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I activate the spell Needed Explanation! With this I have to give a long drawn out explanation on why the hell I'm fighting a demon from hell, a horde of insects, a hydra, and an amalgamation with a children's card game!

Okay in all seriousness I thought I could just go over to a friends place and have a fun time playing Yugioh(since I've been playing Magic the Gathering for so long I wanted to get back into the swing of things), nothing really special right? Well that is until I met the witch doctor Voodoo and lost a bet, now I'm stuck in another world with nothing more but the clothes on my back, four yugioh decks, and a new duel disk he gave me anyways and threw me to another world for his 'amusement'.

So I'm stuck with people that don't know what the game is, and I can also summon monsters that can do actual physical things. And let's just say that in this world, it's play for keeps.

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I'll try, thank you

This is very interesting. I am already seeing this to be an amazing adventure.

thank you, I'l be trying my best to have it be good

Keep at it. If you want, I'd like to do a crossover with you maybe (once my displaced story is approved)

Good Yu-Gi-Oh and equestrian girls content

So what story is getting updated next.

Open World: Level Up

"Audio Video. Basically you learn about wires and crap." She sighed. "So, wanna see if Merchant has any costumes for us to try?"

Hell no audio video is about using Adobe apps you can get good jobs for just that class. Don't dis the class

Well at the time in this world, computers aren't as advanced as this and as an example, the Atari 2600 is the current Game console so you can tell from that how behind some tech is

Photo shop and cameras are the only reason available exist in school and it's like 2012 right Adobe premier has come to existing in a world of science. (I will argue to the end of this earth and any others)

This kind of caught my eye.
Though I wonder if there is going to be some actual duels as well?

Whats in store for Spike as well?

There might be, have a lot of thing's to work out, and who knows about Spike, cause it's only the second chapter and still got a lot of thing's to think of and work out

Ok then.
Looking forward on what happens next.

I hope Spike isn't excluded/wasted hard due to him being stuck as a dog honestly..

Liked that this is continuing.

If I may ask, where was Spike while Sci-Twi is involved in all of this?

Having to deal with being moved to a new location and a bunch of other thing's that is involved with that.

Not bad so far. Tracking.

"Simple." She said, a flick of her wrist and suddenly she was holding several cards. Turning them, I felt my blood run cold when I saw the panicked, moving forms of various ponies. "Everyone on this planet. Pony, Griffon, Dragon, every intelligent being on this world, is trapped in a card."

So Equestrian Spike is sealed in a card and needing rescue?
Really not fond of that..

They'll be rescuing him immediately, cause he would still be in Canterlot at the moment due to time frames
thank you

Really wished he wasn't sealed in a card in the first place though..
It really leaves a mark of embarrassment on him that he got carded and needing rescue like that..

This is before the series even starts in terms of the MLP timeline, and he isn't a main character in this story so... why does it matter that you're upset over it? He isn't even a tagged character? Your logic here baffles me.

It bothers me since he got screwed like that..

Again, he isn't a main character in this story, him getting trapped by literal gods is kinda hard to find a way out of when they state literally to the MC's that they play and mess with reality however they like.

Everyone on Equestria got screwed, not just Spike. And this isn't a Spike featured story at all so, if you don't like it, feel free to look at other works. He has a character tag so want a Spike fic, search by his character tag.

It doesn't make it ok on what happened to Spike though..
Really wished he didn't get carded.

Sorry if I am bothersome..
It just really bothered me that Spike was carded and needing rescue like that.


It's alright my guy, just relax

What will happen then.?

What will happen about the um.. issue then..?

You'll find out next time

The issue about Spike being carded in the first place and needing rescue I mean..

Ok then..

Wait... didn't they already met Pinkie before?

maybe, we probably forgot cause me and Bio have a lot of other stories to work with, thing's get jumbled so we just kinda roll with it. We try our best, sometimes thing's slip through the cracks

Nice in seeing what is happening next now.
Didn't expect SCP stuff to be involved, I don't know much on that stuff but pretty interesting.

Still worried about what will happen with Equestrian Spike(as in really hoping he doesn't need rescuing)
Where's Human-World Spike though? The fact he is missing out so hard(especially the SCP Foundation bit) due to Sci-Twi not bringing him just hurts..

“It has and you can guess who was pregnant and who was the baby.”

Of course it was.

“Ash Blossom!” I shouted, a small fox eared spirit girl appearing around Mobius and smiled.

Get Ash'd lol

The bit with Nightmare Moon was interesting.
I still don't know much on SCP lore but I didn't expect that NMM is Luna merged as a new being with a SCP.
Though when it suddenly jumped to her showing up, I got quite confused

Was dragon Spike originally going to show up in a next chapter or so when you mentioned that sometime ago?
I hope it turns out he wasn't carded..

Would it be cool to introduce the Dragonmaid archetype into the story?
Either in battle or as a casual setting.

It would be funny so maybe

Ok real talk for a moment y no use exodia I b real funny to just have like a big group maybe 1000 or so being just Annihilated in one big ol exodia obliterate.

Exodia will be for later

The fact Sunset's and Pure's rivalry did not leave Equestria in ruins is surprising.

Was my questions about Spike erm.. ok.?

They manage, and also as of the timeline Spike is only a kid who's trying to help take care of Twilight in her panicked child mind from being carded for months

What else happened with him in all of this?

I thought he was gonna show up since they were at Canterlot?

He's still too young, was carded, and just being there for Twilight who is an eleven year old who is suffering from this experience.

Really wished he wasn't carded and screwed like that though..
It's still humiliating

So he won't get to do anything and gets left out?

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