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A Frozen Rose: The Nightmare War. - Selene Moonlilly

It was a just a normal day for me. I had been playing my favorite online game when I entered an area that had a warning on it. Thinking nothing of it I pressed accept and entered the area. Looking back I really should have read that warning because n

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Support Log: Rose and Angel C

Author's Note:

Hi White Rose here and I know that it has been a while and I am sorry for that. Thing is I have been busy helping my parents get their house packed up and property ready to sell because we are moving to Hawaii. I will try to get the next chapter out in a timely fashion but I am not sure when I will be able to write it.

I really hate getting wounded. Yes, I do have a regenerative ability but the energy for the healing has to come from somewhere and lucky me, my regeneration is fueled by cold weather and low temperatures. However, there is a problem when I am harmed in any other climate as my regeneration is then powered by my own magic of which I have a finite supply of nowadays, thanks to that rainbow death beam. No surprise this is what happened yesterday when I faced a Dreadlord summoned by a priest of the Grimleal. Yeah as in the idiots who worship the dragon of destruction Grima.

“Hey boss, you need anything?” Angel asked while sticking his head through the fabric that covered my wagon, interrupting my writing. This was the fifth time in the last hour since I woke up and had been strongly suggested by Edge and Stygian to stay in my wagon until we get back to the capital, that he had checked up on me. I slowly turned in the chair I was sitting in to look at him. His face was overwhelmed with concern as he looked at me in earnest.

“No Angel I am still doing fine thank you,” I answered with a trace of annoyance in my voice. I hated it when others treated me as if I needed to be watched every second like a toddler playing in the street. “I just wish to get this down before I forget it again,” I said as I turned back to my journal.

Now I guess that is enough ranting from me and I should get to the actual point of this journal, writing down what I remember of my past. I wish I could tell you that I remember what happened when I first appeared on this world but I am afraid that the majority of my memory is missing thanks to getting hit by the rainbow death beam I mentioned before. The fact that I have only been sane only for the last five hundred years doesn't help either. The first memory that I can recall of my time in this world is being saved from becoming a sacrifice to the fell dragon Grima. I vividly remember how my saver looked as he cut down the cultists with ease. His black hair blowing in the wind, the obsidian armor he was wearing splattered with the blood of my captors and those crimson eyes of his, when he looked at me it was as if he was staring into my soul. At the time I was chained to a altar in the middle of their camp dressed in nothing but rags that barely covered me. The cult leader had a dagger held over my heart and was chanting in a language I didn't understand. As the warrior sliced his way through the cultists the leader started to chant faster. I remember thinking that the warrior wouldn't make it in time to save me and I struggled to free myself from the chains to no avail. The leader stopped chanting and then brought the hand holding the dagger down toward my chest. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for death. A death that didn't come, even after a few minutes. I opened my eyes to the sight of out from the cult leader's hand being held in place by an obsidian gauntlet.

“Hay boss need anything now?” I heard Angel ask yet again causing me to groan in annoyance. I put down the quill I was holding down onto the desk then turned around slowly.

“Okay Angel, can you tell me what my answer was when you asked me ten minutes ago?” I asked slowly once I was facing him.

“Ummm, you said no,” Angel answered warily.

“That's right, and amazingly it was the same answer as the time you asked before that and the time before that one too. So when you inevitably ask in another ten minutes if I need anything the answer will still be no.” I said crossly. This caused Angel to get a hurt look on his face and his ears to droop as he ducked back out off the wagon. ‘Damn it.’ I thought as I was flooded with guilt. I picked up my quill and put it back in the inkwell. I then got up off my chair and moved to the back flap of the wagon and looked outside. Almost as soon as I stuck my head out did I here Edge’s voice yell back to me.

“Oy lass get back in the wagon.” Edge said as he glared at me. I let out a huff of annoyance and ignored him looking around for Angel. Upon not seeing him I turned my attention back to Edge, who had a scowl his face. I then let out a sigh.

“Yes I am going back in but I was hoping to talk to Angel. Do you see where he went?” I asked Edge with a scowl of my own.

“Aye lass, the lad went scouting ahead. I will let him know you wanted to talk to him when he gets back, now back in the wagon with you. Remember the healers said for you not to overexert yourself.” Edge answered and continued to scowl at me until I ducked back into the wagon.

‘Well great I just hope he doesn't avoid me like he used to do to with Joy back when he was younger. I swear any time he thought he was in trouble he would hide from her usually in my office come to think about it.’ I thought to myself as memories of him and his little sister being in the care of Joy and the pranks that he would always play on the other foundlings. ‘If he is now avoiding me how will I apologize for snapping at him?’ I asked myself as I made my way back to my desk. I sat down and thought it over for a while before I got a perfect idea. “I will just go visit his sister Fluttershy in the college of healers when we get back and have him assigned as my guard. That way I can not only apologize but let him spend some time with his sister.” I exclaimed out loud as I turned back to my journal. ‘Now where was I.’

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um witch Fire Emblem game is this from?

The world in which this takes place is pieced together from multiple different games in the franchise. The laguz is a race from the tellius series on the gamecube. The taguel is from Awakening. And the Ice dragon manakett that the main character turns into is based of the Ice dragon twins from Archanea Series of the fire emblem games.

I am working on the next chapter. I have been busy with real life. Had major surgery and then ended up moving. Things are starting to calm down so hopefully I get more time to write. I don't plan on giving up this story.

Lost Her? Transform stone? I Hate this.

I think I would like to support the hero.
It complains about weapon that can not harm that magic.

I would like to make a little Modification.


Only the weapon counter can save A weapon and shield is only resist, ANYTHING ELSE
NO Magic, No chaos, No death can affect it it breakes
But things of a construct in the terrain in the weapon it behaves.
That is the challenge of the fair fight weapon
in Fight

10516332 I did have a warning in the description.

Warning: This is a humanized Equestria populated with Fire Emblem races.

so when will the next chapter come out?

I am sorry that it is taking so long. I am about halfway done with the next chapter but I have been busy taking care of my 90-year-old grandpa which is taking up all my free time. I am not abandoning the story but not sure when I will get the next chapter done. Sorry once again.

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