Tomorrow's the end of the world, and what do I do? Play some Starcraft cause I've got nothing better to do. Little did I know that someone had an idea to give me a new life.
"What are you doing Tanya?"
Writing in my journal Zagara, nothing special. So yeah...with a new friend we both happened to not only be sent to a new world but also with...certain new things.

So watch as I go from avid Starcraft 2 player to an actual leader as I go around and save the universe with help.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Hmm, I won't mind seeing more

Thank you, I'll try to do my best and get it to actually be good

Lots of SC crossovers lately. and im not complaining one bit

Been playing Starcraft 2 lately. But glad you like it...I hope

Interesting so far. It wouldn't hurt to try expanding on the scenes in the future after you've got the core of the story finished/ready

How so if I may ask? Cause I know I need to add more to the scene's cause...well I'm just not good at being a solo author, but besides that what do you mean?

A touch more description of areas and events, maybe flesh out how the characters look in some scenes; especially those from non-MLP sources. Just a few suggestions from someone who is admittedly not a writer or editor

This is a good story so far. What do you think about using other people's OCs in your stories? If you are interested, you could use my Shadow Hive Kingdom. The Shadow Hive Kingdom is a changeling nation that is friendly to all non-changeling races and even have some of them living as citizens. Also if you do decide to use my hive, they are knowable about things not from the MLP universe because they are part of group called Multiuniverse Peace Force. (MPF) Send me a MP about what you think.

whan can you upload the next story part

Not fully sure sadly but I will try to get to work on it

Comment posted by xenomorph1987 deleted Apr 5th, 2019
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