• Published 10th Apr 2017
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A Frozen Rose: The Nightmare War. - Selene Moonlilly

It was a just a normal day for me. I had been playing my favorite online game when I entered an area that had a warning on it. Thinking nothing of it I pressed accept and entered the area. Looking back I really should have read that warning because n

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Support Log: Rose and Cutting Edge C

“Come on lass wake up.” I heard Edge’s voice say in concern as I woke up. I opened up my eyes to the sight of his face hanging inches above mine his scarlet eyes full of concern.

“You know if you wanted to kiss me you only needed to ask, no reason for you to sneak one while I am asleep,” I said at him in a snarky tone after which a look a relief overtook his face. He then backed away from me.

“It's good to see that you are well enough to joke lass.” He said and then proceeded to explain when he noticed the look of confusion that I gave him. “You were asleep for eight hours and wouldn't wake up no matter what we tried. With you having transformed into your dragon form I feared that the seal might be failing so I followed the standard procedure you set in case of such an eventuality.”

“So you had everybody pack up to leave while you stayed in here with a temporary seal in case I woke up as my old self.” I finished saying for him as I sat up in the bed. As I did I felt a sharp pain in my head. “By the way were you able to get a name from the pup?” I asked him while rubbing my head remembering the young wolf laguz we had saved.

At the mention of the girl, Edge’s look turned sad. “No, that wee one hasn’t said a peep since we rescued her. Not that I blame her for being forced to watch what those monsters did to her family.”

“I was afraid of that, As you know I experienced something similar with the death of my mate. Although I didn't witness it just coming home to his corpse drove me insane and we all know how that ended. We should take her to Queen Chrysalis’ memory shapers when we get to Ashenvale. I know that they helped me after I got hit with that rainbow colored beam and had my brain fried.” I responded. We sat there in silence for a few minutes while flashes of my past as the Queen of Winter, embodiment of wraith came up before my eyes.

“How did Stygian’s group do?” I asked not wanting to dwell my past.

“Well Stygian said that the fort that his group went to was just as run down as ours was. He had Summer scout out the area and then he and Stone went about systematically killing or capturing them.” He answered before he got a sour look on his face. “ He also said that a there were a few laguz among the bandits' numbers. He even found one wearing the fur of other laguz.”

“Were there any survivors?” I asked hopeful for some good news only to have my hope dashed as Edge shook his head.

“Great, I had hoped that there would be more than the girl as she could then be accepted into another pack,” I stated with a sigh. “But as it stands now she has probably already imprinted us as her new pack. I hope that Joy doesn’t mind another kid to look after. What are we up to? Six now?”

“Nine, and don't act like you dislike the idea of having younglings around lass. Every time we return from a mission you spend at least four hours playing with the rascals.” Edge retorted. “ Now enough stalling if it wasn't caused by the seal weakening why couldn't we wake you up?”

‘Crap I was hoping that he would forget that.’ I thought as I visibly flinched. “Would you buy that I was just exhausted after using my dragon form?” I asked to which Edge raised his left eyebrow. “Didn't think so,” I muttered to myself and then braced myself to tell him. Out of the rest of the guild he and his brother Stone Edge have been with me the longest, at least three hundred years thanks to their half manakete heritage. So naturally, they both know me well enough to tell when I am stalling. ‘I really didn't want to explain this twice but Edge will not budge if he thinks I am in danger. He looks after me like I was a younger sibling despite the fact that I am thousands of years older.’ I thought with an inward sigh as I gave in to the inevitable.

“I was visited by the dragon of dreams, what was her name? I wanna say Lunacy or something like that.” I explained. “She probably held me in her realm until she was done talking to me.”

“Damn lass, How much power did you use at the bandit’s hideout?” He asked with raised eyebrows and wide eye’s. “For her to sense it from all the way across the continent you must have used at least seventy percent.”

“Nope only used twenty percent,” I responded with a shrug which caused him to get a thoughtful look on his face.

“So if that is the case either you are so powerful that twenty percent of your power causes dragons to sense it continents away or…” He started mull out loud.

“She was already scrying for powerful dragons.” I finished his thought. “ From her reaction upon entering my dream she seemed surprised that I wasn't dead, so I think it is safe to assume that she wasn't looking for me per say just anyone of significant power to enlist into her cause. Which brings us to the reason she invaded my dreamscape, she is going to war with her sister and has given me two months to decide on whether I will join her or not.”

“You know we are going to have to inform Queen Chrysalis of this right? Whenever two or more elder dragons fight they always drag the rest of the races into it. Well if that is all we will be at the border in about an hour and barring anything bad happening we will be in Ashenvale by noon tomorrow.” He said with a sigh as he turned to exit the wagon.

“Well, you and the rest of the group will be there by noon I won't as I have somewhere else to be,” I told him which stopped him from leaving. He then turned back around towards me. Before he could demand answers I gave them to him. “ Before she left my dreamscape the dragon of dreams said something that I need to check out. Luckily for me, we are but a day’s trip from one of the few people who could validate the information.” Edge stood there silently as I watched the gears turn in his mind finally, after two minutes his eyes widened in recognition.

“You can't be serious!” He yelled as he glared at me. “Tell me you are not really considering going into that chaos infested jungle.” He said to me. For my part, I was being silent which all but confirmed his suspensions. “The magic of the forest eats at ordered spells and seals are no different. You would lose yourself into the queen of winter long before you make it to the wood’s master.”

“I know but I have to know if she was telling the truth and Discord is the only one on this continent besides the dragon of the sun that would know the truth of the matter. We both know that revealing myself to her would not go well so that leaves me with only one viable option. Somethings are worth risking my Identity over.” I responded with an air of determination.

“What could be so important that you are willing to sacrifice what separates you from the…” Edge continued to question when I lost my patience.

" She has my eggs! The sun dragon has two of my babies! ” I yelled at him with a fraction of my power leaking out of my skin causing the temperature in the wagon to drop by twenty degrees and a layer of frost to form on the bed I was currently sitting on. After taking a moment to calm myself I looked back at Edge and what I saw there made me flinch. Fear is what I saw but not fear of me. I could handle that as I see everytime someone finds out that I was a manakete, no this was a different fear altogether. Fear for me is not something I have seen in another in well over five thousand years. Not since before Sombra was taken from me and I was not ready to see it here in another's eyes.

“We have about thirty minutes till we get to to the crossroad leading to the Everfree Jungle so I will tell the others about what we talked about. Please consider at least coming back to Ashenvale. Maybe Queen Chrysalis knows something to help.” Edge said as he left the wagon leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Author's Note:

Hello Silver here with a shorter chapter this time. Today I am introducing one of my favorite mechanics from the fire emblem series the support conversations. Now this one is a freebie but from now on I hold a vote one who you want to see Rose interact with after the battle chapters. I am also giving you the readers a choice for where Rose goes in the next chapter. A) She goes into the Everfree to get information from Discord. B) She goes with Edge’s idea and seeks out Queen Chrysalis. You have four days from the posting of this chapter to weigh in. Thank you for reading.:scootangel: