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Sweetie Belle overhears Rarity at the door with Spike. She tries to comfort her sister, but, in the process, her own feelings about Spike and Rarity come to light.

Cover art by Sweetchiomlp

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Had to get this out of my head after it popped in today. The cover art did not inspire the story in anyway.

Commence read.

Go Sweetie. She definitely shone a light on that for Rarity.

I was afraid for this being a SxSB attempt from you, I'm so happy it isn't. Now pls make a secuel , thanks. :pinkiehappy:

short words for a great story. this is pure gold:raritystarry: thats the best i can do...just...pure gold:pinkiesmile:

Goddamn it man, why must you make Sparity good enough that even a hardcore SpikexDash fan like me keeps coming back for more.

Short, sweet, poignant. :moustache:

This is all the things I really love about reading your stories Path_of_Cloud. Rather than gush I'll just say good job and keep up the good work. :eeyup:

Whatever happen to that comic?

- Now, chapter two.:unsuresweetie:

That comic seriously needs to be updated. Anypony know if the artist is still alive or not?

... Wait, this is based on a comic?

Very nice, as always.

Oh Rarity, why do you have to be so difficult:unsuresweetie::duck:.
Applebloom say's, " I'm sure glad my sis don't have those problems." :ajsmug:

Great job Sweetie Belle, you managed to talk some sense into Rarity. :yay:

Sweetie didnt hit Rarity over the head hard enough or enough but at least she got Rarity to understand

What a wonderful little story. Whether you deciede to continue this or not is up to you but it was a nice read regardless!:raritywink:
And at least Rarity realized what a fool she had been.

A zillion out of 18 stars! :raritystarry:

Comment posted by tntgod123 deleted Mar 11th, 2013

Nice sisterly moment between Sweetie Belle and Rarity. I do hope that there is a sequel in the works on this conversation, because I hate to see it end just like that.:raritywink:

Sweetie Belle ripped Rarity a new one.

This was a good little story!:twilightsmile:

2249582 I love Sweetie Belle as a support for Spike and Rarity, but I never write it and neither does anyone else. Her and Twi really have the highest meaning opinions on the matter.

2249640 There's only one way that would happen... and that's a whole different meaning of sisterly love.

2249643 Rarity likes gold.

2249674 2249722 There is no escape!

2249834 :raritywink:

2249903 :pinkiehappy:

2249951>>2249984 I seem to remember them saying something about real life requiring there immediate attention.

2249964 :unsuresweetie:

2250338 I don't know. I'm sure Dash causes plenty of problems :trollestia:

2250549>>2250606>>2250741>>2250745 Such a smart filly.

2250658 So basically I get Luna... best prize ever!

2250827 No, Pinkie, don't eat it; it's not food!


The cover art did not inspire the story in anyway.

2250197 :twilightsmile:

2250923 ... unrelated! Ya know, kinda.

2250983 This song came to my head when reading the title, I just thought I'd share it :pinkiehappy:

2250972 They would. Though, I think most stories have them being the next interest.

Well-written short story. I enjoyed it. Plenty of show, just the right amount of tell, even has the moral at the end and in a unique and interesting modus. And it is refreshing to see Sweetie Belle as the voice of reason--just like in real life, the best wisdom comes from the mouth of babes...or in this case, and caring younger sister.

I did like this part immensely:

"Look, I know it's your life, but at least tell me--why did you say no?"

"Because...he's a dragon." To Sweetie Belle, all she could hear was defeat.

It was entirely Unintentional; it just slipped out. "Wow."

That made the entire conversation to me. I could see them vigorously debating each other, and at the end Sweetie wins the argument, without even using a trump card.

Again, Path, well done. :raritywink:

2250972 I see then. I just wish she could've left a journal on her DA to tell us that.

2251175 Sometimes uncensored honesty is the best solution. Though, lies work well too.

2249722>>2250972 But, But, I like my SpikexDash OTP! I mean, just because Sparity is cool too, doesn't mean I'm abandoning SpikeDash. Also, it seems like Sparity is done so often because it has canon basis that I kinda got sick of seeing it before reading your work, Cloud, so kudos on that. Also, here's hoping to a sequel to this, or other little small but sweet fics.

"Throwing her hooves in the air, Sweetie Belle conceited"

I think you might mean 'conceded', but I'm not entirely sure.

2252693 I was conflicted on which to use. Should have looked it up honestly.

who dared to not like this! :raritycry: it has to be a robot or something without feelings....

BTW i didn't get what you sayd to me in the previows post... as usual i'm a slow one xP

2253272 Consider my other field of writing and how it may affect Rarity, Spike, and Sweetie :raritywink:

oh my... and i had to ask... :twilightoops:

OH!! That was to sweet! :yay:

Sweetie Bell the the rescue! Really glad to have read this right after Spike's Lovely Ladies update yesterday :twilightsheepish: Love Sweetie Bell playing cupid in this. What will Rarity do sometimes without her :duck:

Would love a sequel to this, but if this is just a quick one shot only, I'll be completely fine with that. Your story afterall, and plus, we already have this one, amazing, quick short.

Such a good mood right now after reading this story, gonna have a nice time sleeping tonight.

Nicely done--you and Sweetie Belle alike.

One tiny nitpick: it's "cavalry" rather than "calvary". They're easy to mix up but quite different.

2253748 I thought that looked wrong and spell-check demanded that's what it was. Thanks for the catch,

2253655 :moustache: Spike enjoys a good nap too :raritywink:

Very nice.

Sweetie Belle is adorable, even when lecturing.

And boy, did Rarity need the lecture!

Nice work here. You took some of Rarity's uglier characteristics (her superficiality and her obsession with what others will think) and forced her to acknowledge them via Sweetie Belle. Rarity doesn't like ugly, so she naturally didn't like what she saw. :raritywink: Hope she catches up to Spike and they get this all sorted out.

2256081>>2256566 *Bow*

2257245 Hopefully. Yeah, Sweetie is a little... well, sweetie.

Nice, Sweetie Belle really lives up to her name in this story.:pinkiehappy:

It's when I find little gems like this that I know it's taking way too long to get through my read later list... and yeah what the heck is with the dislikes? Are they the same two that got me? Do they just not like good stories? I bet both their names are Rick. What is it with Ricks? :rainbowhuh:

It was a sweet little one-shot. My reaction mirrored Sweetie Belle's so much... because he was a dragon? Just... wow. And it wasn't made any better by the reasons she gave... I'm sure there's lotsa really good ones to not date a dragon but she chose 'cause other ponies would look at us funny'? Perfectly in character for Rarity mind, just... left me at a loss for words.
I especially liked how you had Spike end it off with an attempt at humour before he left, it really dug the sympathy in deep. I'm also very happy you managed to have Sweetie Belle talk sense into her without bashing it in. There are far too many fics out there that feel that slinging insults is somehow going to make things feel stronger for the reader, but really it's just out of character for most of the MLP cast and ends up just looking like character bashing.

So yeah, thanks for keeping it real... er fictional... whatevs.

2265019 Well, I know the one is because they thought it was Spike x Sweetie. Figured that would happen which is why I specified her thoughts on Spike and Rarity.

Yeah, Sweetie thinks she's making a mistake clearly, but she's still her sister. So to that end, Sweetie does want Rarity to feel better, while getting her own feelings out in the open. At the start, Sweetie tried to duck out to avoid a fight, but Rarity never makes it that easy. So she goes for all or nothing hoping for the best results. Sweetie Belle is one of those characters who can be the cutest little sweetheart or a devious little trickster with a face that screams innocent.

Real fiction fimfiction-static.net/images/avatars/21420_64.jpg?1339542683

2261480 Magnum would be so proud... if it wasn't for his never ending crusade against the Crowns' conspiracies.

2271599 ... but this one isn't clop... I'm so confused!

It was too short for my tastes... But other than that, I loved it!

2322945 It is quite short :eeyup: I must admit though, that I liked the open ended... ending. I usually take everything to that nice clean wrapped up bow. So, this is a interesting change of pace. There's so many possibilities, maybe Spike is so happy he just jumps right into it, perhaps he's a little pissed and hurt and Rarity has to fight to prove her love, maybe she goes to look for him and he's run away, he was heading towards Everfree after all, or maybe Rarity can't win back his love, I suspect this is the least common choice people come to, or any number of other things. So I think the story expands further than what's written into the mind of the individual readers.

Also, I really like having the perspective in this make or break relationship moment from someone who supports the relationship and how it makes them feel. Sweetie is clearly having a little internal conflict because she wants to kind of go off on her sister and tell her what a idiot she is, but, at the same time, she knows it's Rarity's life and Rarity has the right to choose whatever she wants. Personally, I love that, because it's not something we really see in fics. We might see supporting characters in these situations, but the perspective is almost always from the character who the event focuses around.

At this point I'm kind of just letting out some feeling I have for the story then responding to your comment :rainbowlaugh: I'm quite pleased you liked it, and the shortness served a purpose in itself. Although, I definitely understand wanting more, I actually consider it a compliment. :twilightsmile:

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