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I summon... - Xinrick

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Chapter 6

Well, today is the day. The MTF task force led by Myself, Sunset, Adagio, Aria and Sonata is heading to Equestria. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. For one, the portal will change them and I have no idea just how much it will change their weapons, armor, or if they'll even be ponies on the other side.

“Alright people,” I started to the MTF soldiers. “The portal will change you to fit in with the world, so be prepared to become at minimum a normal candy colored pony, at worst…whatever mythical creature exists there.” I warned them all. “The monster’s range from Bomber Clowns…to god knows whatever the hell these people can think of, and we’re going to be clearing out the Capital till we reach a Prime Target.”

"And what is a prime target?" One of the MTF's asked.

"Either a Monarch, one of the high spirits of the elements, or…well, they might be people that come from the world my cards come from…" I said carefully. "Or it could just be a giant monster, the GM's here weren't being very specific…"

"So in other words shoot monsters, pick up cards, and that's about it?"

"It should be simple like that." I nodded. "But I doubt it will be all things considered." I shrugged. "Any other questions?"

"If we're gonna turn into horses or, something other than human than how are we gonna use our guns?"

"Either magic, the guns will shift to work with your new physique, or you'll still have opposable thumbs." I explained. "Like my Duel Disk and cards, on the other side I just need to visualize what I want to play and it thankfully works."


"No idea, especially since I'm an Earth Pony, not a unicorn." I said honestly.

"So basically worst case scenario, you all just raid the royal Armory for spears, swords and crossbows." Sunset added.

"Pretty much." I shrugged. "So, ready?"

With a nod we all went through the portal.

First Sunset and I, followed by Adagio, Aria and Sonata. I have to admit, I was expecting those three to become, well, sirens. Not… ponies. Adagio was an earth pony, Sonata was a unicorn and Aria was a Pegasus.

"Well, this is new?" Adagio said as she tapped a hoof to the ground.

"Hmm… new but could be useful." Aria added.

"I have a horn!" Sonata said happily as she poked at it.

"Huh. I thought you three would come back as your siren selves?" Sunset asked. "Maybe the mirror is only set to meet certain criteria?"

“That’s…a little strange.” I hummed. “Maybe it had something to do with those crystals they had?”

"Doubtful…" Sunset said.

The MTF officers all soon came through the mirror. Their armor was largely unchanged, save for keeping to the pony theme as various members were either a Pegasi, unicorn or earth pony.

The biggest surprise were the guns and Aria's various blades and pistols. Hand grips were replaced with something you'd bite down on it seemed and the shapes of the guns seemed heavily altered for a mouth bite grip based use, but at least functioned the same after some test shots and relearning to reload them in the altered states.

We let the MTF agents get used to walking around on all fours, and for the ones who could, fly a little.

"Alright. We got our objectives men… stallions? Eh. Kill all monsters and find and gather safely all cards. Alright…. Ugh, I'm gonna punch Bright when we get back… MTF Wondercolts, set out!"

With that the agents all made their way outside and began a very systematic gun based slaughter of the approaching monsters.

"Dr. Bright sure is an eccentric one aren't they?" Adagio asked.

“That would be putting it very lightly.” I said sheepishly. “Remember when I brought up ‘thing’s Dr. Bright isn’t allowed to do’? Yeah…it’s a big list.”

“So, are we going to help them cause… they seem to have it covered.” Aria asked.

“We’re going to be looking for the Boss of the area, not sure if I’m the only one that has to beat them, but better not mess up their little ‘game’ here…”

“Alright. Let’s get looking.”

Sunset and I took the lead as we ran around looking for anything out of the ordinary. We didn’t have to look far. We came across a park covered in frost and ice, and at the center of it all stood the Monarch of Ice. Mobius.

“Well…didn’t expect to see them here…” I said carefully, trotting over to the large armored being, standing next to them was their Vassel. “Mobius, the Frost Monarch.” I said to the boss.

“Ah, I see you’ve come.” The Monarch said, which surprised me a bit cause the monarch sounded like a female military veteran. “My Vassal said you have some potential, able to push him in such little time.”

“Yeah, that was a bit rough…” I frowned, mentally sifting through all my Deck’s so far, and thinking about what she might throw at me I decided to go with the tried and true Zoodiac. “Hopefully you all care enough…” I muttered, remembering that these cards did in fact help me before but hoping that they would help me even through this. “Alright…let’s get on with this.” I said, lifting both my hooves up and slamming both of them down. “I call upon the powers of the Zoodiacs!” I shouted, seeing lights swirl around me as all twelve Zoodiac beasts appeared.

“Sup boss.” Ratpier said.

“Why in Ra’s name did you piss off Mobius?” Drident asked carefully.

“She’s the boss of this area, I need to save an entire city’s worth of people and…also prove to her that I deserve to be able to summon them.”

“So you want to Dominate them?” BroadBull asked, which made me look at him nervously.

“Kinky!” Sonata and Whiptail said at the same time which made me blush furiously.

“Can we focus!?” I said quickly, seeing the Monarch laugh a bit at my summon and girlfriend’s antics.

“Oh you are a fun bunch.” Mobius said, lightly stretching as a sudden blast of cold air hit all of us. “Now, come and feel the wrath of the Monarch!”

“Alright everyone, let’s do this!” I said, charging forward with a Legendary Sword in my mouth, as Tigermoarter, Boarbow, and Bunnyblast immediately started to fire off ranged attacks as covering fire. As I rushed in, Ice Pillars were raised and subsequently smashed by all the ranged attacks from the rifle, bow, and mortar, as as I swung my blade I was sadly stopped by Escher.

“You won’t be harming a single fleck of frost on my Monarch.” Escher growled.

“Like you can do anything about it.” I said through the sword grip in my mouth, as the Vassal was suddenly tripped and pulled away from me by Whiptail’s Snake whip, and when they were tripped up me, Broadbull and Drident leaped up and tried to attack the Monarch.

"Need help?" Sunset asked, her wand in her magic aura.

“That would be appreciated, thank you.” I said quickly, having had to dodge a very swift ice spike from the Monarch as they blocked both Drident and Bull’s attacks.

“Sorry Ma’am.” Broadbull brought up to the Monarch.

“But we couldn’t pass up the chance for a brawl.” Drident said to one of the many protector’s of the spirit world.

With a wave Sunset's want unleashed a huge wall of flames, slamming into and melting the ice and frost around as the ground began to catch flames and negate the ice and cold around.

“Excuse me but what the fuck!?” I snapped in surprise and confusion, even as the Monarch of Frost was rather surprised at the sudden flames.

“Well, never thought I’d meet someone so strong.” The monarch hummed, starting to use more of their strength as it seemed to start to fight against the sudden wave of powerful flames.

"I feel like you all forget my mentor was the princess of the Sun." Sunset smirked. "And my magic is heavily attuned to hers, and therefore, all forms of pyromancy." Sunset added happily.

“Uh…alright, we’ll try to support you…” I said carefully, dodging an ice pillar swiftly.

“Well well, I know Thestalos would have a fun time with you.” The female monarch said, ice and cold swirling around their body. “But let’s see if your flames can handle my power!” She said, waving a hand as a blast of blistering wind’s started to go against her pyromancy in a brutal display that created more mist and steam.

"Hmm…" Sunset hummed, closing her eyes as her horn lit up brighter. Her wand caught fire… as did her mane… and when she opened her eyes they were on fire as well. "Sun Wrath." She said, a pure blast of white flames shooting from the wand and at Ice Monarch.

The monarch dodged the blast, as I saw all of that and uh…was now very concerned over that fact. “Uh…okay…” I muttered, running over and trying to slash at the Monarch, who still blocked my attack, only to be pushed closer to the fire by Hammerkong slamming into her. “Fire Formation!” I shouted, a symbol of fire appearing behind me and my entire party as I felt strength flow through me as we pushed the Monarch struggling against all the intense heat and what damage our range managed to do.

Keeping up the pace Sunset shot off more and more blasts of white fire, smirking when the Monarch was now surrounded by a circle of the white flames. "Sun Judgement." She said, the sun above… pulsed and shot down a solar flare… right on top of the ice monarch.

“Absolute…Zero!” The Monarch managed to shout as the beam was suddenly being blocked by a slowly growing bubble of absolute zero cold.

“Ash Blossom!” I shouted, a small fox eared spirit girl appearing around Mobius and smiled.

“Sorry ma’am, but we need to help save the world.” The child spirit said, bringing out a bell and a cherry blossom branch and rang the bell with it, their counter attack suddenly ceasing as the solar flare slammed into them again.

“Smart…” Mobius muttered, looking over to me. “You win this round, but the other’s won’t be that easy.”

With a flash all the fire, damage, ice and monsters left in the city were gone. The Ice Monarchs card floated before me.

I took it and cards flew around the city, the cards turning back into ponies.

"Well, glad that worked… I'm gonna pass out now." Sunset said, hitting the ground with a hard thud.

“Sunset!” I panicked, running over to her quickly and kneeling down, looking her over to see if she was okay.

"The side effects from Sun Wrath and Sun Judgement are a hefty but survivable toll." Princess Celestia said, she was way taller and such than I expected. "While that unique artifact kept her from suffering the mana drain, the pure life force of the Sun flowed through her body. It is an extremely powerful force. Even I can't handle it for longer than thirty minutes at a time. She's lucky to be so well attuned to my magic signature. Any pony else who would try that and they'd be comatose or dead."

“Alright…is she going to be okay?” I asked worriedly. “I…didn’t know she could channel the sun…”

"She will be fine. She'll just need some rest for a day or three." Celestia said. "And had she not had that artifact I doubt she could have pulled the spell off." Celestia said, she and I looked over Sunset in her bed. "So, you are her special somepony?"

“Y-yes…” I nodded sheepishly. “My names Mike and…well, I kinda wished we could have met under better circumstances…”

"To be honest I was unsure if she would ever return to Equestria at all. Let alone as a savior." Celestia said. "I imagine she told you she left on bad terms with me. I treated Sunset as I would my own foal. Gave her every spoil and every wish of hers I granted, and loved her like my own. That love blinded me to her selfish ways."

“She did bring up that there was some…bad things between you two.” I answered. “But not the whole story.”

"It… hurt. We both said things we regret. Especially me…" Celestia said, looking down. "Being so… long lived as I am, family is the one thing I treasure. Be them by blood or adopted, a lover or a friend you can treat as a sibling, seeing them hurt and having them hurt you just… brings out the worst in both."

“Well…I can’t personally relate but…well, I have three immortal girlfriend’s at the moment so…I can understand through what they’ve said to me.”

Celestia chuckled. "Sunset always did want to be in a herd."

“Well…I suppose that’s why she was very into the idea.” I said sheepishly. “Though…one thing that was a bit of a hard time for me was teaching her what clothes are meant for…” I said sheepishly, blushing a bit at remembering why she practically always wanted to be naked in front of me.

"I imagine going from pony to human was a transition."

“Yeah, it was a transition for her…just wish she said something about…pony courting…” I said sheepishly.

"So, how did you two meet?"

“I met her at the portal.” I said. “She looked…panicked and…well, we were fast friend’s considering the both of us were in a completely different world.” I answered simply. “But she also…took an immediate liking to me considering she…also immediately wanted to be naked in front of me in our new house…” I blushed brightly.

"Hm. Being naked is not an uncommon thing here in Equestria. Most ponies only wear articles of clothings as accessories or for work. Some here in Canterlot wear them as a means of representing their nobility."

“Human’s wear clothes because we don’t have fur and to…cover our naughty bits.” I said carefully. “And while Sunset was not wearing clothes at home because it was a private space and she was more used to being naked…I didn’t know about the uh…” I blushed brighter, clearing my throat a bit. “How mares show their interest…” I shook my head. “I’m sorry for mentioning that princess…”

"It's quite alright. Honestly it's not the first time I hear about the culture differences between ponies and other species."

“So, mind if I ask what races are on this planet?” I inquired. “Cause so far I know about the Equine race and Siren’s, but only got a brief bit about others.”

"Griffins, dragons, yaks, zebra's, minotaurs, cows, goats, donkeys. Those are the common ones."

“Neat…so more magical.” I sighed. “So, question…why are Aria, Adagio and Sonata not…Sirens anymore?” I inquired carefully.

"I actually do not know. I can only assume the mirror must have a limited range of forms it can transform a visitor into, most likely due to it's size. On this end at least."

“I suppose that makes sense.” I nodded. “Magic is…weird, and I barely know much about it…”

"So, will you be staying in Equestria while Sunset recovers?"

“Yes, cause I want to make sure my girlfriend is okay.” I answered readily. “School can wait…”

"I see. Well, shall we discuss the following actions. Those MTF guards you arrived with mentioned speaking with you about their Foundation?"

“Ah, yes…the SCP Foundation…” I said carefully. “It’s…gonna be a long talk involving a lot of things that range from weird to…reality warping…”

"Sounds more interesting than the usual taxes and complaints."

“I mean…yeah.” I nodded. “Going from taxes and complaints to helping a…technically multidimensional organization that makes sure anomalies are secured, contained, or protected would be interesting.” I shrugged. “Just hope Dr. Bright isn’t going to be the diplomat…” I muttered in worry.

Later that day the MTF agents went back to earth and I waited with Celestia until eventually someone showed up. He was an older earth pony stallion, looking rather tired and indifferent of the situation or environment. His coat was a complete dull gray color.

"Greetings. I am Dr. Gears, representing the SCP Foundation." He said, his tone equally indifferent.

“Don’t mind him, he…supposedly has a problem with his emotions, and has a lack of a startle sense.” I said carefully to Celestia. “But it’s nice to meet you Dr. Gears…I’m thankful it’s you and not Dr. Bright for obvious reasons.”

"Right… well, I'm here to discuss the O5 council's requests and offers given the foundations MTF forces."

"That would be best, yes." Celestia said.

“Considering I was given some bare bones explanation, mind if I ask what some of the requests and offers are?” I inquired.

"Simple things really. Information exchange. From observation of this place alone I imagine the Earth's modern technology doesn't exist here, so we can trade that for knowledge on your magic and possible resources. Metals, ECT. The foundation isn't short on funding but wherever we can save financials then the better. There are some other things but the O5 council will send a member to discuss the matters to you personally."

"Yeah that sounds fine." I nodded. “Also, not really no from what I’ve learned, the best they have is…either coal or horse powered trains.” I answered carefully.

"We also have hot air balloons and zeppelins. But I am curious about your technology." Celestia said.

The rest of the meeting went by pretty normally.

I went to a room I was given for my time here and went to sleep.

"Well you're new." Nightmare Moon said, sitting across the table from me.

“And…so are you.” I said carefully. “So, you must be this ‘Nightmare Moon’ possession case I’ve heard about.” I said, already having thought that ‘Nightmare Moon’ was probably a possession considering…well, the ‘Nightmare’ bit.

"More or less." She shrugged. "What brings an alien being such as yourself to this reality?"

“Well…first I lost a children’s card game to an All Maker…and then I got here through a portal to a human version of this world because other All Maker’s decided ‘Want to know what’s funny? Let’s put the entire planet’s creatures into cards and throw monster’s into the mix for me and many others to fix’.” I rolled my eyes. “So…yeah, and now I need to retake high school with one wonderful unicorn girlfriend and…three immortal siren girlfriends.”

"Ah. So you're a harem anime protagonist?" Had my mouth been full I'd have done a spit take bit somehow I ended up choking on my own breath.

“I-I mean…kinda?” I coughed, trying to not choke on air. “A lot of thing’s are…happening, and sure I have the siren’s because…well, they want a purpose in life and I want to make them happy…”

"My my, you're a forward little alien aren't you?"

“I mean, if your asking for a date then I’m about as forward as any hormonal teenager having to go through parts of puberty again…” I frowned, still not liking how I had to de-age a couple years from when I was eighteen now back to fourteen.

"Child if I wanted you I'd already be forging the dream to be you and your little beloved Sunset, with me as her, going at it." Nightmare Moon said. "I just like to tease."

“Considering how horny she is half the time, I’m pretty sure dream her would have just asked you to join and make it a three way…” I grumbled, blushing even brighter. “So…anyways…let’s go with the question we skipped over and why I’m here…”

"You're new to this reality's dream realm. I took notice immediately and decided to greet the newcomer."

“Understandable.” I nodded. “So, what’s special about this reality’s dream world and just normal sleeping?”

"For one it has a guardian. Me. Or, Luna, but currently we're one in the same so, me."

“One and the same?” I inquired. “But that’s also neat.”

"Yes well it's a bit complicated really."

"Well, we have the time." I shrugged. "So, let's start at the beginning I suppose."

"Well, for starters I actually don't exist. At least not In the sense you would be familiar with."


"It's difficult to explain but basically, I exist without existing in your sense of reality. Where I call my birthplace is nothing but a void of the intangible concepts and thoughts and such. You could say I exist as a sentient cluster of things that actually don't exist. I believe those… SCP Foundation members refer to my kind as Pattern Screamers."

“Oh, that’s uh…that’s not good at all.” I said worriedly. “So…how the hell did you possess Celestia’s sister if I may ask if you’re a Pattern Screamer?”

"Not easily." She explained. "I had very little influence in this reality from my home plane, but with what I had I found a thin crack. Small, smaller than atoms but it was there and through that crack I slipped through into this dimension dream realm. It was not too different from home, if more chaotic. It was here I met Luna, and by accident she became host to me. I am a being existing of sentient abstract thought and concepts and was accidentally bound to Luna's mind."

“Well…that’s…a whole lot different than normal.” I said honestly. “But I suppose it makes sense considering this world is…very much different than normal.”

"Yes, well over time Luna's memories became like mine… and mine hers. When she realized that she confronted me. Rather than anger or fear, she greeted me with curiosity and wonder. She treated me like, well, like a sister. I knew everything about her and she I. After a while she wished for me to experience the world she did, not being bound as a passenger but as the one taking the lead. I wasn't sure such a thing was possible but I helped her find a means… and the means was found in old forbidden texts."

“Gee, I wonder why they were forbidden…” I said sarcastically.

"Well, within the texts we learned I was not the first of my kind to arrive this way in this world. The texts told of a means to rebirth both host and entity as a new being. A mix of the two, bringing what does not exist into flesh and blood while reshaping the host body to suit the new entity. A new body, a mind made of the two, with all the memories and abilities of both. Unfortunately it required one to have a heart cold and distant from… from others. To be claimed by hatred and negativity… she did all that for me… the one who didn't even exist…" Nightmare Moon sighed, looking down and holding back a tear. "When we were reborn that negativity was so rich and potent we… acted on it. It was like a fog. Only some time after we were trapped within the moon did it fade and… the regrets set in. So, here we are. One being in the same banished because Luna cared enough about something that didn't even exist… she hurt herself and her sister to give me a life."

“Oh…” I muttered. “That’s…that’s uh…pretty heavy…”

"This why when our time to escape comes we shall leave Equestria. Perhaps the world beyond this mirror of yours would be fun to explore? Or some other reality? Once we are free, the possibilities are endless for me."

“So I…must ask…” I sighed. “There are many stories about the Pattern Screamers…all of them…not entirely ‘happy’ with how outrageously pissed your entire race is…” I said nervously. “Except for the VTuber…I’m kinda confused on that one.”

"I do not know what a VTuber is but yes the large majority of Pattern Screamers I have met are all… less than pleased with their situations. The rest aren't happy either but resigned themselves to their fates within that place."

“Well…that makes a bit of sense.” I said carefully. “And well…you don’t need to know what a VTuber is, just that their name is Paty and they want to hang out.” I shrugged. “So…before I get into more of that…I have to ask, if you are your own entity with your own thoughts, or are you Luna and Night sharing the same body?” I inquired, deciding to just give the screamer the name ‘Night’ so I don’t just call them ‘Screamer’.

"The Pattern Screamers had no name, but yet. Nightmare Moon is the fusion of both as a whole." She explained.

“So you are a whole new being?” I asked. “I ask this cause of…well, the Foundation being and me really not wanting to have bad first impressions after we just saved Canterlot and your sister from being in Cards forever.”

"Yes. Luna and the Pattern Screamer both exist as me now. A new being born from one that exists and another that didn't."

“Alright…so that’s going to be…rough for Celestia…” I said nervously. “And you’re just…going to travel around after breaking free of the Moon?”

"That is the idea, yes. I am well aware of the legends about me and figured it best I remain as such and leave Equestria alone and avoid being seen."

“I mean, unless you have somewhere specific to be as a combination of an Alicorn connected to the moon and a near omnipotent being from beyond space and time, you can always crash at my place.” I said honestly. “Wouldn’t be the worst thing considering I’m probably going to be dating Wallflower soon…” I said, which I realized that having a Pattern Screamer living at my place was apparently better than dating a Bright…wow, that was a realization.

"That would be lovely. Thank you kindly. But, perhaps don't tell Celestia about this?"

“She already has enough on her plate trying to not freak out over Sunset being back.” I sighed. “Considering she’s in a three day coma from using the Sun to fight a Monarch…”

"That does sound taxing on a unicorn."

“If she was any other Unicorn they would have died, and the only reason why Sunset didn’t suffer too much was because of a wand she had…” I sighed.

The following days, Sunset woke up and had a good heart to heart and reunion with Celestia.

Once she was good enough to walk Celestia informed us that while Canterlot was safe now, the rest of Equestria was still in trouble. Every town and city in the kingdom was the same as Canterlot had been and it seems the lands outside Equestria were also effected.

In short. Everywhere was infested with monsters and everyone was trapped within cards.

"Well the All Makers sure as shit wanted to keep us busy." Sunset huffed.

“Yes, yes they did…’ I sighed. “And school is gonna be really rough considering we missed three days…”

"So, how is this gonna work with us doin shit in Equestria and being heroes and stuff back home?"

“I…don’t know…” I sighed. “We have the Foundation to help us deal with the monster’s, the Siren’s as well…ugh…” I grumbled. “This is going to be really, really annoying…”

"Yep…" Sunset huffed.

To be continued...