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Tomorrow's the end of the world, and what do I do? Play some Starcraft cause I've got nothing better to do. Little did I know that someone had an idea to give me a new life.
"What are you doing Tanya?"
Writing in my journal Zagara, nothing special. So yeah...with a new friend we both happened to not only be sent to a new world but also with...certain new things.

So watch as I go from avid Starcraft 2 player to an actual leader as I go around and save the universe with help.

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Hmm, I won't mind seeing more

Thank you, I'll try to do my best and get it to actually be good

Lots of SC crossovers lately. and im not complaining one bit

Been playing Starcraft 2 lately. But glad you like it...I hope

Interesting so far. It wouldn't hurt to try expanding on the scenes in the future after you've got the core of the story finished/ready

How so if I may ask? Cause I know I need to add more to the scene's cause...well I'm just not good at being a solo author, but besides that what do you mean?

A touch more description of areas and events, maybe flesh out how the characters look in some scenes; especially those from non-MLP sources. Just a few suggestions from someone who is admittedly not a writer or editor

This is a good story so far. What do you think about using other people's OCs in your stories? If you are interested, you could use my Shadow Hive Kingdom. The Shadow Hive Kingdom is a changeling nation that is friendly to all non-changeling races and even have some of them living as citizens. Also if you do decide to use my hive, they are knowable about things not from the MLP universe because they are part of group called Multiuniverse Peace Force. (MPF) Send me a MP about what you think.

whan can you upload the next story part

Not fully sure sadly but I will try to get to work on it

Comment posted by xenomorph1987 deleted Apr 5th, 2019

Why is this on hiatus after only three chapters?

Well, I just posted the third chapter, and it is/was on Hiatus because me and BioQuillFiction are going through...all the stories we both have and going through them all so it takes a bit

Is this also a The Saga of Tanya the Evil crossover?

No, the woman is just named Tanya

2 updates in a year? i'll put it in my tracking folder, outta my dead fic folder, hoping for more!

Sorry for it taking a while, me and Bio finally got into a groove and schedule for a whole little stories

i cant wait to see more soon:twilightsmile:

Ok, im pissed that the zerg got skull fucked like that... not cool

I know, but it was part of the story to prove several thing's to both sides, that Genetech's technology is really big, and that both the Protoss and Zerg are not to be messed with even with powerful gear

Ok I wanna make that ship sail full throttle, I love the banter and slight teasing

Oh? What shipping? Since there's already one ship being set sail

The one that sails between the 'Laviathen' and 'Spear of Adun'... wonder what naturally conceived 'lings look like.... hmmm

Just gonna have to wait and see what wonderful natural born hybrids are going to appear

Yep, still sour about the zerg getting curb stomped... all zerg is best zerg!

For the Swarm!

They weren't necessarily curb stomped, they did take down several powerful golems

Sure sure they took out a few golem but the pones literally 'deux machina'ed the zerg and protoss with their... magitech... ima chose to gripe! :facehoof:

Have an idea when you think you'll have the next chapter out?

Me and Bio have a list of all the stories we work on, so it'll be a while

Oh really, ima have to check them out, ill assume yall don't have a set schedule when you post an update for each story so ill go peruse the listings

We have a schedule of what stories we write, not when it comes out. When it comes out, it comes out and that's the best we can promise


just found and read all of the chapters so far..


this is ONE OF THE BEST story's i have EVER seen...thank you for giving us this story...also...

what is the eta on the next chapter please??

Well, thanks for the positivity, and all I can give is 'when it's done', because me and Bio have a lot of stories to write

ok..i can wait...hope it don't get canceled cause you guys are running yourselves to hard tho...


new chapter!!!

i can not WAIT for the next chapter...cause it feels like its going to get awesome...or romantic..cause the dubble date sounds like its going to be interesting...more entertaining in some ways if certain nobles decide to try and do something during it...buut that would...prooobably ruin the whole romantic date thingy....IF that happens

Thank you, and the date will try and be romantic, and there will be some more fights

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