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This group is about promoting monarchism and exposing the evils of republicanism which led many nations to totalitarianism.

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You can put any kind of story in the "Stories written by monarchists" folder. But if the story is just specifically about monarchy then it goes to the "Pro monarchy, anti republican, and counter revolutionary stories" folder. But if the story that is specifically about monarchy and it is written by a confirmed monarchist who is a member of this group, then it goes in both folders. Yes it is possible to have a new royal family in a country that never was a monarchy in it's modern history. Just look at the Central African Empire that existed from 1976 to 1979 and it was created out of the Central African Republic and it had a new Imperial Family who previously served as the First Family of that country.

Why not? Monarchy is very difficult to reestablish or establish in a place where it never was, but it's not impossible(I mean it's not impossible to choose new Royal family... extremely hard, but not impossible). So You can be monarchist.
I also don't get what unusual is in a monarchist in brony fandom... after all the series is actually very pro-monarchist... (You know princess Celestia, who is almost a perfect monarch, leader of most democratic of the three tribes was... well kinda stupid actually, if we don't assume that characters in Hearts Warming play are completely made up...)

Also I wonder... I don't any stories on Fimfiction yet, but... If I'm monarchist then does it mean that I can put just any of my stories in "Stories written by monarchists" folder?
(Actually most of my stories are - more or less distinctly - pro-monarchistic... heck, even one of my stories - till yet just planned, it's settled after probably my longest MLP story - oneshot series, to be more precise, is called... "The Return of Monarchy")

I hope you enjoy my group :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by StormLuna deleted February 4th

403064 Welcome to my group. Please check out the forum threads and stories here :twilightsmile:

Wow, interesting there are also monarchists here in brony fandom.
While my country is a republic (and never was a monarchy), and thus, it's impossible for being a monarchist here, i support monarchist causes in other countries that had previously been monarchies and have still royal families pretending the throne.
Regards from Peru.

394897 I hope you enjoy this group and please check out the forum threads and stories in this group :twilightsmile:

381395 I hope you enjoy my group. Please check out the forums and stories

A monarchist group? On my Fimfiction?

I'm pleased to see that it was more likely than I thought.

Comment posted by ProMonarchyGenius deleted Nov 8th, 2014
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