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Going Public: I'm No Longer a Christian, and Here's Why · 10:18pm Nov 11th, 2019

Within the last few weeks, I had a crisis of faith. I realized that some of the assertions on which I had based my faith weren't as reliable as I thought they were. After taking a closer look at what historians and textual critics had to say—and realizing that, contrary to what I may have once thought, they actually aren't just a bunch of God-hating reprobates intent on destroying religion, but rather genuine scholars who care as much about truth as any religious person does—I can no

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Thank you for the follow!

2508026 Ha. Well, I hope I don't disappoint.

It was something I felt like doing after seeing your thread on the Insane Creators Guild forum. I'm glad I did, because I looked at the descriptions for some of your stories, and they sound pretty good. I'm going to try reading some of them this week.

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