he sent the package on its way to its new home in Canterlot. “There we go. If you want, I’ll stick around and walk you to the train-” Spike burped, and the flame that came out materialized into a scroll. “Excuse me”

“Spike, you know you don’t have to apologize. Scroll sends are out of your control.”

He read the seal on the scroll. “It’s for you.” He quickly handed it over before wondering out loud, “Who would send you a letter through me, beside the princess but it lacked the royal seal? I guess Twilight might, but she’s just down the street, so I doubt she would.”

“Spike, it’s from my parents. I hope you don’t mind; I taught my mother how to send messages through you in case of emergencies. Knowing her, the emergency probably involves making sure I’m not too caught up in my work to go meet them.” She opened the scroll and began reading. “Dear Rarity, my wittle porcelain princess… my, uh, mothers nickname for me… when I was a child. If you tell anyone, I’ll have to tear you to pieces, understand, my Spikey-Wikey?”

“Maybe I’ll just shorten it to my porcelain princess; how’s that sound?”

“I will destroy you!” Using her telekinesis she playfully threw the pillow from her vanity couch, scoring a direct hit on the drake’s face. As he sat back up from the unexpected assault he broke into a fit of laughter. “Now quiet you rambunctious drake, and don’t even think of throwing that back. I have a letter to read.” Spike rolled his eyes as he placed the pillow back where it belonged. “I regret to inform you that we are stuck in Manehatten,” her voice quieted, “due to an unexpected snowslide. Your father keeps mumbling about conspiracies to rob him of his ten minutes and government wolves. We won’t be home for Hearth's Warming; however, your father, Sweetie, and I want to wish you a happy Hearth's Warming. We’ll get home as soon as we can to celebrate as a family. I know how much you were looking forward to spending the holiday with us, but you’re a resourceful mare, and I know you will find a way to make it memorable without us. Love, Mom, Dad, and Sweetie Belle.”


The mare turned around, her body shaking slightly. “Don’t worry, Spike. I can enjoy the peace and quiet with Opal… Who needs their family to have a nice Hearth's Warming?”

Spike considered himself to be a lot of things: smart, handsome, funny, strong, and amazingly humble, but when it came to feelings… well, he was a guy. In a rare moment that shocked even him though, he gave Rarity a hug from behind. “Don’t cry, I can’t stand to see you crying.”

Without facing him, she wrapped a hoof around his arm. “I’m not crying; it’s just cold in here.”

Whispering gently right into her ear, “Come back to the library with me. You can spend the evening and, if you want, the night with us. Everyone should be around those who love them, even if it’s not who they had planned.”

Moving her hoof off of Spike’s arm she wiped her face. “That’s very generous of you, Spike-”

“It’s not; it’s greedy. I can’t be happy if you’re stuck here alone. Bring Opal for all I care, just let Twilight and me enjoy your company tonight.”

She turned around, still caught in his embrace. They were face to face, both blushing lightly as they felt the other’s breath upon them. “I-I-I accept. Just give me a few minutes to grab some things.”

His arms dropped regrettably, but a smile stood honestly across his face. “Take all the time you need.”

What Spike figured would be an hour of packing took about ten minutes instead. A suitcase, a cat bed, two presents, and Opal were held in Rarity’s magic as she trotted down the stairs. Rarity herself wore a white scarf with a blue diamond pattern and light blue boots. “Ready! I do hope Twilight doesn’t mind the intrusion.”

“I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. She misses having her family around so I can’t see her being mad about me inviting you to spend the holiday with us. Let me take that.” Spike grabbed the suitcase and opened the door, closing it behind Rarity.

“Such a gentledragon.”

Spike rubbed the back of his head while walking beside her. “I try.”

The rest of the trip was spent in silence as they admired the snow covered scenery, and in Spike’s case, Rarity in it. Her coat blended in perfectly, and it took everything in him not to run his hand over it. Not just because of how soft and inviting it seemed, but because of the sad smile and the happy shine missing from her beautiful eyes. He would return that shine and make that smile genuine, even if it killed him. Working quickly, he came up with a plan to make it the best Hearth's Warming ever for her.

In the winter the tree that housed the library was blanketed in snow giving it a very welcoming and festive appearance. The lights and oversized ornaments Twilight made Spike put up added to the ambiance.

The door swung open at Spike’s touch as he ushered Rarity in. “Twilight, I’m home, and have I got a surprise for you.”

A purple unicorn with black mane and purple and pink highlights walked into the main room. “Spike, what did- Rarity!” She ran up and gave her friend a hug. “What are you doing here? I thought you had to go pick up your family soon. What’s with the suitcase and Opal?”

“Well, you see…”

Noticing that Rarity was having a hard time, Spike jumped in for her, “Her family is stuck in Manehatten, and I invited her to spend the holiday with us. She couldn’t just leave Opal though, so I invited her as well.”

“Spike, that is one of the nicest things you’ve ever done, and, Rarity, you are more than welcome to spend Hearth's Warming with us.”

Rarity placed Opal down and used her magic to take the suitcase from Spike and open it. She pulled out a cat bed, water bowl, and food bowl and placed it in the corner. Opal quickly jumped in and rolled into a ball. She shot Rarity and Spike a bemused look as she tried to warm up from her unexpected walk through the cold snow. A young phoenix flew above igniting himself on fire for the unknown guest’s comfort. The cat gave him a bemused look and swiped at him, but she purred lightly from the heat coursing through her.

Rarity watched in amusement as she got food and water for her dear Opal. “Peewee takes after you, Spike. He’s quite the gentlepheonix.”

Chuckling a bit, he joined her. “Give him a minute; he’s got a mischievous side to him.”

As promised, the phoenix lit himself up all the way. The fire was so hot, that Opal’s wet coat frizzled, making her look like a giant fur-ball. However, Peewee grabbed a comb in his beak from the open suitcase, and, after avoiding a few swipes from the angry Opal, went to work undoing his prank. Opal had not made it easy for the fledgling, but as soon as she felt the brush through her coat she calmed down and let him groom her.

Rarity stood in shock at the odd spectacle before her. “Opal doesn’t let anyone groom her beside Fluttershy and, with some fussing, me.”

Moving beside her friend, Twilight looked over at the two pets. “Jeez, Spike, how come you aren’t that smooth? It only took Peewee three minutes.”

“Psh, I taught him everything he knows.”

Twilight smiled wickedly at the young drake. “I see, so he’s just better at it than you.”

Spike momentarily considered sending his roommate's diary to a certain sun goddess. He settled for a quick quip, “Like you're one to talk.”

Rarity watched the back and forth in amusement. She smiled softly as she thought that Twilight was not quite right. Spike certainly knew how to be very charming and make a mare feel special in a way no one else ever had. Such a wonderful drake.

Spike threw his hands up in the air, and exclaimed, “I don’t have time for this. I’ll be in the kitchen. Why don’t you and Rarity… uh… I got it!” Spike ran over to the fireplace and lit the already placed wood, creating a very pleasant and cozy little fire. “You two can sit around the fire and talk. Have fun!” With that Spike disappeared into the kitchen.

The fashionista moved next to the fire and warmed her now wet fur. It felt heavenly. The mantle was decorated with stockings, Spike and Twilights, and Hearth's Warming cards, including her own two were sitting up there. As she looked, she noticed that most of the cards were addressed to Twilight and some were addressed to Twilight and Spike, but only her and Celestia had sent Spike his own card. She often wondered what he felt like being the only one of his kind and living in everyone else’s shadow. Sure, he was always happy to help, but it must have been lonely. He hid it well, but she doubted things were easy on her Spikey-Wikey. Maybe that was why he had been so quick to try to rescue her from her disappointing holiday. Hearth's Warming was about family and unity. Spike knew what it was like to be alone, and he did not want that for her, not even for a day. But, was he truly alone? He had Twilight and… her. Those dragons from his quest for self-discovery had been such brutes, not like him, but he had almost joined them forever. However, his choice to reject that and save the dashing young phoenix was because of his connection to them… to her.

“It’s pretty, huh?”

Snapped out of her thoughts by Twilight she looked around. “Hmm? Oh, yes. It was very kind of you and Spike to invite me into your home.”

Twilight looked into the fire, the flames accenting her features. “It’s nothing really. You’re always welcome here, and I’m happy to have some extra company. And Spike, well, he couldn’t be happier getting to spend the holiday with you. Although, he probably wishes it were under better circumstances.”

She followed her friends gaze, letting the light dance across her face. “He really is a sweetheart.”

Twilight sported an I-totally-knew-it smile. “You like him don’t you?”

“Of course I like him; he’s a great friend, an amazing friend.” Her face displayed a light blush, partially hidden by the fire.

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it. You like-like him,” Twilight teased.

This time Rarity’s entire face turned deep crimson as she tried to find the words.

Twilight smiled smugly. “And Spike says I can’t read people like a book, but, apparently, I can.”

“If you say anything-”

“I won’t, Pinkie Promise,” she went through the motions, “but maybe you should.”

Spike entered the room with a bowl of eggnog and three glasses. “Look what I got,” he cheered happily.

Like an antelope sensing danger Twilight’s head shot up and faced right towards the bowl Spike just sat down. Without any other warning, Twilight teleported next to Spike and grabbed her glass quickly filling it and downing it before going for a second glass. “So good.”

Rarity trotted over filling her own glass. “Maybe you should slow down, darling.”

“She always gets this way around eggnog.”

Twilight, having just decided not to dip her head in the bowl and drink it all, looked at Spike with a small eye twitch. “Well if you would make it more often-”

“You would still do this, just more often.”

“Twilight, darling, finish drinking before you try to make a witty remark. I don’t appreciate having to worry about you choking.” Rarity patted Twilight on the back as she coughed a little while Spike tried and failed to stifle a laugh.

He poured himself a glass and started towards the kitchen. “I got gingerbread cookies in the oven and dinner’s on its way. Be back in a few with them.”

Rarity’s gaze followed him to his exit. “Is he always this…”

“Hardworking?” Twilight offered, her fifth glass of eggnog held in her aura.

“No, absent?”

Wiping an eggnog mustache from her face, she thought about it. “Well, with how much he’s at your house,” she jokingly nudged her friend. “Honestly though, he’s usually running around doing what he can to help out around here. He’s probably trying to make your Hearth's Warming special with all these goodies.” On what Rarity counted as her eighth glass, she pleaded, “Never leave!”

“I’m starting to think Spike is right about you and the eggnog, dear. I just wish he’d spend a little more time with us in here,” her voice just short of heartbreaking.

“I’m sure after dinner he’ll hang around with us, and I do not have a problem,” downing number nine.

Walking in carrying a tray full of Gingerbread Ponies, Spike looked at the two mares before him. One was gulping down what appeared to be her eleventh or twelfth glass, based off what was left in the bowl, and the other was rolling her eyes with a very amused smile. "It's nice to see both of you are enjoying yourselves. I come bearing delicious, warm treats for your pleasure, milady, and Twilight."

Rarity smiled sweetly at him, taking a cookie in her telekinetic hold. "My hero."

"My pain in the flank," Twilight mocked.

Spike grinned maliciously. "Well I guess that means no more eggnog for you. And that's what, your sixteenth?"

"Only fourteen, greatest assistant ever."

Laying her hoof on Twilight's shoulder, Rarity attempted being the voice of reason. "Maybe you should slow down, darling. Have to save room for Spikey-Wikey's dinner; he's worked very hard on it. I'm sure it will be just as delicious if not better than these amazing cookies." She emphasized her point by biting into the cookie. The fresh-from-the-oven warmth mixed with the tantalizing sweetness with a touch of bitterness taste and coursed through her mouth. A moan escaped her lips, bringing a smile to the drake's face and a blush to her own.

“And I have a problem, says the one making out with the cookies.”

In unison Spike and Rarity shouted, “Twilight!”

She rolled her eyes, happy to get a reaction out of the two of them. “I’m just joking.”

"Yeah, yeah. I have to go finish dinner, try not to scare Rarity off while I’m gone.”

As he returned to the kitchen, Twilight allowed herself the final word, “No promises!”

Rarity gave Twilight her best bemused face. “Having fun?”

With another glass already in her aura, she took a moment to consider the question. “Tons. Come on, Rarity, this is what it’s all about. Having fun, being dysfunctional, loving others because of their quirks, and being a family. You and Sweetie get into it all the time, but it just makes your bond stronger. Me and Spike, well, we tease each other, but it’s how we show we know what’s going on with the other. Plus, it makes great revenge,” Twilight answered sagely, the eggnog beard she was now unknowingly wearing completing the illusion.

Rarity simply shook her head and smiled. Twilight had a point, and it was pretty fun messing with her. She doubted Spike really minded; he himself was rather well known for the act. Indeed, he was quite playful and a tad sarcastic, but he always worked his hardest for anyone who needed his help. Another trait possibly related to his position in life. Deep down she wondered if being helpful was his way of proving he could belong; however, part of her knew that was just who Spike was.

Returning again with a plate in each hand and one balanced on his head, Spike handed out the meals: vegetable lasagna, gem shaving on his, green bean casserole, and applesauce from Sweet Apple Acres.

She inhaled the wonderful smell of the food. There definitely was something to say about a male who could cook, and Spike could definitely cook. “This is absolutely scrumptious looking, Spikey. Not that I mind, but where and why did you learn to cook? I mean you two stayed at the castle and school, meals would have been provided, no?”

Twilight decided to field the second part of the question while worrying that Rarity might have been right about spoiling her appetite, it looked so good, “They were. Spike used to run back and forth to the kitchen bringing me meals once he was big enough. He was so small he could barely carry the tray, it was so cute. All on his own volition, too. At some point, he just started cooking… it’s weird, but it’s always been good.”

Feeling embarrassed in a way only family could cause, Spike tried to focus on the story. “Well, I was down there waiting so often that I started watching the royal chefs. Some of them took an interest in me, I guess, and gave me advice and instructions on cooking. Before I knew it, they had me making up meals, teaching me how to control my fire breath for just the right temperature. Beyond Twi’s belief, I wasn’t always that good; I burnt a lot of stuff in the early days. Still, the chefs must have seen some potential and kept me going. Even Celestia took notice, and she asked me to personally help the chefs with her birthday cake that year. I had never seen so much coordination, work, and creativity as what was put into that cake. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of you when you’re working, Rarity. Creating something beautiful and wonderful with nothing but some ingredients or fabric, truly something to behold. Got a little off topic, but I baked the cake myself as well as helped with making the icing and the batter. Celestia said it was her favorite cake ever, because it was made with the help of her favorite dragon ever.”

Twilight and Rarity sat with their mouths agape. Twilight recovered first. “You didn’t save any for me?!”

“Yes I did, and you scarfed it down with your face in a book. At least you told me it was delicious.”

Rarity regained control of her senses; although, she was still quite shocked. “So you were trained by the royal chefs, the best in the world?”

Spike shrugged as he finished chewing a piece of his food. “I suppose you could put it that way. Still can’t beat that sapphire cupcake the Cakes refuse to give me the recipe for.”

Rarity and Twilight shared a few tales from their fillyhood with Spike chiming in here and there with little comments. From Rarity’s first dress and the curtains she destroyed making it to Twilight playing with Shining Armor and Cadence on Hearth's Warming years ago. There meals were finished, the eggnog was gone, thanks almost entirely to Twilight, and the three were feeling pretty content and stuffed.

Spike stood up and pushed his chair in before gathering everyone’s silverware and the empty bowl. “I’ll go wash these and be right back.”

Twilight leaned over to Rarity and whispered in her ear, “Offer to help him, trust me. It’ll give you two sometime together.”

Whispering back, Rarity replied, “Good idea, thanks, Twilight.” Returning her voice to normal volume she addressed Spike while standing up and moving to join him. “Let me help with those, Spike.”

“That’s not necessary, Rarity. You’re our guest; I wouldn’t dream of asking for your help.”

"Exactly why I’m offering. You and Twilight have been so kind opening your home to me like this; it’s the least I can do. I won’t take no for an answer.”

Spike recognized a lost cause when he saw it, but he was grateful for the opportunity to work beside her again.

Twilight watched as they walked together towards the kitchen, keeping track of every step. It would only take a matter of seconds, and her timing had to be perfect. “Ohhhhhh, look who’s under the mistletoe.” Spike and Rarity both look straight up, and, just as Twilight said, there sat a sprig of mistletoe. “You two know the rules, you have to kiss, lip to lip.”

Rarity looked more like Pinkie than herself as her face shifted colors, and Spike was not doing a lot better. “Twilight, Rarity doesn’t have to-”

Without any warning Rarity went for it. She felt the smooth, warm scales against her lips as she watched his eyes grown in surprise before he started closing them and kissing back. Her own eyes closed as they stood there kissing one another, their first kiss.

Spike was sure it was all some crazy dream. The mare of his dreams kissing him out of nowhere; it had to be. But the fur softly caressing his lips and the taste of vanilla were too real. Instinctively his hands wrapped around her neck as he pulled her closer.

Quickly realizing that the plates in his hands weren’t going to just float there and wait for him, Twilight activated her magic and removed all of the dishes from the young drake. “It’s mistletoe not lustdrake, come up for some air or get a room you two!” Feeling rather ingenious about her plan working so perfectly, she watched as the two separated. Rarity was even redder than before, and Spike looked ready to faint. They both awkwardly avoided the other’s gaze while trying to sneak peeks at each other at the same time. "You know what; I think the dishes can wait until tomorrow. Spike, throw them in the sink and let’s relax by the fire.”

Spike did just that, before tossing a few more logs on the fire and sitting down. The three of them lay there in the fire’s warm embrace enjoying the last few hours of Heart Warming Eve; although, in Spike and Rarity’s case it was less like laying and more like snuggling against one another.

Twilight finally broke the silence in a small burst of panic, “We have nowhere for Rarity to sleep! She used to use the extra bed, but now that you’re using it in the basement, Spike, we don’t have an extra. I guess she could sleep with me or on the couch.”

Spike shook his head; Rarity sleeping on a couch was out of the question. “She can have my bed, and I’ll take the couch.”

“Spike, I couldn’t kick you out of your bed; I can just-”

He stood his ground, “No, it’s fine really. All the sheets were replaced this morning, and it’s really warm down there. I’ll be fine.”

Twilight yawned noticing just how tired she was, momentarily wondering if all the extra eggnog had added to her drowsiness. “Well you two figure it out; I need to get some sleep. Rarity feel free to join me if that’s what you decide, but don’t wake me if I’m out, okay? Night you two.”

Rarity waved goodbye to her friend as she ascended to her bedroom leaving the two of them alone. “Of course, darling, and goodnight.”

“Night, Twi.”

She turned back to face the drake, but to her surprise she found him with his arms crossed and his face looking very determined. “I’m not winning this one am I?”


“Not even if I do this?” She put her best duckface on, hoping to cute the dragon into submission.

Spike felt his heart skip a beat as he stared at her adorable little ploy, still he would not be beaten. “Nice try. Now come on, I’ll show you the bed.”

The two descended down the steps Spike leading with Rarity in tow. The drake had hit a switch at the bottom of the stairs illuminating the room. To Rarity’s surprise it was almost completely bare. A few filled bookshelves, a bed, a small chest where Spike presumably aged a few of his finer gems, a dumbbell, and a blanket seemed to be all of his possessions. His walls were completely bare; she had expected pictures and posters, maybe even pin ups. This was unlike any teenager’s room she had ever seen. It was so impersonal and empty. Then it hit her, Spike feared his greed, and this was all he allowed himself. She also liked to think that he had no interest in pin-ups, having his eyes on a particular mare already.

Spike straightened out the blankets for Rarity. “It’s not much, but it should do just fine for a night. I’ll let you get tucked in, and then I’ll hit the lights and head back up.”

She carefully got into the bed, making sure not to ruffle the edges.

Spike smiled at her gently and headed for the switch. He flipped it and wished her, “Goodnight, Rarity.”

She bit her lip; it was now or never, before he reached those stairs. “You lied to me.”

Spike turned around, his confusion totally lost in the dark. “About what?”

“It’s not warm enough,” she softly complained.

“Oh, well there’s a few extra blankets in the closet.” He reached for the light switch once again.

“No. I saw Opal and Peewee upstairs, and she had the right idea for staying warm tonight.”

Spike had seen the two pets as well; his heart thumped loudly against his chest.

Using her magic to lift the blanket off of her on the side facing Spike, she lifted a front and back leg creating an opening. She had never been so nervous in her life. “Come hold me in the bed tonight and keep me warm, please?”

Spike’s feet moved automatically as his brain tried to process what was happening. This certainly beat the couch. He climbed in and entered her embrace, putting his own arms around her.

Her head lay against his chest, and she listened to his heartbeat, fast, very fast. She understood, hers was doing the same. He was so warm and comfortable, like magic. She doubted she would ever be this comfortable without him again. “Merry Hearth's Warming, my Spikey-Wikey.”

Spike gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, causing her to look up into his eyes. He gave her one final kiss for the night, right on the lips, short and sweet. “Merry Hearth's Warming, my princess."

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This is just heart ache inducing fluff here, with some comedy on the side.

Apologies for any errors. In order to get this out in time it had to go unproofread. Please feel free to point any you see out.

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The door swung open at Spike’s touch as he ushered Rarity in. “Twilight, I’m home, and have I got s surprise for you.”

Vat is zat "s" zhere?

Oh, and you used the picture I sent you! I'm flattered.

Rarity starred at the drake, her face hiding a small bluff. “What was that, darling?”

probably meant 'stared' and 'blush'

quite a cute fic. :pinkiehappy:

“Peewee takes after you, Spike. He’s quite the gentlepheonix.”
Spike momentarily considered sending his roommates diary
He settled for a quick quip. “Like your one to talk.”
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-More to the funny side: "loving others for their quarks". I guess that should be "quirks", unless ponies in Equestria are so diabetes-inducingly sweet as to love others for the subatomic particles they're made of. Nice image, that, by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

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Its. Possessive. It's. It is.

Whose. Possessive. Who's. Who is.

You made so many niggling mistakes I just couldn't enjoy the story, I'm sorry, and I really wanted to, but every time I really got -into- it another careless mistake just pulled me right back out of it, and once more I was reading someone's writing, not a story.

Spike: +777 kiss experience :moustache:
Rarity: -777 loneliness :raritystarry:
Loot: Fluff, Cookies, Vanilla :twilightsmile:

Took ya long enough Spike. :eeyup:

1857749 For starters, every single it's and its was right. I don't enjoy wild goose chases. The who's mistake was in the first paragraph only. Quarks was once. So basically Heart's Warming, which I actually thought was the name of the damn holiday, was the only real error that woould cause any problem. Uness your saying two errors and one you made up in over five thousand words makes it unreadable. Honestly, I feel trolled about the whole this is completely unenjoyable because of something so minimal.

1857553 Thanks mate. Typing program on my new tablet is weird, so I appreciate the point out.

Comment posted by Path_of_cloud deleted Dec 26th, 2012

1858005 Gotta love that aoeing looting. :rainbowwild:

1858164 Oh, while we're at it, one I overlooked: It's "Hearth's Warming". True, the pun is quite obvious, but there are one or two places in the story where the characters are clearly talking about the holiday with no punny intent whatsoever.

1857243 I agree, I would love to see where this goes.

just so cute
each new amazing fic i read about this amazing pairing i get moreandmoreconvinced theyre so perfect for eachother, :heart:


Oh how you're going to hate the irony of this but:

You're. Your.

And no, I was impressed you got the It's and its right, that was good, but I was giving examples of the types of errors you were making. I wasn't going to go through the story and list every single one I found individually because that would be an unnecessary wall of text; a few critical examples should be enough.

There are 4 types of people:
The people who like you for the right reasons
The people who like you for the wrong reasons
The people who dislike you for the wrong reasons
The people who dislike you for the right reasons.

It's awfully tempting to just through me into class 3, many have before and many will rightfully do so again, but I urge you to at least consider the possibility that I'm saying this to help you, not just to be a meany mean pants.

Your father keeps mumbling about conspiracies to rob him of his ten minutes and government wolves.


Wonderful story and thanks for the reference!

1856766 Late Christmas Eve didn't happen, thank Celestia. What did happen however, was one of the worst occurrences of insomnia I've seen in a while (I'm fairly sure I have it. Really tired when i go to bed, lay there awake for 2 hours.). Didn't fall asleep til 4ish, had to be up at 7. Combine with Dec 26 crowds? I'm surprised I only used one 200mg caffeine tablet. On the other hand, I used a gift card to buy more pony stuffs at Hot Topic after I got off of work. Combined with all the Pony-swag I got for Christmas? That's a LOT of Pony-swag.

I wish I could cook defiantly.

1858352 Ever hear of connotation. Look at all the other corrections that I thanked the commenters for. There is nothing unreadable or unenjoyable here. I'm not painting crap and calling it gold, been there seen enough of that, but it sure as hell does not having the problem you're claiming.

Fun fact: all the your and you'res were right in the story as well. I'm aware you were referring to the comment.

1858256 :twilightblush:

1858326 :moustache::heart::raritywink:

1858467 You got that stuck in my head. Need more Magnum!

1858484 Nice... kind of.

1858588 Rage against the machine, man, or Celestia in this case. Thanks, mate.


There defiantly was something to say

Spike could defiantly cook


It’ll give you two sometime together

sometime should be some time

Spike looked readY to faint

Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Dec 27th, 2012
Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Dec 27th, 2012

1858641 :facehoof: Sorry about the rant.

In case I didn't say it before, the fic was awesome. I can definitly see how that could shift into clopfic mode there at the end. An outtake perhaps? Or did you decide to go completely SFW with it?

SFW? Who are you and what did you do with Path_of_cloud?

Death by D'awwwwwww

1858739 Put it all in one post, then it's not as annoying.

So much fluffy lovey-dovey feels.... Awesome.

1858720 Had those fixed already, must have opened it right before hand. Thanks though :raritywink:

1858745 I'm a keep it safe.

1858848 I fluffed him into submission! :trollestia:

All my d'awws, you have them.

I regret to inform you that we our stuck are
Hearth]s Warming apostrophe
Twilight answer sagely answered
In a lot of ways, it reminds me of you when you’re working Rarity. shouldn't that have a comma before Rarity's name?

also, i.imgur.com/c732z.gif

I was a manly man once...
I wrestled bears, rode sharks, and used old spice.
Above all, I never read stories of pure romance.
What happened to me?
I now find myself enjoying and dawing over stories that are naught but fluffy romance.

Oh well, this really was a nice story, even if it is subtracting from my manliness.
All the adorable fluffiness is here. So nice.
Uh...It's too late isn't it?

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