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I summon... - Xinrick

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

This chapter get's a bit lewd, which is why I added the sex tag to it

It's been two months since we got our little base and school. Thankfully between Sunset and I the school work we finish pretty quick. Between work and the loot stuff we get from monsters that show up… just about once to twice a week, and Merchant, we've got a good amount of savings both in the bank and in cash. "So, feel like Pizza or Chinese tonight?" Sunset asked as we headed towards a school assembly.

“Pizza, can never go wrong with it.” I answered simply. “But I wonder what the assembly is today?” I mentioned, cause the announcement was that there was an assembly today but nothing much after that.

"Might be a guest speaker? Maybe a staff member?" She thought aloud. "Or maybe something about the usual monster attacks? Speaking of, we should consider getting costumes or something. Last time was a close call with that cop that almost saw us."

“Oh yeah...hmm,, wonder if I could create cards at this point…” I hummed, remembering the cool bits of the Yugioh Anime’s filler arc where Joey Wheeler had an entire suit of armor based on the Red Eyes Black Dragon against what was essentially an evil power ranger.

"Well, whatever the case, let's hope it's nothing bad."

“Yeah, cause I’d really like to not be hounded by either the police or fans…” I said nervously.

We arrived in the gym and sat for the announcement. Principal Celestia. She stood with a microphone in hand in the center. "Attention students. It's a pleasure to have your undivided attention. This assembly is to announce a few changes. First, is the return of my sister and Vice Principal, Luna, back to CHS from her exchange program working with the Moon Academy for Troubled Children." There was a round of applause as a woman, slightly shorter than Principal Celestia, walked on stage. Her skin tone was a pale blue and her hair a darker shade of blue. "Second, starting next week CHS will be starting a brand new social enrichment program, creating new, and mandatory clubs and activities."

"New and mandatory?" Sunset asked. "Sounds kinda pointless."

“Why is it mandatory?” I called out curiously. “Is it for a grade or is it for something else?” I asked in the quiet gymnasium as no one probably wanted to even bother asking why.

"The heads of the school district feel that students can bond and come together as a community better with club activities. They will be part of the grading curriculum and the clubs will be able to be chosen for each student." Principal Celestia informed. "However if you have not chosen a club by the end of the week, one will be assigned to you."

She then handed the mic over to Vice Principal Luna. "Greetings students. The final update will be regarding the recent regular Monster attacks throughout the state. Officials have stated that the attacks are spreading further outside of the state and as a safety precaution, the government has issued additional funds for an armed security guard to protect and monitor the school should these creatures attack during the school hours."

“Shit….” I muttered to myself, now knowing we really needed costumes at this point.

After the assembly and in our final class we were given pamphlets with all the club activities. When we got home we were going over the list of options. "There's seriously a Library Club?" She asked. Her habit of being in her undies at home was still going strong. I tried getting her to wear short shorts and sports bras but she didn't like them.

“It could be worse all things considered.” I shrugged, going through the many extra cards I’ve been collecting from Merchant in case there was anything really good or not. “If you like a quiet place to study, learn to organize, or just be around books in general than that would work out great.”

"Even so, the majority of these clubs are education based and most don't even offer actual life skills." She complained. "Most of this is basically just more school."

“Which blows hard core to be honest.” I sighed out. “I mean, sure I kind of understand, might as well get to know people better through shared interests but...mandatory for school credit? That seemed a little too far…”

"The human world and it's many mysteries simply stupify me." Sunset sighed, flipping it over. "The only clubs here not related to education directly are drama, art, music, and AV."

“Well...drama club sounds interesting.” I shrugged. “What are you thinking?”

"Hm. Pretend to be people were not for others around us? Not too different from our day to day life I suppose." She shrugged. "Better than Math Club."

“Plus I can’t sing worth a damn, art is meh for me and AV...isn’t that a newspaper club or something?”

"Audio Video. Basically you learn about wires and crap." She sighed. "So, wanna see if Merchant has any costumes for us to try?"

“Ah, weirdly back home it was a newspaper…” I said. “But sure, let’s go see if Merchant has anything we can buy.”

A quick walk back to the Bunker and Sunset and I were browsing what was available.

“Jeez, sure have a lot of these costumes Merchant.” I said in surprise, seeing a lot of these were very familiar from anime’s, comics, and other things. “I know I’m probably a super nerd...but it fits too well.” I groaned as I went over and grabbed the Tuxedo Mask outfit. “So do I need to change into this every time or do I just need a bracelet or something and say the magic words?”

"Here." He said, handing me a pair of gloves. "Just put these on and the costume will appear on your person."

“Perfect.” I said with a smile. “God...now I need to think of a good superhero name…” I hummed, thinking about what a good name would be as I also thought, due to Tuxedo Mask was a character from the nineties, I could do a whole lot of cheeky Card puns to wow the crowd and annoy the piss out of my enemies.

"Hmm…" Sunset muttered as she browsed her options. "Hmm… ah! Yes, perfect!" She said, trading the money for… a black ribbon mask.

“What’s the mask’s costume?” I asked, knowing the mask was the signature for the costume.

"Here." She smiled, putting it on. There was a small flash as her body was covered in light and… AHH!

The mask now covered her upper face to the back of her head. Her hair must be completely tucked under that thing since it wasn't out. Her… suit… was skin tight. Black along her… leggings and arms and white like clouds and… I could see her nipples outline… and every… jiggle… in her step. The top of her head spotted two large rabbit ears and she had a fluff ball rabbit tail too… "So, what do you think?" She asked.

I felt under my nose… yup, blood.

“Uh…” I muttered, carefully making sure certain...bits were hidden. “You uh...damn.” I couldn’t help but say at how she looked.

"Thanks. The description said it basically like wearing a super thing yet durable armor like material. And it's does almost feel like I'm not even wearing anything." She said, a smile as she jumped…


When I think I'm getting used to her crazy antics...

“Why does it look like they...got bigger…” I whined, hating my horny young teenage mind but enjoying the sights immensely.

"Did they?" She asked, grabbing her… "Huh. I thought maybe my bras just shrunk a bit in the wash? How big do these things usually get?" She asked, still holding them… and towards me!

… Mike.EXE not found...

“Uh….” I tried to find my words here…

“Hey, turn around and show Mike your back just to make sure the costume is fit right.” Merchant told Sunset, making me mentally scream at the betrayal.

"Huh, sure." She shrugged, letting her… chest drop and bounce as she turned around…


"Mike! You okay?!" Sunset asked in a panic from my dazed state on the floor.

“Da...booty…” I muttered to myself in a delirious state. “Sunset...tell me...why?” I said weakly.

"Why what?" She asked blankly.

“Why must you be so innocent...and yet so sexy?” I whined.

She blushed. "You… think I'm sexy." She blushed, but seemed to smile a bit as she sat next to me.

“Why...do you think I keep asking you to wear clothes?” I asked. “All your...private area’s are showing while your naked and...all your beauty...and…” I tried to hide myself again even in my dazed state.

"Heh… I thought that meant you… weren't interested." She blushed darker. "Back in Equestria, if a mare showed a stallion their marehood and he told her to recover it or looked away, it meant they weren't interested… Is… that not how it works here?"

“You...could have said something sooner…” I said nervously, my entire face feeling like it’s beat red at this point. “I’m sorry...for humans, being naked can mean a few different things...it’s...hard to explain, I’m sorry for not understanding…” I said nervously. “But...I say those are ‘private area’s’ for a reason...cause it’s either meant for yourself in private or with your significant other...and well...I’ve never said I wasn’t interested…” I said nervously. “It’s why you normally see me...hide things…” I blushed even darker at admitting that.

"Oh… so… um… at the cost of risking our Friendship… are you… interested?"

“You are the most beautiful women I have ever met Sunset.” I told her bluntly. “I’d have to be blind and dumb to not be interested in you.”

"So… we can be a couple?" She asked with a smile.

“It would be an honor.” I said with an equally happy smile.

She hugged me tight… and yeah… this is a very thin costume for her… I may be in over my head…

I am SO in over my head… "You said showing 'private parts' was only for significant others. So I wanna be naked at the apartment." She said, her… nude form sitting next to me on the couch back home.

“Me and my big mouth…” I muttered to myself in pain. “It’s only for special times...you know...like sex…” I blushed brightly.

"Seriously? Well, lets have sex now then." I nearly fell off the couch. "I'm already naked so, let's take advantage of it."

“We just started dating!” I said incredulously. “Even if I’d like to just fondle your amazing breasts...or grope your fantastic butt...gah!” I shouted as I got up before I made an even bigger idiot of myself with my horny thoughts being spoken. “I need a cold shower…” I muttered.

"I'll join!"


Knock. Knock. Knock.

We both turned to the doorway. "Huh. Wonder who that is?" Sunset asked. She got up and actually started walking towards it. I yelped and cut her off.

“No no no, you go put some clothes on.” I whispered to her quickly. “Even if it’s in our apartment...nudity is only between us, remember?”

She rolled her eyes. "Right. Weird human clothing customs. Fine. I'll put something on, but we aren't done here." She quipped as she walked to the bedroom… I watched til she closed the door. That girl… Lord help me if I ever end up with her on Equestria…

I opened the door and saw our landlord. "Hey there Mike." He nodded.

“I thought we paid rent this month.” I said in a mild panic, concerned that we either forgot to pay it or something else happened. “Uh...sorry for mildly panicking...just want to make sure we’re not doing anything wrong here sir…” I added quickly and sheepishly.

"No, no, nothing like that. Just letting everyone know the water is gonna be shut off tomorrow. Apparently the last monster attack cracked a pipeline and they're cutting it off tomorrow to fix it."

“Shit…” I frowned. “Well that’s not good, how long do you think it’ll take to fix?”

"Three or five hours. They gotta dig it up first so, I'd wash your dishes and dirty laundry now before they cut it off." With a nod, he left and I closed the door. I turned around in time to see Sunset walking out in her bra and undies…

"So, who was it?" She asked.

“It was the Landlord talking about the water being cut off tomorrow for about three to five hours.” I said. “The monster’s caused one of the water pipelines to crack so they have to fix it.”

"Ah. Now, where were we… right, so If I can't be naked and we're not gonna have sex when can I be naked around you?"

I made sure the door was closed...and also locked it just to make sure no one accidentally entered. “Listen...I’ve never had a girlfriend before, and I’m doing my best not to just do what my body keeps wanting me to do…” I sighed out. “But...we can at least start with...in bed alright?” I asked, carefully walking over to the underwear clad beauty that was my new girlfriend.

"So, undies in the apartment but naked in the bed? Hmm… I can work with that. And… if something happens, then it happens~" She said, giving me a wink.

“Well...I can at least start with this…” I said, gently grabbing one of Sunset’s breasts and finally getting my...very first feeling of such a wonderful thing.

She blushed but smiled. "Oh! So thats the appeal~ I was wondering why they tickled when I grabbed them but when you do it it's a whole new thing. Well, my turn!" She said, putting both arms around me and planting her lips to mine… even her lips are super smooth and soft…

Trying to sleep next to Sunset now with this… newfound relationship was… more difficult. Especially since I did say she can sleep nude next to me. I just tried to relax… relax… sleep…

I woke up with a yawn. "Morning~" She said as… oh… I'm sleeping on her chest… wait when did this happen? "Enjoying them?"

“Yes…” I said, muffled by the bountiful breasts my face was in between. “How...did I get like this?”

"You were tossing and turning. It woke me up so I pulled you down here. Read online before we went to bed, men like this… and I like it too~ gotta say, as weird as this human body is, it's got it's perks."

“Yes...yes it does.” I agreed, lightly reaching up with both hands and groping the wonderful mounds lightly.

"Hmmm. I like this side of you~ way less wound up and nervous."

“It’s only a step...cause I’m still a nervous wreck with most of this...lewd stuff.” I blushed brightly.

"Awe. Boo." She laughed. We got up and started our day. It was a Saturday and there was no work today, so we spent it admittedly lazing about. Well, mostly. "So how many levels does this game have?" Sunset asked. She was in her undies and lays across my lap on the couch. We both had a controller and we're playing Pong. I tried to focus more on the screen and less on… Sunset's body...

“It doesn’t have any levels, it’s just...a video game version of Ping Pong.” I explained.

"Oh." She said. "You sure you don't wanna mess around?"

“And your first thought of what else to do on our day off is to have intercourse?” I blushed a dark red at how she just openly admitted that.

"Well, I just don't see why you're so protective of your junk. You act like sex is some sacred act… is that what it is to humans?"

“Well...yes and no.” I said. “Sex can be as sacred, or as casual as they want it…”

"And it's like that In Equestria too. Since back home a mare can only have a foal during one season a year, sex is pretty casual. Sex during heat season though is more sacred since, ya know, babies. Can't we just have casual sex?"

“I mean...we’d either have to get plenty of protection, either condoms for me or birth control for you...I don’t know if they’d even allow us to get those things at such a young age...or just keep it to foreplay and...the other part…”

"I'm up for the other options for sex that don't need protection." She stated.

“Really?” I asked, a little surprised at how casually she stated that.

"Sex for fun is casual in Equestria and I have had sex for fun before. Would you… like a demonstration~?"

“I’m...a virgin…” I said nervously.

"Oh-ho! This is gonna be fun~"

Sweet… Christ almighty…

"Not what I was expecting in size or shape but fun regardless." Sunset said from her place atop my bare chest. "And for a virgin you lasted pretty long."

“Wow…” I panted. “That...that was...incredible…”

"When we get those condoms and birth control, it will get even better." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek. "And it was even better cause I trust and like you…" She said as she hugged me.

“Y-yeah…” I hugged my loving girlfriend back. “It’s...wow…” I said, mind blown and speechless at my first time.

We stayed like that for a while. After that though we got up and thankfully the water was back on so we took showers to… clean up. Afterwards Sunset was back in her… usual home attire but happily clung to me with much affection. We stayed like that watching TV for a few hours, just enjoying the moment.


The explosion from outside nearly knocked us off the couch. "Crap that was a big one." Sunset stated as we got up. "Guess we get to test out new Hero looks huh?" She said with a smirk to me.

“It’s certainly going to be a new experience being superheroes.” I said while putting on my new gloves.

As I did the same white flash covered me and when it ended I was dressed in my outfit. Sunset already in hers I put the Duel Disk on and she grabbed her wand from the bedroom. "Alright, let's see if I can do this." She muttered, waving it a bit as it glowed with a golden yellow aura. There was a puff of orange smoke and we were suddenly on the rooftop of the apartment. "Cool, it worked! The smoke was new though…"

“Well, gotta keep up the magician motif.” I shrugged, activating my dual disk and putting in a new deck of mine, a full blown Zoodiac’s deck. “Now where the hell was that explosion…” I muttered, looking around from our vantage point on where that explosion was.

I spotted the smoke and dust a few blocks away. Arriving I spotted more of those clown things, but also some new things. They looked like wooden barrels, metallic arms and legs sprouting from the side and under parts of the barrel and the top was a cartoon bomb with two angry looking white eyes. The barrel was labeled as TNT.

"Well that's new." Sunset muttered.

“Uh...alrighty then.” I said as I started to immediately combo off into creating three strong monsters, Zoodiac Drident, a dragon themed human female that...reminded me too much of more ‘matured’ Sunset, her holding in a massive metallic claw a massive ass trident based weapon, Zoodiac Broadbull, a strong Bull themed human who had the same kind of gauntlet as Drident but with a powerful Battle Axe, and lastly Zoodiac Tigermortar, a tiger themed girl that seemed about the age of AppleBloom and her friends, but also piloting a massive ass mortar cannon. “Alright, let’s get on with this.” I said as I also played an equip spell, Noble Arms-Caliburn, and grabbed it for myself to fight.

As my monsters went to clash with the Clowns and Bomber Men, that's what I'll refer to them as, I saw the clowns pulling sticks of Dynamite from the Bomber men, lighting them up, juggling them and tossing them at buildings and my summons with reckless abandon.

Sunset used her wand to cast up barriers to keep the explosions from causing too much damage. Through the windows I spotted a few people looking at us from there. Definitely was a good call to get costumes.

“Drident!” I called out to the woman as I slashed at a clown that got too close to me. “I activate your special ability!” I commanded, seeing one of the many orbs floating around her disappear as she jumped back. “Use it on one of the Bomber Men!” I pointed to one of the barrels near a clown as she nodded, jumping back as she raised her trident up.

“Draconian Lance!” Zoodiac Drident shouted as she threw her spear so hard it literally cracked the ground underneath her slightly, her spear impaling one of the bomber men with pinpoint accuracy.

The creature soon exploded into a ball of fire and hot wind, creating a fair sized hole in the ground where it stood. Shit, they explode upon death.

I watched as it's drops ended up as more explosives that the remaining clowns rushed to grab.

That felt off. These things have dropped weapons before, but they never picked up the weapons before. Either they're getting smart… or they're being lead.

“Something’s not right here…” I muttered, stabbing into another clown as Broadbull was making sure the clowns weren’t getting to the new explosives. “Do any of you see anyone in a weird leader position?” I asked Sunset and Tigermorter.

“I don’t see anything specific nya.” Tigermortar answered, firing another shell at a clump of thrown explosives and blowing them up in mid air...and even though I have absolutely no idea why she said ‘nya’ like that, I found it adorable.

"Does that count?!" Sunset yelled as she pointed up. Looking up, I spotted a rather ugly looking clown monster. It's face just a painted lump of flesh as the true face was the semi hidden maw and eyes along the fat torso. It's attire was your basic frilly clown get up, cave for the red nose which was a small cartoon bomb and it's limbs which looked more mechanical than anything.

“Ah, the big man shows up.” I said. “Broadbull! I activate your ability!”

“Zoodiac Call!” The bull armored human shouted as he slammed the butt of his axe into the ground, letting me grab a monster from my deck and put it into my hand.

“Come on out Ratpier!” I summoned the small boy dressed up in a rat themed armor, holding a strong looking rapier, as I sent Zoodiac Whiptail to my graveyard. “Then I activate Monster Reborn.” I said as I played the revival spell card, bringing back Whiptail, a Snake themed armored women with a long and powerful looking whip from the graveyard. “You two, take over for Drident, Drident with me!” I called out as I rushed swiftly. “Tigermortar! I activate your ability!”

“Zoodiac Support!” Tigermortar shouted as she grabbed one of the orbs circling her and slamming it into her mortar, firing it off and landing onto Drident, another one of the Overlay unit’s circling Drident and making her stronger.

“Thanks master, let’s beat this thing.” Drident growled as the two of us cleaved through clowns, trying to get to the big boss.

The big clown raised it's mechanical like arms at my charging summons, the fingers popping off as it began shooting out dynamite, grenades and various explosives out towards them.

Sunset cast more barriers over and around the at risk buildings, keeping them safe but my summons were taking massive damage.

“God damn it…” I muttered, dodging another clown quickly.

"Hey M- uh… Game Master!" I heard Sunset call. I was slightly confused but turned to her. She has to mean me, right. "I might have an idea." She started.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked as I activated Fire Formation-Tenki, a massive symbol of fire appearing above all my summon’s as they got stronger from it.

"I wanna try something. I don't know if it will work or not, but if I'm right about my wand I can probably buff your guys more than your normal cards can. Got any other buffing cards?"

“Yes I do.” I said while pulling out Missus Radiant and tossing it to Sunset quickly, it flying through the air and thankfully not getting messed up by the wind.

She grabbed it then looked it over for a second before pointing her wand at it. She seemed to be muttering something as her wand lit up and flowed it's weird magic into my card. She did this for about a minute before she stopped, looking the card over. To my surprise she actually jumped high up into the air and landed next to me. "Two things, one, this suit gives me super jump. Second, I can't believe it worked." She said, handing me the now glowing and pulsating card.

“Well...let’s hope for the best.” I said as I brought out the Link portal. “I use Ratpier and Whiptail to Link Summon, Missus Radiant!” I said as I played the card, and out of the Link world came a very ornately dressed Airedale Terrier, with a unicorn horn and all. As it yawned and stood up, it stepped onto the ground and the entire earth seemed to...feel more alive. “S- errm… Wild Rabbit, what did you do?” I asked worriedly, seeing Drident impale one of the clowns and it...exploded.

"I'll explain later. Right now, kill the ugly clown and I'll explain at home." She stated.

“Alright…” I said as Broadbull moved in a hell of a lot quicker than he was before it cleaved through one of the robo clowns arms with ease. “Drident!” I commanded as they threw their spear so hard it pierced the clown’s body and knocked it back a couple feet, before shell after shell of mortar attacks from Tiger slammed into it consecutively.

The fat clown monster seemed to bleed with silver colored blood from the impacts. It rapidly began to almost… evaporate. Soon it was just gone, leaving behind a small pile of gold and silver coins as well as a lot of explosives.

We quickly dealt with the rest of the clowns and once the last of them was dead we snagged some of the loot for later use and Sunset teleported us back to the apartment. "Yahoo! That was amazing!" She cheered as she took off her mask, her costume vanishing in the same light flash it appeared in. I forgot she was just in her underwear and bra before. Eh, given what we've already done… not that embarrassed by it anymore.

“That was great...but we forgot to look to see if anyone was hurt…” I said nervously, taking off my gloves and changing back to my normal clothes.

"Those barrier spells I used should have kept everyone safe. Plus, if we did stick around people would swarm us with questions and police would be asking questions too. Last I checked we did just break a law about taking the law into your own hands."

Right. Vigilantism is considered a crime. Back on my world it was actually considered a form of terrorism in extreme cases.

“Crap…” I sighed out. “I completely forgot about that bit…”

"Makes the costumes all the more important." Sunset stated matter of factly. "Plus… I just proved my theory right about my wand here." She said, twirling it in her fingers.

“That it’s practically your unicorn horn or something?” I inquired. “Also...Game Master?”

"And Wild Rabbit was better?" She asked. "Names aside, that proved that this wand, both follows and breaks the laws of magic."

“How does it break it?” I inquired.

"Well, magic back in Equestria works by a Unicorn, Pegasi, or Earth Pony generating it in their bodies. There's actually a lot of biology behind it but that's besides the point, the point is the whole time I've been using this, I thought it was pulling magic from me like my horn does. I thought that, despite not being a pony I might still have those special magic generating organs in me. But when I put up those barriers, I should not have had the magic to make them that big or last as long as they did, especially after teleporting us to the roof and teleporting us back, I'd be near comatose back in Equestria. I used the same spells as I did back home but somehow, they were stronger and didn't drain me. That means either this magic wand is either pulling magic from planetary ley lines, or it's generating its own magic."

“Well then…” I started. “That’s...definitely something that’s for sure.”

"The thing is, it can't be pulling from ley lines because either this planet has no magic, or we'd all be dead."

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously. “Couldn’t the ley lines be that strong?”

"Oh they are. Too strong. Back in Equestria only one unicorn in history has ever managed to tap into their power and when he did he became a god in mortal flesh… for two seconds before blowing up and incinerating what we now refer to as the badlands with him. A once bright and prospering empire, and not even ruins were left after the fact. If this thing was pulling from ley lines, then my fireball spell I used to test it would have killed us all."

“Uh...huh…” I started carefully. “Then...what the hell is going on?”

"Well, the only thing that does make sense is if it is somehow making magic itself, but that would require materials that are, well, rare as water in hell."

“Or easily obtainable wherever the hell Voodoo and Merchant come from.” I mentioned.

"Possibly. Ugh, the scholar in me wants to study it, the human teenager I am now is mostly impartial, and the part of me from my time with Celestia is worried about if it's more dangerous than it looks…"

“We’ll figure out sooner or later.” I said honestly. “Like I have to figure out if I could create my own cards.”

"Huh. Fair enough. So, our first debut as Super Heroes overall went well. Should we celebrate?"

“Yes we should.” I said with a smile. “Celebrate to a job well done, and to the people saved...oh yeah, we also needed to check what loot we got.”

"I mostly picked up Silver and Gold coins, and a few of these." She said, pulling out three grenades from her hair. "Before you asked, back in Equestria Celestia taught me a spell to turn your mane, er, hair into a sort of pocket dimension. I keep a lot of stuff in here." She said, putting them back in.

“So...is that how Pinkie does that sometimes?” I asked.

That made Sunset's eyes widen. "It… would make sense but how in the Fuck did she cast it?" She asked.

“Well...I have no idea.” I frowned.

She shook her head at it. "So, shall we head to the side of town not attacked?"

“Yeah, let’s do that.” I nodded. “And let’s party for a good day’s work.”

With a nod Sunset ran to the room to get dressed properly before we headed out. Once she was we went out and walked along to the city. Here there was a lot of restaurants and shops around. "This almost reminds me of Canterlot back home. Or, maybe Las Pegasus actually, given all the lights."

“This is nowhere near Vegas.” I shook my head. “Vegas would have a whole lot more light’s for one.”

"I said Pegasus. Las Pegasus. I guess this Vegas is your worlds equivalent?"

“Yes it is.” I nodded.

"Lots of games, lots of lights, never sleeps and a good way to lose money, pride, respect and in some cases your freedoms?"

“Considering the entire city was built because of the Mafia...yeah.” I nodded.

"Ah. There's a difference. Las Pegasus was originally built as a Pegasus Purist city but after falling into near economic ruin borrowed funds from the crown to rebuild the place as a tourist hotspot and it's been one ever since." Sunset stated.

“The Mafia built it to...basically do all the illegal shit they wanted while also helping ton’s of businesses out in the middle of the desert...then after they lost their power it became an amazing tourist attraction site that is still fueled by legal gambling.”

"Ha. Looks like not even your government could resist the cash it rolled in huh?"

“Besides a Dam and other thing’s, Gambling and all the tourism there is one of the few reasons why Vegas is still there.” I said honestly. “Besides, the government took down all the Mafia crap in my worlds mid 1980’s, so they Government stopped at least the other mass amount of illegal stuff...and heavily regulated gambling to make sure people don’t do stupid shit again.”

"Sounds interesting." She stated. "So, which of these places should we-"

We bumped into some people. Looking up we spotted three girls wearing hoodies. One had wild orange and yellow hair with a yellow orange tone skin. The other had pinkish purple toned skin with purple and neon blue green hair. The last, had a light blue skin tone with blue and dark blue stripped hair.

“Sorry about that.” I said sheepishly to the three. “Who are you three if I may ask?”

"Non-" the Pink toned girl started but was interrupted by the blue toned one.

"Oh! I'm Sonata, the angry one is my sister Aria and the fuming one here is Adagio!" The blue one, Sonata, stated with high energy. "We're new in town!"

"Shut. Up!" Aria grunt yelled.

“Whoa whoa, calm down, we’re not here to cause any trouble here.” I said with raised hands. “It’s nice to meet you Sonata, Aria, Adagio, I’m Mike, and this is my girlfriend Sunset.” I introduced myself and Sunset in kind. “And well...me and Sunset have only been here for two months, but we know the town well enough.”

"Hm. Where'd you two live before moving?" Adagio asked.

"Country." Sunset replied readily. "You?"

"Chicago." Adagio replied. "Saw on the news things in this state have been getting quite lively." She said with a smirk. "Monsters. How chilling."

“Thrill seekers or something else?” I asked carefully.

"Well Aria is." Adagio answered, said girl unzipping her hoodie, showing she was… well armed… "Sonata can't be left alone, and I am more interested into what exactly is making these monsters, or what they are even made of. News and online said stuff about them dying and just vanishing, leaving behind all sorts of strange items."

"Still say it reminds me of a video game." Sonata said.

"Either way, it's gonna be fun." Aria smiled as she zipped her hoodie back up.

“All I know is that...someone very powerful is doing this because they're bored and looking for entertainment.” I said carefully.

The three girls looked between themselves at my statement. "And… is that your theory?" Aria asked.

"Or… do you know something?" Adagio asked.

Before I could comment, There was a poof of smoke, and we were suddenly on a rooftop. "The Fuck was that?!" Sunset yelled. "You just gave them a reason to stalk us!"

“And then we’ll learn if they’re just crazy people from this world, or from somewhere else.” I told her. “One of them wanted answers, one’s adorably hyper, and the other’s a thrill junky that I’d rather not have get hurt, even if she was weirdly and honestly frighteningly armed.”

"Probably some privileged kids of some eccentric rich person here. Either way, and while I will admit Sonata did remind me a bit of Pinkie Pie, you can't just drop things like that! How is it you're the mega nerd in this relationship and I'm the one who follows the whole secret identity code of heroes?!"

“Because us being heroes and Voodoo doing this for shit’s and giggles are...technically two seperate things?” I inquired. “Cause the monster’s started way before we got the masked heroes thing.”

"Yes but it was still us dealing with them before the masks came into play." She countered. "While police and some trigger happy civilians have helped, we still take out the most and the heavy hitters. Like that fat bomb clown whatever it was."

“That’s fair.” I nodded. “But one thing stood out, at least for me...even if Aria was hiding a lot of weapons, they were all wearing unassuming clothes, and kept their hoods up to cover what they looked like.” I explained. “So either they are those privileged kids you brought up, not wanting to be seen and identified, or they have something else going for them, like the two of us.” I explained. “Plus...to be honest, they would have probably weirdly stalked us anyways, if they’re moving to this town out of nowhere then they’d most likely start coming to school as well don’t ya think?”

"If they do, can I hit you? They wouldn't even suspect us had you not said that."

… shit...

“I’m sorry for telling them that, but again, the main point that you're mad about is accidentally exposing who we are, which I didn’t, and we can turn this around and you literally teleporting us in the middle of a street in front of those three.” I deadpanned

"... If they show up at school, I'm still hitting you." She grumbled.

“If they weren’t going to question us before on me having a possible idea on who’s creating these monsters, they’ll definitely be questioning us on how you can use magic.” I frowned...but I sighed out. “I’m sorry Sunset...I didn’t mean to make this difficult…”

"Maybe I should do the talking when this topic comes up, and you just be the cute man meat I live with." She chuckled. "And screw but only when they aren't being a dummy."

“When it comes to the teleporting in a puff of smoke, that’s all you.” I said honestly.

"What? You never hear of smoke bombs? That one girl Trixie uses them all the time." She smiled.

“And we normally see her immediately running away afterwards.” I countered with a chuckle. “Seriously, she needs to work on her timing.”

"Maybe the Wild Rabbit can give her pointers." Sunset laughed.

“And there’s that sweet laugh I love to hear.” I said with a smile.

She smirked, giving me a kiss.

"Umm…" We both turned, seeing a lavender tone skinned girl with purple hair with a light pink stripe through it, standing next to what looked like a lot of homemade lab equipment, a spinning satellite, and a telescope. Sleeping next to her was a small purple and green puppy in a basket.

"...FUCK!" Sunset yelled.

"Oh uh...hi there." I said nervously. "Uh...how long...have you been there?"

"Since this morning…" the lavender girl said with a small gulp. "I uh… heard… everything…"

“Alright…” I started. “So uh...I’m Mike, this is Sunset...who are you and that adorable little pup?”

"Uh, I'm, uh, Twilight Sparkle… and this is Spike." She said.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Sunset whispered to me.

“She heard everything...plus she kinda reminds me of a more...nerdy version of you…” I whispered back sheepishly.

"I don't see it." Sunset replied. "Uh, where did all this come from?" She motioned to all the devices.

"I, well… made them…" Twilight admitted. "The Monster attacks we're gonna be the topic for my entrance essay for Crystal Prep Academy…*

"Wait, you're not in school yet?" Sunset asked.

"I… graduated elementary and middle school before I was ten. Technically I could go to college right now but my parents want me to have a normal childhood so they're having me go to Crystal Prep since they think it might academically challenge me."

“The only thing that might academically challenge you is the boredom at that point.” I commented. “But uh...so you probably have many questions about what you heard between me and my girlfriend here…”

"Maybe a few…" She admitted.

"Can we trust her?" Sunset whispered at me.

“Only one way to find out.” I whispered back. “So...what’s your first question?”

"Well, out of all of them… first is, well… how did you just… appear here? Uh, you said something about… teleporting?"

“Sunset here can explain that part.” I said simply.

"Magic." Sunset stated simply.

Twilight just raised an eyebrow. "Magic? Magic doesn't exist. Anything perceived as magic is just science not yet understood." Twilight replied.

Sunset shrugged, pulling her wand out and pointing it at the sky. It then shot out a fireball, a small bit of lightning, and then made a small tornado the size of a shoe. Sunset smiled at the wide eyed, dropped jaw expression of Twilight's. "Magic." She repeated smuggly.

“And before you start trying to put it into a scientific thought...can you imagine how much energy it would take to bend natural phenomena like that with science?” I asked carefully.

"That… that's…" She passed out.

"Did I break her?" Sunset asked.

"Okay, so… you two are from different dimensions. Different from this one and each other entirely." We nodded. "You're from a world that's a mirror version of this one but everyone is walking, talking ponies and magic flows like water?" Sunset nodded. "And you're from a dimension like this one but with limited skin tones and far more advanced technology wise." I nodded. "Okay, and you ran away from your teacher and monarch because you felt she didn't trust you." Sunset nodded. "and you made a deal with an actual GOD for a toy?"

“Considering that ‘toy’ that you mention is a fully functioning, honest to god version of technology from another universe, and also he made it really good by betting a card that was worth well over forty grand.” I mentioned. “But that about sums it up, anything else you want to add Sunset?”

"No I think that was just about everything." She replied.

After Twilight's little fainting episode we brought her back to the apartment to explain things and hopefully keep her secrecy. "That is… a lot to take in. I just have one last question though… why is Sunset only wearing a bra and panties?" The lavender girl blushed as she looked over at Sunset.

I facepalmed.

“She’s a unicorn in her world, in human term’s their biology would be considered in the ‘feral’ spectrum, where they have human level intelligence but the bodies of animals.” I explained. “And one of the many thing’s Sunset does not like is clothes...even after we started dating and...what her worlds explanation on ‘I’m into you’ really meant…”

"Plus, I live here." Sunset added. "The only reason I don't walk around naked like I'd prefer is because Mike gets all flustered and talks about 'modesty'. Still don't quote get the point when it's your own home but I'll play along on my own terms."

"R-right…" Twilight said with a gulp. "So, um… what next? I know… everything now…"

“My first request would be to tell absolutely no one about this.” I started carefully. “This is a secret between ourselves, cause I’d rather not have a lot of people questioning me or Sunset...or the government kidnapping us and doing god knows what because they are worried of a multiversal war that will never happen.”

"And I for one would be happy to not get dissected." Sunset stated.

"Oh, um… Okay, but uh… Okay I can do that. But… can I… ya know…" Twilight started.

"What? You want to… stick around?" Sunset asked.

"Well, I mean. Yes. My whole life I've been able to learn everything around me. Heck, it took me a month to learn all there is about advanced nuclear physics. But, these monsters, your… magic and his monster summoning thing, they're completely new, and completely Alien. And, come on, magic, that's a whole new field of study that until an hour ago I didn't know actually existed! I could learn a lot from just examining and studying but working with not just one but two people from different dimensions entirely, how can I let such an opportunity pass?"

Sunset and I gave each other a look before she shrugged.

“Fine…” I sighed out. “But the main problems are we have jobs, we have school at Canterlot High...and we also have to fight monsters from time to time.”

"Huh. That is a pretty busy schedule."

"Well, technically because of Merchant we don't actually need to keep the jobs." Sunset brought up. "I mean, lately we get more from bartering drops for cash from him than from our actual jobs."

"But it would kind of look suspicious on our parts, even if we do leave some loot behind." I brought up.

"How so?" Twilight asked.

"Well, if we quit our jobs but still get enough each month to eat and pay rent, someone might start asking questions about how we're getting it all." I explained.

"Hmm. True, that would be suspicious…" Twilight admitted. "What if I can help you two with a work around?"

“What do you have in mind?” I inquired. “We’d rather not do anything that would cause any problems for you, we just met.”

"Well, as you can guess me being a young prodigy has earned me the attention of many individuals. Governments and corporations alike. I have sold several designs and some even still send me compensation checks for remaining anonymous about me being their original inventor. So I actually have a fair amount of wealth saved up I rarely touch. I could hire you two as 'lab assistants' when in reality I'm basically paying you two for me to study and examine your abilities, and all this… magic stuff."

"Huh. That could work, but what did you invent that you got that much money for it?" Sunset asked.

"You'll find out in a year when they release it for public purchase." Twilight answered.

“So...what? You own a computer company or something?” I asked.

"Not own, more like develop for several as a side thing that earns me financial benefits for remaining anonymous about their true origins and development." She stated.

"So how much would you pay us?" Sunset asked.

"Well, given all the possibilities between the multiverse being on the table, your own abilities and these apparent Gods, potential limitless information to be gained… is ten grand a month good enough?"

Sunset and I nearly fell over.

“Fucken…” I caught myself at the massive number. “Jesus lady, how much do you make if ten grand is ‘good enough’?”

"Seriously." Sunset said in shocked agreement.

"Well, my Government grants, 'donations' and contracts give me around… three million a year. My usual corporation contacts and commissions pay usually anywhere from fifteen to thirty grand per invention and a usual monthly secrecy and fee of about four grand a month so, it just adds up." Twilight shrugged. "I actually got those contracts because my dad works for a Government operated space agency and mom works as a talent account for various corporations."

“Sweet god…” I muttered. “This...wow.” I said in surprise at how much she’s making.

"And your parents want you to have a normal life?" Sunset asked.

"I know, right? It's like, I'm two tests away from graduating high school and college, why not let me. Oh! I could even open my own laboratory! That would be a dream come true!" Twilight smiled.

“Oh, I know what they're doing.” I said in realization, which made the two look at me. “They want you to understand what it feels like to just be a normal person, to have friends, go through school, and a bunch of other things, so it can hammer some humility into you before you literally tell the world ‘I’m the smartest, look at all the crap I personally made and how many bribes I need to accept to not put most of the science community to shame’.” I explained. “It’s...happened a lot where I come from, where all the success and power goes straight to someone’s head and ego that...it just leads to bad things.”

"Huh. Well, while I can see the point to it, but I honestly don't plan on telling anyone about the things I've actually invented. Frankly I made them to test myself. The money is a nice plus but honestly I use it either to help my family or further research. I don't really care for fame."

"Then it's a good thing you have all those deals to keep you anonymous, cause a lot of people would hound you because of your fame and knowledge." I said.

"Yeah. My parents actually set up the deals and contracts for me. They didn't want my genius taken advantage of since I'm young or to be hounded for my intelligence. So, deal?" She asked.

"You won't do anything...too weird on us right?" I asked carefully. "One doesn't become that smart without being...a little eccentric."

"Relax. The worst will be some blood tests and an X-ray or two. So, what school do you two go to?"

"Canterlot High." I answered simply. "And you said you're going to...Crystal Prep right?" I asked. "Doing an essay for their entrance exam?"

"Yeah, but since I'll be working with you two I can forget that and enroll in Canterlot High. I can catch up on the missed work quick enough."

"But you'll have to join a club." I mentioned. "It's to, at least what the principles said, to help build friendships on common interests and the like."

"I can do that. Frankly I don't think they'll care too much so long as I'm still in a school and among kids my own age."

“Fair enough.” I nodded. “Oh, by the by, have you heard of three girls named Aria, Sonata and Adagio?” I inquired.

Twilight looked like she was thinking the names over for a while. "Hmm… no, can't say I know anyone with those names."

“Alright.” I nodded. “Cause they might come to talk with us about...a lot of things.”

"Huh. Alright, I'll keep an eye out for those three. So, I guess I'll… see you two at school then." Twilight said as she sat up, grabbing the still sleeping puppy Spike as she headed for the door. "And I promise, I won't tell a soul."

“Thank you.” I nodded. “We’ll tell everyone when it’s the best time for it.”

Twilight left with a nod.

"You actually think there will be a best time to tell people this?" Sunset asked me.

“Sooner or later maybe.” I shrugged. “It’s either when thing’s are down and people need to see who we really are, or when we’re finally done beating all these monster’s and get past Voodoo’s game that we can tell everyone.”

"Yes and then it's the government vs the vigilantes in the biggest court case of the century." Sunset laughed. "I wouldn't be surprised if they did arrest us even if we did save the world. Multiple times."

“All things considered, they probably couldn’t when the time comes.” I shrugged. “As long as they don’t try to screw with us on a personal level if we do reveal ourselves…”

"I guess. So, what is our plan when it comes to those three? Play it off?"

“Either that, or get to know who they really are.” I shrugged. “If they’re in the same boat we are, then might as well talk about it.”

"Maybe. Welp, our evening was pretty much derailed. Wanna order take out and then mess around in the bedroom for a celebration instead?"

“Works for me.” I said with a smile. “Game Master and Wild Rabbit...what a combo.”

"Hm. The question is, do we eat first or mess around first~"

“It’s gonna take a while for take out to get here so…” I said with a growing smile.

To be continued...