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I summon... - Xinrick

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Chapter 3

"So this is the portal you came through?" Twilight asked as she felt around the reflective statue base of the CHS front statue/Portal to Equestria.

"Yup. Opens once every thirty moons." Sunset said.

"Moons as in full moons or moons as in nights?"

"I… assume full moons. I think? Actually, Old Equesh used a lot of words to have different meanings depending on context or sentence structure so…" Sunset said, thinking before realizing something. "If it's actually been opening once a month for three days at a time I am gonna invent time travel and strangle those old ponies for making such a bullshit language…"

“Or it could mean a full lunar cycle.” I pointed out. “So it could be every thirty months or something along those lines…or it could also count as ‘years’ because they might be weird and call ‘Moons’ as Winter or something.”

"Well, one way to find out." Twilight said, reaching into her backpack and pulling out a small metallic chip of sorts and putting it at the top of the base, above the portal and below the statue. "This is an energy radar chip I made for… a certain government, that detects abnormal electrical fields and even radiation. If this portal emmits antiques it opens the chip will send a message to my phone."

“Thank you.” I nodded. “It means a lot Twilight.”

"You just carry those with you?" Sunset asked.

"Among other things." Twilight said simply.

"I'm actually surprised how fast you got enrolled." Sunset commented.

"Well as it turns out the school's budget is tight, and the bonus money the government gave for an armed officer on campus didn't help much so my parents made a small donation to help speed the paperwork along."

“And by ‘small’, you mean enough to fund a private island getaway for ten years?” I joked, considering how outrageously rich Twilight most likely is.

"Dunno. It's half of whatever NASA sends me a month." She shrugged.

“Which is probably an asston still." I said. “So, when are you starting here?”

"Monday. So, tomorrow." She said.

"That was fast. Also explains the cargo trucks." Sunset said, several cargo trucks of various sizes driving up to and parking next to the school.

"Uh…yeah that would explain it…" I said carefully.

"So, do you two only operate out of your apartment or do you have like a secret base or lab or something?" Twilight asked.

"Actually we do have a secret base, in the forest next to the school." Sunset said.

"And it's run by a pretty nice guy named Merchant." I said honestly.

"Right, I remember you two mentioning someone going by that. So, what are they?" Twilight asked.

"The name is kinda self explanatory. He buys and sells us stuff from possibly the entire multiverse." Sunset informed.

"Pretty much." I nodded. "He's a strange guy, but he's nice."

"Well, let's go see him then." Twilight said.

"Sure." Sunset nodded as we headed towards the base.

We passed through Wall Flower's garden. Looked really nice, the Oren Berry tree is coming in nice and everything else is largely planted and well taken care of. She wasn't around though, oddly.

We were getting near the base entrance when I heard it… clanging? Sunset and I rushed around towards the door, seeing it closed as some new monsters were trying to break in. These monsters looked like bats, only with a single eye and four large wings keeping them up. They did have two small yet sharp claws scratching at the door.

"Shit." Sunset huffed as she took out her wand.

I pulled out my dual disk and activated it, putting in my last used deck of Zoodiacs and immediately combining off into making Zoodiacs Drident and Broadbill. "Alright, let's fight these discount Crobats."

They were easily dealt with, thankfully and once they were we opened the door and checked inside- Awh crap!

"Mike, Sunset!" Wallflower yelped, rushing over and hugging us. "Are the bats gone?!"

"Wallflower? The hell are you doing here?" I asked worriedly. "Are you okay? Did any of the bats get to you?"

"I was checking on the garden, the club… didn't get many members but there's enough to keep us open, and I was checking on the plants when those freaky bats showed up, chased me all the way Into this place. Then the door closed behind me and I met this guy who looks like a drug dealer but there's way more than drugs in his stock and this place is freaky and… hang on, how did you two even find me or get here? This place is kinda hidden… and who's she?" Wallflower asked.

"Hi, Twilight Sparkle, I'm new and will be starting school tomorrow." Twilight said.

"As for your other questions…" Sunset said.

"Holy crap you're those two costume Super Heroes aren't you?!" Wallflower said with a large grin.

"... Well she found that out quick." Twilight muttered.

“It…couldn’t have been that obvious…” I frowned. "But at least you're okay, which is great."

"How did you even guess that?!" Sunset asked.

"There are two things I treasure in this life. Gardening, and All forms of entertainment. From books, comic books, movies, manga, anime and everything else in that category." Wallflower said. "I mean, it does make sense, this is a secluded, hidden location so there was no way you three came here by accident, those bats were still hitting the door and now that you showed up they're gone and you two aren't carrying something usable as a weapon and lastly, mentally comparing you two to the costumes your body structure and types fit to a T with them, especially Sunset given that's one skin tight outfit."

"... Well she's not wrong…" Twilight said.

"Alright…then because you're an anime fan, what characters outfit did I decide to wear and from what Anime?" I asked her carefully.

"Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon." Wallflower said readily. "Nice choice for the 'game master' theme you were going with."


"How do you even know that? That's something from his dimension." Sunset asked.

"You're from another dimension?! Cool!" Wallflower gushed.

"Okay that's on me." Sunset sighed. "So, since you're such a big fan of super heroes and the like, you won't mind keeping this a secret?"

"Lips are sealed, on one condition."

“Let me guess…you want to be apart of our superheroing?” I asked.

"No. I wanna know if I can crash here."

"Why?" Sunset asked.

"My parents work a lot and oftentimes it's out of state or country and being alone in a big house is kinda… creepy. Here at least I'm near school, the garden and that Merchant guy is neat."

"Well…it should be fine." I said honestly. "As long as you keep this a secret cause…well, we'd rather not get arrested for vigilantism."

"Of course. Now, I'm gonna go and grab some things." Wallflower said, a smile as she walked off.

"Well, looks like Secret Identity is not as easy to keep as we hoped." Sunset groaned.

"Well, at least she seems nice." Twilight said.

"A little misunderstood, but she is nice." I nodded. "But also…how she knows about Sailor Moon I don't know cause…as far as I know that's not here…although I haven't checked what anime or manga is here…"

"Well, that aside, welcome to our base Twilight." Sunset said, motioning to the half magically renovated, half old and rusty base. Merchant standing in his corner and waving.

"So, it's an abandoned cold war missile silo? Nice." She said with a smile.

“Yeah, it is pretty neat.” I said. “Hey Merchant, how you doing today?”

"Drunk." He said, pulling out a bottle from his cloak and chugging it, through his face wrap, before putting the empty bottle into his cloak. "You?"

“Well…concerned by weird bomberman clowns and then weird Crobat like monsters attacking the base…I’d say I’m doing pretty good.” I shrugged. “Also, you’re probably going to get a roommate.”

"I overheard. I'm drunk, not def." He said bluntly as he pulled another bottle from his cloak. "Boss got's some spare work you might be interested in."

"Boss? You mean Voodoo?" Sunset asked.

"Nah, one of the others." Merchant replied.

"Voodoo?" Twilight asked. "That's the… God, you talked about?"

“One of them, and I think they call themselves ‘All Makers’ or something.” I said. “Something a lot stronger than Gods…”

"No shit. Comparing a god to Voodoo or any of them is like comparing an ant to an elephant. They're bigger, stronger, and it takes a lot to touch them let alone hurt." Merchant said.

"Right, what's this other work?" Sunset asked.

"Basically just some stuff they came up with for you lot to do for extra rewards and such. Think of them as Side Quests if ya want."

“Fair enough.” I nodded. “What side quests do you have right now?”

"Let's see." Merchant said, pulling out a large, thick leather bound book from his cloak and dropping it on the table. The weight from the book falling left made a dent in the old metal table he used. He then opened it and looked through it.

"Is that… all side quests?" Sunset asked.


“Uh…huh…” I said carefully. “That’s…that’s a lot of quests…”

"Yup." He said, flipping the page. "No, no, no, no, no, no, that person isn't here yet. No, no, no, that one isn't born yet. No, no."

"For once I don't think I wanna know…" Twilight said.

"Probably for the best." Sunset added.

“Agreed.” I nodded. “Not…really sure if we should if some of them say ‘aren’t here yet’ and ‘aren’t born yet’...”

"Ah, here's one." He said, ripping the page out and handing it to me.

Locate the Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning, hidden around CHS campus.

“Hold up, Envoy of the Beginning is here?” I asked in surprise. “That’s a tad rare…wonder if there’s anything special about it due to this quest…”

"Any clues?" Sunset asked.

"No, just gotta keep an eye out for them." Merchant said.

“Alright.” I nodded. “Any other quests that…might be doable for us right now?”

He looked through the book again. "Hmm, got one here for Twilight."

"Really?" She asked, Merchant handing her the paper. "Make my own Iron Man Armor. What's Iron Man?"

“Do you know what a Power Suit is?” I inquired.

"That depends. What do you define as a power suit?"

“Basically a mechanical exoskeleton/suit of armor that lets you do some superhuman things.” I answered simply.

"Oh, then yeah this should be fun. Is there anything for reference?" Twilight asked as Merchant simply handed her… wait are those the Marvel movies from back home? "Huh. Neat."

“Now if you want to go really bonkers, I’d suggest reading the Iron Man Comics cause…the suit’s get even nuttier.”

"Seems like a fun project to work on. I'll check out these movies later but from a first impression I might have to make some calls…" She said in thought.

Monday came and it was now time for the clubs first meeting.

"Hey Sunset, hey Mike." We looked over, Rainbow walking into the room.

"Hey, surprised you're here." Sunset said.

"Yeah… all the sports clubs got filled up…" Rainbow sighed.

“Surprising that none of them wanted to pick you first.” I said honestly.

"I am a freshman so, despite my awesomeness, they wanted the older classmen."

“Fair enough.” I nodded. “Wonder who else is going to join the Drama Club?”

“Well, Maybe… hey, hey Fluttershy!” Rainbow suddenly yelled out. The eep of that pink haired girl from the forest let us find her hiding behind some curtains. She poked her head out, blushing as she walked over to Rainbow. “Hey, how did you get here? I thought you would have joined something else?”

“Oh, um… I wanted to, but I couldn’t find one that wouldn’t put me in some kind of… attention, next thing I knew the due date was up and they put me here…” She said.

“Ouch, well, maybe you’d work in the stage crew? They don’t get scenes at all.”

“You know her?” Sunset asked. “We met her in the forest and she barely spoke above a whisper.”

“Heh, yeah, Fluttershy and I are neighbors. Grew up together, plus our dads work at the same factory.” Rainbow informed. “Shy has been my best friend since diapers.”

“Hi… Sorry for… not talking much in the forest. New people kind of… scare me.” Fluttershy stated.

I raised my hand to ease her worries. “It’s alright Fluttershy. To be honest we were more in awe at seeing you…well, as I said before, a Disney Princess, in such a serene area surrounded by animals.”

“Yeah, Shy has always had a way with animals. Dogs, cats, squirrels, horses, lions, bears. She has a pet bear!” Rainbow stated.

“Harry isn’t a pet Rainbow, he’s just a bear I found as a cub and nursed and kept healthy and from time to time when I’m in the forest he brings me fresh salmon and honey and leads me to lovely wildflowers and natural scenery.” Fluttershy stated as if that was less impressive.

“Fluttershy…” I started. “Do you have…any idea what you just told us?”

“Leave it.” Sunset said, putting a hand on me. “Trust me… even my… homes standards, that’s impressive.”

“Anway, I wonder who else is gonna be here-”

“Think fast!” Rainbow rapidly ducked down, avoiding a quick moving hand that would have hit her head.

“Nice try AJ.” Rainbow said, standing back up.

The hand belonged to a girl, blond hair with a southern styled outfit, complete with cowboy hat. “Glad ta see ya haven’t gotten slow.” She said, a southern accent in her tone as she spoke.

“Me? Slow? Please.” Rainbow said with an eye roll but smile. “Hey, Mike, Sunset, this is Applejack, AJ for short. She and I have been rivals since summer camp when we were six.”

“Yup. This gal’s got speed but she’s a light weight when it comes to real work.” AJ added with a grin.

“So, what brings you here anyway? Thought you’d join the gardening club.”

“Wanted to, but someone didn’t want to be here alone.” AJ said with a sigh.

“Greetings all!” Spoke a rather formal, refined voice as a fair skinned, lavender haired girl entered the room. She wore a rather impressive dress for school.

“Ah, that makes sense.” Rainbow said with a small frown.

"Flamboyant start." I brought up. "Hi there."

“Hello, Applejack, glad to see you made it.” The new girl said.

“Rarity, ya begged me for two and a half hours at my house fer me ta join so ya wouldn’t be in a new club all alone.”

“Well, why not tell me who all these fine people are!” The girl, Rarity it seemed, said, quickly trying to change the subject.

AJ sighed. “Rarity, this is Rainbow Dash, you know her, Fluttershy, an old and good friend of Dash’s, and these two are Sunset and Mike.”

“Hey.” Sunset said.

“Huh, I’m kinda surprised-”

“Surprise, where!”


Appearing behind Dash was a very frizzy pink haired and skinned girl in a puffy skirt and top. “Hi.”

“Pinkie Pie! How did you even, where…?” Rainbow asked, looking around.

"I don't know…" I said worriedly. "Uh…hi there, my name's Mike…who are you?"

“I’m Pinkie Pie, nice to meet you.” She said, rapidly shaking my hand.

“And I’m Sunset.” Sunset added.

“Nice to meet you!” Pinkie said, rapidly using her other hand to shake Sunset’s.

She finished her hyperactive handshake and went about saying hi to everyone else in the room.

“Well, she’s full of energy.” Sunset said, helping me stop my arm from shaking the air.

“Yeah, that’s Pinkie Pie. All Energy, all good intentions, and some kids swear she’s candy and sweets given life.” AJ said.

"I can see why…" I said, lightly rolling my shoulder. "Her hair looks like cotton candy."

“I’ve seen it stay up even when wet. No idea how.” Rarity said.

“Yeah, that’s why people say ‘it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it.’” Rainbow added.

“So, who’s the teacher for this club?” Sunset asked.

“That would be me!” We looked up, seeing the upper drapes fall off the line and down next to us. It turned out to be an elaborate costume/dress that was worn by a void black skinned lady with green hair and emerald eyes. “Hello, I am Chrysalis, the Theater teacher.”

“Were you… hanging there the whole time?” Rainbow asked.

“Yes.” She said with a nod.

“...Why?” I asked.

“Because Dedication to a part is everything! You commit it all or you commit nothing!” The teacher declared. “We’ll be doing some basic introductions today, and tomorrow we start with putting you all into cast and stage crew.”

Mrs. Chrysalis was… eccentric but she knew theater. She let everyone know each other and once the day was over I decided to look around for those cards.

“So, is it me or is Mrs. Chrysalis rather… odd?” Sunset asked as I was looking around the hallways.

“Well…if anything, she certainly enjoys her job.” I said honestly. “I mean seriously, you’d have to have some serious dedication, and strength, to wait that long hanging from your own dress on the ceiling for the right moment.”

“Wonder how many of the staff here are that… unique.”

“More than you’d think.” Through a classroom door nearby, standing next to a rolling trashcan/shelf was a brown jumpsuit wearing man, hair a manic mess as his sleeves and pants had various patches sewn on them. His eyes looked yellow in the whites and red in the pupils.

“And, you are?” Sunset asked.

“Discord, the Janitor.” He said.

“And…you’re not magical in any way based on that name?” I inquired the strange looking janitor.

“I know… stage magic!” He said, throwing a smoke bomb at the floor. He was gone when it cleared and after a moment popped up out of the trashcan. “Like them? I sell them to that Trixie girl for a bargain.”

“Huh…neat.” I nodded. “It’s nice to meet you Discord…but what other teachers are…unique if I may ask?”

“Well, there’s Gym teacher Tirek, the history teacher for the seniors Starswirl, man is old as the town but still kicking. Then there’s the language teacher, Smooze, great guy, no idea how he got hired. Oh, and then there’s the regular Substitute, Nightmare Moon, Luna and Celestia’s cousin. Sometimes her sister Daybreaker shows but she’s on a leave regarding the… Cozy Glow incident, and then there chemistry teacher Sombra, smart man, got kicked out of seven colleges for his experiments. Then there’s Professor Stygian, so young, so gifted, teaches the honors classes. Was in an asylum for years before his issues got handled.”

“So everyone here is either insane, crazy or should not really be teaching?” Sunset asked.

Discord snapped his fingers. “Bingo.”

“Sounds fun.” I chuckled. “At this point, why need an armed guard?”

“New state regulations.” Discord shrugged as he jumped out of the trash can. “Well, pleasure meeting you.”

With that, Discord walked off with his trash can cart. Sunset and I shrugged and kept looking for those carts.

“Well…alrighty then.” I said simply. “Who knew this school was filled with such a…colorful cast of people.”

"Tell me about it. It's neat, but weird." Sunset said with a nod.

“And considering there’s Bombermen Clowns roaming around…I think everything’s going to go swimmingly here.” I chuckled.

We looked around for a while longer and wandered into the library. "Is that it?" Sunset asked.

I looked up, seeing a card on the ceiling window as if tapped there.

“Maybe…” I said carefully, getting a ladder and setting it up near it as I carefully climbed it to get to the card.

"Mike." Sunset spoke up as I was halfway up. She pulled out her wand, taking a look around and once she was satisfied, used her magic to move the card towards her hand.

“That…also works.” I frowned, climbing down carefully.

"Heh, you're lucky you're cute~" Sunset said as she blew me a kiss. "Well, that's one down. So, how many left?"

I chuckled a little at that. “How many cards? Well firstly, let’s see if this was the proper card.” I said while gently taking the card. “Wow, a Secret Rare Infinite Impermanence, that’ll work great.” I said with a smile. “That’s…one down, not sure how many after.”

"I think I have that paper…" Sunset reached back into her hair, pulling out the paper. "Ah. Says there's five cards hidden around the school. So four more."

“Cool.” I nodded. “Wonder what other cards are here?”

"Well, it's getting a bit late, let's head home and see if Twilight found out where we live."

“Wouldn’t be surprised.” I shrugged. “Hopefully our home isn’t getting ransacked by monsters.”

The walk home was thankfully uneventful, and upon arriving at our apartment it was empty.

Sunset tossed her clothes aside and got into her normal home… attire and we went about our normal home stuff.

I was making dinner, Sunset was watching TV and then there was a knock at the door.

"Okay that's either Twilight, Wallflower or those three girls from the other day…" Sunset sighed.

“Would be surprised if any of them found where we live anyways.” I said, walking over to the door and checking the peephole to see who was there.

And there they were. The three girls, Sonata, Adagio and Aria if memory serves me right. With a sigh I opened the door and- Voodoo?!

He was suddenly behind the three and kicked them into me and closed the door behind him as they walked in. "Honestly, and here I thought the whole point of dressing up was to hide your abilities." He groaned.

"Um… so is this a clothes thing or…" Sunset asked.

"I could care less." Voodoo huffed.

“So…what in the hell is going on here?” I asked worriedly. “Cause you just drag these three here…and you sound very annoyed…”

The three girls quickly got off me and moved back, clearly terrified of Voodoo.

"You bet I'm annoyed. These three bitches trying to play with the dark energies of the monsters around, could have killed themselves or worse." He huffed, glaring at the three.

"What's worse than death?" Sunset asked.

Voodoo pulled out a photo. Sunset, Aria, Adagio, Sonata and I all proceeded to vomit.

“Jesus fuck what is that!?!” I shouted in horror.

"That is why we make sure the monsters blood and body decay and evaporate, leaving nothing behind cause their flesh, blood or energy gets inside you, you turn Into this. Or something else, it varies depending on which monster you end up with. Each one does various different stuff."

"That would have happened to us?!" Aria asked in shock.

"Oh yeah." Voodoo said, a flick of his wrist and he now had their three gem pendants. "Which is why I'm taking these."

"Those are ours!" Adagio yelled.

"You wanna try and take them back?" Voodoo asked, Adagio just looked away. "That's what I thought." He said, handing the gems to me. "Merchant will deal with those, and as for you three. I don't like it when I have to get involved with the show." He snapped his bone fingers, three chokers appearing in the girls necks and on my wrist a tight fitting chain bracelet. "There, now they're yours."

"Say what?" Sunset, Adagio, Aria and Sonata asked.

“I mean…you three were going to commit something extrordinarily stupid…while I don’t like the fact that I’m…now their ‘owner’...would you prefer this,” I raised my wrist to show the bracelet. “Or deal with him?” I asked, pointing to the very angry skeletal pimp.

"... I'm not calling you master." Adagio said.

"Me neither." Aria agreed.

"Can I have a maid outfit?" Sonata asked.

"So… they're going to live here now? We'll have to go get some more beds then… or a bigger apartment…" Sunset said.

"Don't care, good luck, and if I have to come back here I will make this," Voodoo picked up the photo. "Look preferable to what I'll be doing to you three." Voodoo warned, spinning around and vanishing into thin air.

I took a deep breath, and fully turned to the three of them. “The actual fuck is wrong with you three? Also…maybe Sonata.”

"We came here looking for magic, we haven't had real magic since that unicorn jackass banished us to this dimension nine hundred years ago." Adagio huffed.

"We found out our pendants can feed off negative emotions and energy, so that's what we've been doing all that time." Aria added.

"I wonder if I should have that hat, or if it should be classic or modern?" Sonata said, clearly lost in her own world and thoughts unrelated to this conversation.

"Wait you three are nine hundred years old?" Sunset asked. "And from Equestria?"

"Yes." Adagio said.

“So your first response to being banished for…being assholes…is to continue being assholes?” I asked carefully.

"We weren't being assholes! We're siren's!" Aria snapped. "We sing, it's what we do, the effect it has on others isn't intentional. Each siren's song does something different, ours just happens to make people angry and violent. It's why we lived on an isolated cove. We didn't even know a village got set up there til that unicorn showed up to banish us here. And we've been living there for fifty years by then!"

“Alright.” I nodded. “Thank you for explaining that…so why did you want to become bad guys?” I asked. “I know you wanted to feel Magic again after so long but…seriously , singing people into a frenzy and being fueled by all that negative energy, even if it didn’t harm you like…that…it wouldn’t have been good for any of you.”

"We didn't want to be bad guys, we just want to sing. But without our pendants and the negative energy fueling them, we can't sing anything." Adagio added. "Without them we're… tone def and have no sync."

"We were the siren village's local losers." Sonata added, earning a glare from Aria and Adagio. "Our dad made us the pendants to help us sing but since he was a little crazy the pendants required fuel to work, and since our songs made people mad anyway he figured he'd make the fuel source of negative emotions."

“Hmm…” I started, looking over my bracelet carefully, and then their chokers. “What song’s do you know?” I asked curiously.

"We knew a few back in Equestria, but here we've memorized every song of the last nine hundred years." Aria stated.

“Well…hmm…” I started, raising my hand up. “I command you all to let out a High A.” I said, thinking they might be able to do at least the bare minimum for singing, and also to test this bracelet and their collars.

Their collars lit up, the three of them let out a high A… a very bad high A. When they stopped they each grabbed hold of their throats, clearly panicking.

"Um, might not wanna do that much Mike…" Sunset stated.

“Alright…” I took a deep breath. “Killed three birds with one stone there…I learned that yes this has Command magic…which is awful and I feel terrible…and second, those things do not help you’re singing…and three is that yes, you three are about as tone def as me.”

"Gee, thanks…" Adagio sighed. "So… who was that skeleton man exactly?"

"Voodoo, a being higher than a god who Mike here lost a game against and got sent here for entertainment or something." Sunset said.

"... Well, that explains his power and appearance." Aria said. "So, why are you just in a bra and panties?"

"My house, I'm from Equestria and clothes are mostly pointless there, and I'm dating Mike so that's why. Personally I'd be naked by choice but Mike gets all uppity about it. At least he lets me sleep naked in bed with him."

The three sirens then turned to look at me.

“So I’m a full blown human from a world called Earth, I have no magical abilities, I’m not a nudist, and honestly half the time I’m either trying not to get a constant boner all the time or pinning her to our bed again…” I admitted with a bright blush. “Seriously lady…you have no idea what that sexy figure does to a man…especially your own boyfriend.”

"Wow…" Aria said with a blank look.

"We're so used to this world's clothing rules I almost forgot about Equestria's social norms." Adagio added.

Sonata took her shirt off. When she saw us all looking at her, she shrugged. "What? If she gets to be semi nude indoors I'm not gonna be left out. We haven't even gotten to have a proper swim since we had that beachfront cabin in Ireland." And with that she stripped to her sports bra and undies… shit…

I tried to look away but… Sonata has… it. She's not as curvy as Sunset, but she's not lacking anything either. She sure has hips…

"Eh, if you want. Seeing as you'll be living here." Sunset said.

With that, I banged my head against the wall.

“Why me~...” I whined in pain.

The next week was… an adjustment. Twilight was informed on the sirens and their situation with us. And to make matters worse the other two have joined in on the wearing only under garments at home…

Adagio… wears very thin and lacey bras and undies… and has an almost MILF level body.

Aria at least wears a sports bra and short shorts… granted she wears those in place of normal underwear… and while she isn't as… curvy as her siblings or Sunset… she makes up for that in perkiness and firmness…

"So trying to avoid your home cause a bunch of girls used to a basically nudist society are now living in your apartment?" Wallflower asked. She had been crashing in the base for this whole time and claimed a room.

“Yes, because I’d rather not pass out from a lack of blood due to me having a raging erection all day every day…” I said nervously.

"Makes sense. Hell I already saw a few lewd...er pictures people made and posted online of her hero persona." Wallflower said with a shrug as she ate a bag of mini carrots.

“I…don’t want to know…” I shook my head. “I’d rather not die due to lewds…”

"So, that aside, any luck finding those other cards?"

“I did find an Ultra Rare Mystical Space Typhoon…which to be honest, in a brand new world, I’m a little sad that the ‘rarities’ are still only based on how much foiling is on it.” I frowned.

"So it was rare because of a cosmetic?"

“That’s basically all of Yugioh’s rarity system. It ranges from the normal cards with no cosmetics, to foiling the name of the card, the artwork, the actual full on card and making it rainbow, or the rarest is either the entire card is holographic, it’s this ghost faded kind of thing, or it’s weirdly etched in a goldish color.” I shrugged. “After that, it’s literally just the same card.”

"Well, maybe the cosmetics add something now that they, well, actually work rather than being for looks only?"

“That would be great.” I said honestly. “But I have no idea if that’s even possible…”

"Well, next time you get the chance, try it out. So, aside from these girls apparently unintentionally trying to put your crotch in a wheelchair, anything else been going on? Twilight's been in and out of here for that… armor thing Merchant gave her to do."

“Well, I fully joined the Drama club with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity, met Mrs. Chrysalis and Discord at school and learned that uh…the faculty is completely insane.” I said honestly.

"I noticed that too. Sometimes I think there's something in the water in this town." Wallflower commented as she munched on a carrot. "So, how long have you and Sunset been in… this world exactly?"

“About…two or so months.” I answered.

"Huh, is it weird I thought you two have been here for longer than that?"

“Sure feels longer that’s for sure.” I said, going through some of the packs I got from Merchant and seeing what new cards I got.

"So, how long you planning on avoiding the Victoria's Secret Walkway that your apartment has become?"

“Until I figure out how to replace my hips with steel and me having twice as much blood…” I said carefully. “Cause seriously…even if I’m trying to get used to Sunset…”

"The other three are not helping." Wallflower finished.

“Yeah…” I sighed out. “It’s a nightmare…and Sonata want’s a maid outfit…and so far she keeps asking me if she should grab one of the lewd maid outfits and that’s already making things even more difficult cause Sunset might have all four of them try on other skimpy clothing…you’d ask yourself ‘but their practically naked, how does technically wearing more make it worse’...well for a guy…it’s difficult…”

"It's because while undergarments are mainly meant to cover up the bare minimum and in a girl's case provide support, outfits like that are built with the idea of drawing attention to those areas and providing support to emphasize them to catch the eye of others." I stared at Wallflower for a while. "My aunt works making custom clothing for women. A lot order sexy stuff."

“Well…” I started. “Alrighty then.” I nodded. “So anyways, how are you doing in your club?”

"It's going alright. We got a few people who were out in cause they couldn't choose, but a fair amount wanted to join. Even got an upper classmen."

“Oh really? Who’s the upper classmen?” I inquired, sorting all through my cards. “Still nothing too special…” I muttered.

"Her name's Tree Hugger. Mostly knows animals but she knows a lot about plants too, medicinal stuff mostly."

“That…is a weirdly specific name for what she does…” I brought up.

"All names are like that here, don't the names you get have meanings?"

“They can, but otherwise no.” I shook my head. “Names could mean ‘sword’ or ‘fire’...but people are just given names in their lives and that’s it, nothing about who they’ll be or what they’re profession’s gonna be.”

"Huh. Weird."

Wallflower and I hung out for a while longer before I eventually had to go home.

I took a deep breath and entered. Immediately I was greeted with the sight of Sonata in the kitchen cooking. She's a good cook. Adagio and Aria watching TV and Sunset on the spare chair reading a book. All in the usual at home undergarments.

"Hey Mike, where have you been?" Sunset asked as she looked over at me.

“Spending time with Wallflower and…trying to get some semblance of self control back.” I answered sheepishly.

"Something human males all seem to struggle with we've noticed." Adagio said with a chuckle. "No matter the century, every male, unless they were overly religious, got all hot and bothered at the sight of some skin. At least it's better these days. I hated when even an ankle was considered over exposure."

“It would happen to any male when he’s surrounded by four sexy ladies almost completely naked.” I countered.

"Ironic given in this world males and females are more comfortable nude or near naked around the same sex, yes most desire to see the opposite nude but then grow shy around the real thing."

“It’s a whole thing due to attraction and it’s really hard to explain…” I said honestly. “Plus, I’d rather not get light headed from a lack of blood going through my body because a certain something lasted for more than four hours.”

"My record is having one last for six on a man." Aria said, chuckling at my blush. "ha! You're too easy."

"So, are you three just gonna stay here or go with us to school or…?" Sunset asked, clearly unphased by the conversation.

"Well, if he orders us to go, then we have to, but we've been through many schools and colleges over the years so we aren't lacking education." Adagio said.

"Adagio and I could get jobs, and Sonata can keep playing house maid since she… can't hold a job." Aria added.

"I'm a workplace hazard." Sonata stated a bit too happy.

“Is she a house hazard as well?” I asked nervously.

"Oddly no…" Adagio said. "She takes after dad way too much so like with him, we don't question what she is and isn't capable of less you want a splitting migraine."

"Fair enough…" I nodded. "Alright…so that sounds like a plan, plus it'll help make sure payments for the apartment if me and Sunset are too busy with school work and fighting those monsters.”

"True, also mind if we move some stuff to this base you got?" Aria asked.

"Sure, there's plenty of space there…just be careful of Merchant, cause I'd rather you three not piss off a worker of someone that works with Voodoo." I warned.

"Alright, but it's just some personal items we've kept over the years."

"That's fair." I nodded. "Is any of it illegal?"

Adagio seemed to ponder that. "I don't believe so. Most were considered illegal by churches but aside from that, nothing that wouldn't be considered a relic of historical values today."

"That's…concerning but cool." I nodded. "Twilight would probably have a field day just seeing all those historical artifacts."

"If she does she better treat them with kindness. We didn't make sure they survived eight major plagues, four major fires, three crusades and two hostile invasions to let a highschool girl break them." Aria stated.

"Considering she's created many technical marvels that governments are paying hand over fist for…I'm sure she'll be very careful." I shrugged.

"She better. Some of those are technically family heirlooms." Adagio added.

"Really?" I asked in surprise.

"You had some stuff from Equestria with you?" Sunset asked as well.

"No… not from Equestria…" Adagio said, sighing. "We've lived here close to a thousand years… we've had a few… relationships… families. But despite our origins, our children were all human… and mortal."

"After… the Black Plague, we all agreed no more families. No more kids." Aria added, her tone solemn.

“O-oh…” I muttered. “I’m…I’m so sorry…”

"I… never even considered…" Sunset started.

"Even if we had each other, we do have needs that we can't fulfill with one another." Adagio said simply. "Sometimes a simple fling left us with more, other times we found passion. Comes with being long lived."

"How long do sirens usually live?" Sunset asked.

"Varies. The average is five to seven thousand years, so we still have a long time before we start getting white hairs and wrinkles."

"Supposedly the first sirens were born from sea dragons and some island dwelling ponies far south of Equestria. We do share some similarities with both races so that would explain our long lifespans." Aria added. "And why, back in Equestria as Sirens we all had thicker scales than most other sea creatures."

“Fair enough.” I nodded. “But…jeez…I’m so sorry…” I said, my shoulders sagging as I felt even worse considering they’ve lost so much only to have slave collars on them now.

"You feel worse about these now?" Adagio asked me as she tapped her chaoker. "Don't. It's not the first time we've had something similar on us, but it's by far the most comfortable and you already are by far the nicest 'owner' we've belonged to."

"Better than one emperor. Can never remember his name…" Aria huffed.

"You two just hated that he made me his wife." Sonata said.

"Yes, one of nine he had." Adagio countered.

"You three have been through a lot all over this world haven't you?" Sunset asked.

"If you gave us a history book we'd happily tell you how accurate or flat out wrong many of those recorded events are." Aria stated simply.

“Jesus christ…” I sighed out, rubbing my temples at this. “Alright…so this is a massive info dump I didn’t know I was going to experience today…”

"Well, what else did you expect? You two aren't from this world either, Sunset might be from Equestria too but from present times, and you're from another different world/dimension entirely."

“True.” I admitted. “So…what should we do now?”

"Dinner is still half an hour away." Sonata stated.

"Hm. Wanna cuddle Mike?" Sunset asked.

“Uh…” I started. “Cuddling…all four of you at the same…time…”

"Well, Sonata is cooking so I guess just Adagio, Aria and I."

"You're really offering that? Wow you really don't get human world stuff." Adagio said.

"I mostly get it, but I don't really care about them. In the house it's equal parts Equestria as far as I'm concerned."

"Hmm… well, it has been a while since we've gotten to casually cuddle someone." Aria said with a grin.

"True." Adagio agreed with a similar grin.

“Uh…I don’t like those grins…” I said, taking a worried step back.

They pinned me on the couch and each held me down. Aria on my left, Adagio on my right and Sunset on top of me. Despite my protests they didn't care and they clung to me and proceeded to nap.

And after dinner that dragged me to bed where all four decided to share me as a body pillow. At least they all had their undergarments…

The next morning came and I felt exhausted…

"It was just cuddles. How are you not more well rested?" Sunset asked as we walked to school.

“Because I had to keep myself under control the entire time and felt extremely nervous because three sexy ladies were pinning me to the couch against my will.” I explained.

"You didn't complain when all four of us held onto you in bed?"

“I had no choice so I had to stop…plus you all at least wore underwear…” I said. “Never expected to…accidentally get three more girlfriends…”

"I never said they were, I just invited them for cuddles." Sunset stated. "By Equestrian courting laws I, being your first mare, can determine if other mares may pursue you as a mate too. And I have not yet decided if I want to share you yet."

“And by human courts…well technically Polyamerous relationships are illegal because one religion said ‘no, you’re not allowed to have a harem’, but in just basic courting it would be up to both the man and woman in the relationship to decide, not just one…”

"So, a compromise then. Do you want a herd, or, Harem, as this world calls it?"

“I mean…that would be cool, but what do you think?” I asked. “Cause…well to be honest…I’m still new to this relationship stuff…”

"Well, if you want one then we can start one, but later." Sunset said, quickly taking my arm Into a full body hug. "For now I still want you all to myself~"

“I know I know.” I blushed a bit but smiled nonetheless.

"So, school doesn't start for another hour, how's about we grab some coffee and then see if the school has any private, hidden areas~"

“Why do I have a feeling you have a secret exhibitionism fetish?” I asked, blushing brightly at the thought of doing something so risky in a, while hidden, public area. “And…let’s test see if there is any hidden areas.”

"Well, maybe a little. Princess Celestia is a hard core adrenaline junkie and I got to tag along on some of her 'political trips' and I guess the thrill of it does interest me." Sunset stated as we headed towards the nearby sweets and coffee shop. Sugar Cube Corner. Looks fairly new.

We entered, put in our orders and we're just waiting now.

“So, tell me a little bit about Equestria.” I started, wanting to make some conversation and honestly hear some of the thing’s about Sunset’s world.

"Well, as I've said before, we don't have such advanced technology. Travel wise it's mostly steam engine trains, hot air balloons, pegasus chariots and Zeppelins. Despite being around for almost a thousand years now a lot of the kingdom is uncolonized. It's mostly the coasts, and the capital in the center of it all plus a few towns but no other major cities, not coastal or the capital."

“Huh, that’s strange.” I hummed. “You’d think that more of the country would have been colonized in that long of time, as well as technology having gone through the roof.”

"Well, you'd think but Ponies don't all have the same craving for exploration and development as humans do. The large majority are content with how life is. They won't all deny change and some will happily embrace a new thing but some will be slower or reject it entirely. There's also a lot more dangers in Equestria. Wild animals and nature here are your species biggest enemy, but most if not all of the monsters you see in your libraries mythological sections are living breathing creatures back home."

“Fair enough.” I nodded. “Sounds like a very dangerous time…”

"Thankfully they're rather territorial. We don't go into their territory, they don't mess with our cities and towns. Normally. A few times they wander into them looking for food or they're a baby that got lost."

“That makes sense.” I nodded.

"Also, remember what I said about Princess Celestia and our Principal looking alike? Well, something about that has been bothering me."

“What’s got you bothered? Think there’s a version of you here as well?” I inquired.

"We'll deal with that if it happens. No, the thing is, Princess Celestia is immortal, been around for as long if not longer than Equestria has existed. But from what I've looked into, Principal Celestia is your average mid forties woman."

“Which seems…a little strange.” I said. “Also what’s strange…she’s not married, when she’s…” I shook my head, knowing there was no way to say it otherwise. “When she looks and acts like that.” I said simply,

"Well, back in Equestria I know Princess Celestia had a few lovers but, immortal, so… I'm thinking maybe this reality isn't an exact mirror world. After all, we've yet to encounter an alternative me, and this world's Celestia clearly isn't immortal."

“Both are true.” I nodded. “But there’s still…something about this place that doesn’t feel right ya know?”

"What exactly?"

“I don’t know…” I said, pulling out one of my decks, thankfully it was from here as I was able to make a Warrior Deck and look through it. “I feel it whenever I play my cards…like there’s one little push to make this whole place turn into a humble rural town into some weird hub of magic and monsters…”

"Considering we are the entertainment of above God level beings, not surprising."

Our coffees were called and once we had them we went to school.

“Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any monsters during school.” I said honestly.

A chill wind flowed through the air, and the ground around us froze over as it began to snow.

"Well… it's technically before school." Sunset stated and she began chugging her coffee.

“Uh…should it be snowing?” I asked, chugging down my coffee as I thought I was either sleepy or going crazy finally.

“That would be me.” A military esc voice said behind the both of us, as we whipped around to see a strange looking man…wait no, that’s not a man…

“Hold up…the fuck are you doing here?” I asked in worry. “I thought the monster world wasn’t apart of this world?”

“But we are, thanks to a…certain benefactor.” He said simply, the turquoise armored man said simply, waving a hand as snow started to form around his hand. “Now, I’m here to test you both for my Monarch.”

“Can’t this wait till after school?” I whined. “We already have enough crap to do today, plus we have Drama Club.”

"I doubt he cares Mike…" Sunset sighed.

“Correct.” He said, drawing a blade of ice from the cold air and snow. “Now prepare yourselves.”

“Shit…” I growled, donning my Game Master outfit and pulling out my Duel Disk, bringing out my Fur Hire deck. "How this is even decent I still don't know…" I muttered to myself. "Also good thing nobody else is around…"

Sunset quickly adorned her mask, changing into Wild Rabbit and bringing out her wand.

"Alright, so this guy is named Escher, Vassal of the Frost Monarch…in the card game he's maybe kinda garbage…but in real life…I have no idea what he could do." I said, starting to summon out a lot of Fur Hires, a lot of anthro animals that ranged from cute and adorable, to pretty cool looking. "Alright, let's get on with this." I said, Dyna, Hero Fur Hire, tossed me one of their spare swords as I prepared to fight.

"Ah, a young duelist able to fight alongside his monsters eh?" The vassal said, creating a sturdy looking ice shield. “This shall be an interesting battle.”

“We only have fifty five minutes to beat your ass, cause I am not going to deal with your horseshit while dealing with school.”

“Fair enough.” The monster said, which I had to mentally thank so much because he actually had some respect towards our education.

So on my side, I had a dragon champion named Rafale, an octopus spellcaster named Wiz, a big wolf samurai named Folgo, a kitty swordsman named Beat, and a big tittied bird sniper named Sagitta, with Sunset by my side against one lone Vassal…but for some reason I didn’t feel safe.

Which was a perfectly valid thing as the Ice Vassal pushed it’s shield forward and a lot of icicle shards got flung our way, all of us dodging as Wiz tried throwing a fireball at him, which they cut the damn thing in half with it’s ice blade, and then my Rafale swung down it’s blade immediately after, only to be parried by it’s shield.

An Ice Pillar shot up behind the Vassal as three bullets slammed into it, cracking it but not shattering it as Beat managed to hit him, but he stepped back and kicked Beat away, only to block Folgo’s attack with his shield, only to leap away from a foot claw swipe at him.

“Jeez this guy’s fast.” I said, rushing over and swinging my borrowed sword a the still leaping Vassal, only to slide straight into an ice wall that I managed to move so it was only my shoulder that made contact instead of my face. “Ow…”

“This is gonna be tough.” Sunset said as she raised her wand as a blue aura surrounded us. “It’s an Ice Resist spell, so we can at least take on a bit more of it’s attacks.” Sunset said as she casted a fireball towards the Vassal again.

In an area very far away, many many people were sitting down and watching the fight between Sunset, Mike and Escher, the two trying their best not to have the fight get thrown into any public areas.

“My oh my, those two sure seem energetic now don’t they?” Voodoo grinned, viewing the fight from what seemed to be a large TV screen.

"You picked great leads for this show." Spoke a tall, armored figure clad in thick plated armor seemingly part of their being. Fluid in their motions in ways armor should not allow. Their arms ended in clawed gauntlets. Their helm shaped into a canine form.

"And with all these new additions, things are certainly going to get so much more fun~" From the side of the armored figure, spoke a female figure, their body covered or made of thin plated armor, molding to their figure like skin. From their back golden wings stretched and folded as if flesh. Her face was avian, as if a helm made for a large eagle.

"How did you get Pain to make those two by the way?" The plated figure asked.

"I agreed to help on her personal project, not my typical role but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't intriguing." Voodoo replied.

"Well they came out excellent. Once they've been put into the stage, this show is going to get so much more interesting." The female figure spoke with glee.

"And what a show it will be." A flamboyant voiced man in a fancy red suit said, a rubber hose animated cat wrapped around him and snickering in glee at what their master had in store.

To be continued...