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I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Been a fan since 2013, I believe. Stories will take place at different timelines. I enjoy writing, drawing, and reading.


When the Super Megaforce Rangers got trapped in Equestria, a place filled with colorful ponies, by one of Levira's inventions, they meet up with Elements of Harmony. However, it also turned out that Prince Vekar and the rest of the Armada are in the pony world too, teaming up with the other villains - Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Grogar, as well as new, evil changelings.

(Note: Inspired by Cheetara's crossover fanfic).

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Downvote because Super Megafarce shouldn't contaminate any other universe with it's existence...

Magical Force, Mystic Force!"

Magical Source, Mystic Force

Tracking hesitantly. Super Megaforce was a risky move


Not sure it was a comment, but I'll take it. Plus, Super Megaforce is my favorite season. I don't care what others think, it's their own opionion. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for letting me know. It's now fixed. I basically will have to use google for all morph calls and other things for this crossover. But again, thanks for letting me know.

I like to consider myself a PR expert, though I know nothing about Operation Overdrive or Lightspeed Rescue. If you need any information, just ask

Okay thanks. I would like to have help from a Power Ranger expert, considering that I don't remember the weapons and moves unless I look it up. Same with the Megazords. :twilightsmile:

It's been a while since I've seen Super Megaforce, but I'll do my best to help :twilightsmile:

I know about Super Megaforce. The only thing I need help with are the Legendary weapons and modes, including Megazords. :rainbowdetermined2:

I rarely downvote stuff because I tend to be a fan of most everything (to my knowledge, only the rainbow britte reboot and Masha and the Bear are the only properties and universes that I actively despise) but as both a Power Rangers and Super Sentai fan I find Super Megafarce to be the only season of both universes and properties to be actually bad (up until now the most any had gotten was to be meh).

So I felt I had to at least let you know why I was doing the uncharacteristic thing of downvote stuff.

Well, it's your opinion. I respect it.

Honestly, you're portrayal of Prince Vekar is spot on. I do kinda hope Vrak makes an appearance. Also, is the portal a thing here?

Yeah, I thought it'll be funny for Vekar to get mad at his new form, unlike the Rangers who don't seem to mind. Yes, there is a portal in Equestria, which is why they are there. About Vrak making an appearance... well, that'll be a different story. I do wanna make sequels/side stories after I finish this story. I do that for my Goosebumps fanfics. Though I never wrote a sequel to the first Goosebumps fanfic yet since I'm still working on it, I did made two side stories.

Yes, I'm a Goosebumps fan like how I'm with MLP and PR. I'm trying to get all of the books written by R.L. Stine because I didn't grew up in the 90s. I was born on July 30th along with my sister, Lila, on the year of 1999. Do you want me to tell you how I got into Goosebumps, MLP, and PR? Also, do you like which ponies I chose for each Ranger to be? :pinkiehappy: Plus, do you think it was hilarious for the Power Rangers to be ponies? I would love to have artwork of them being ponies. But they have to look like the ponies on the show, not from a game known as Pony Creator.

Orginally, I was going to have them colored coated, but I decided to scratch that idea since it'll be too difficult to come up with cutie marks for each of them. So I chose them to wear clothes, even though ponies rarely wear outfits.


OK, let me cut your research time:
Goranger: Goren GokaiOh - The Super Megafarce (will call them until the end of time and beyond) Megazord fuses with the Gorenger Equivalent (A power Never seen b4 in Earth) - The Variblune.
Denziman: Electronic Full Moon Cut - The Megazord does a Diagonal Slash after doing a circular motion (Another power never seen before on earth.
Dynaman: Super Dynamite - this power never seen before on earth can be used by both the team and Megazord, they become an explosive ball of fire.
Liveman: The Zord transforms into the Liveman Zord - Super Live Robo - and performs its finisher, the Super big burst.
Jetman - The last Pre Zyu Greater powers: the Gokai Jet Phoenix has both the team and Megazord becoming firebirds (the Gatchaman Finisher too).
Zyuranger (MMPR S1) - it's a mode for the Megafarce Q Rex. it resembles the Tyrannosaurus Zord or the DragonZord.
Dairanger (MMPR S2) - Ki Power: the rangers gather energy and expel it creating a big ball of power to cleanse the opposition.
Kakuranger (MMPR S3 / Alien Rangers) - Ninjor: the Rangers summon Ninjor to fight in giant mode alongside their Zord
OhRanger (Zeo) - the Gokai Galleon Buster / Super Mega Cannon.
MegaRanger (In Space) - Mega Winger. it gives the Q-Rex wings for flight, it's finisher is the Gokai spartan. a flying drill rush.
Gingaman (Lost Galaxy) - in the Q-Rex, the zord uses the Gozyu Fierce cut, a spinning slash.
Go Go Five (Lightspeed Rescue) - it has 2 Zord uses the Victory Splash, where the fire hoses that come from the Megazord can and will be abused to put out any fire in the vicinity. then it's the Gokai Prominence, a dual sword X shaped slash as the zord gets surrounded by fire.
TimeRanger (Time Force) - it's the Q-Rex, brought from the 30th century.
GaoRanger (Wild Force) - We have Gao Lion (the Red Lion Wold Force Zord) join the team, replacing the legs of the Megazord to create a centaur-like monstrosity that attacks with the Animal Heart beam from the LionZord's maw while the Megazord does an X shaped slash. Then GaoLion replaces the Lion Origami to create ShinkenGokaiOh (The Samurai Megazord for Megafarce)
Hurricanger (Ninja Storm) - It's Fuuraimaru, the mini zord used to fuse the wind and thunder Megazord in Ninja storm, which gives them access to the Gokai Infinite Shuriken, which is a storm of shuriken that impales the enemy.
Aba Aba Aba Abaranger (Dino Thunder) - it's the Megazord mode for the Q-Rex, but if all the Dino Thunder Keys are used it will become the Q-Rex Megazord, replacing the regular Megazord Arms by those of the Q-Rex.
Dekaranger - It is the Pat Striker / Delta Runner Zord, it combines with the Megazord to create the SPD Megazord, which has the SPD Final blast / Gokai Full Blast and the Pat Striker / Delta runner attack, which has the zord detach and attack by itself.
MagiRanger (Mystic Force) - it's the Magi Dragon or Mystic Dragon, which creates the MagiGokaiOh, it attacks is the Gokai Magi Bind or Mystic Spell seal, which binds and does the crushing of them enemies.
Boukenger (Operation Overdrive - "worst" season before Super Megafarce) - Daibouken. the OO Megazord gets summoned and it attacks twice before loaning its sword to do the Gokai Adventure Drive, the Gokaiger / Supermegafarce version of the Bouken / OO's Megazord finisher.
Gekiranger (Jungle Fury) - it's the Geki beast or animal spirits, the attach is the Megazord launching the beasts at the enemy.
Go-Onger (RPM) - it's MachFalcon or the RPM Zord, which fuses with the Megazord to form the Go-On GokaiOh and allows them to do the Gokai Go-On Grand Priz or RPM Grand Prix. an aerial overhead vertical Slash.
Shinkenger (Sa-Mu-Rai) - Using the Wild Lion Zord as a replacement for the Lion Folding Zord, Shinken GokaiOh or the Samurai Megazord is born, the gokai sabres of the Megazord become a naginata and its special attack is the Gokai Samurai Slash, where a Zord size Rekka Danzato / Fire Smasher is summoned, lit on fire and used to slash the enemy.
Goseiger (Megaforce) - the attack is the Gokai All Headder Great Charge attack, summoning the Supermegafarce previous powers they can summon EVERY HEADDER IN THE SET to attack an enemy.
Gokaiger (Super Megafarce) - It's the Ultimate Megazord, using the Ultimate energy Cell / Kanzen soul the Q-Rex, Megazord and RPM Zord fuse to create the ultimate Super Megafarce Zord, it has 3 attacks: the Kanzen Drill slash, a slash attack using the Drill arm, the Kanzen Missiles, which have the zord shoot his left hand's fingers (which are missiles) at the opponent, the Kanzen Burst, which is a beautiful homage to Mazinger Z's rocket punch and finally the Gokai Kanzen Super Burst / Legendary Zord Blitz, which has the Kanzen Missiles added with the powers of the other Zords.
Go-Busters (Beast Morphers) - the power of this posterior Team is the Buddyroid / Beast Bots Keys, Their power is the most terrifying of all... They create a "Zord Key Field", where every Zond in the field can summon Zord Keys that allow them to transform into past Zords for a short period of time.

Those are all the Powers Shown in the Sentai, some times I used Power Rangers terminology, you can refine it checking the database. now I'll read your work, as I'm sure it's better than half the source material

Whoa, that's a lot. I think I missed a few while I read your comment. But thanks anyway. :twilightsmile:

Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. Don't expect chapters everyday unless you get lucky. :scootangel: I'll only update whenever I want.

Noah x Fluttershy. I'll take it

Yes! :yay: I was worried no one will take until you did. There's always Jake x Gia and Troy x Emma, so why not Noah x Fluttershy? I'll have a love interest for Orion later for the story.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the other chapters. :twilightsmile:

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Not to sound like I don't respect the opinions of others, but why? I haven't actually seen it, but according to Linkara, Megaforce was the second worst season of Power Rangers he ever saw. (the first being Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)

Why do I like the Megaforce and Super Megaforce season? It's because it was my first Power Ranger season starting around age thirteen back when I was in seventh grade in 2013. I discovered it on demand on the Nickelodeon section, choosing a random episode and went on from there. It was also the same year I discovered MLP:FIM when I used to go to my dad's place every other weekend.

When I first watched these shows, I was too afraid to let my classmates know I like these. I always thought they say something like, 'You shouldn't watch a show made for little girls, you should be watching shows for your age', and 'This show is meant for boys, watch something else'. To be honest, when I was little, I never watched any type of show involving super heroes. I always thought it made for boys and men, so I'll avoid those shows, thinking they were boring as hell until I found out I liked Power Rangers. I did watch the early season from the 90s, but I always have a hard time watching them. Probably because I'm not a 90s kid. I was born on July 30, 1999, along with my twin sister, Lila, who does not watch these shows for how different we are. She's a tomboy who likes to go out and hunt with my dad, while I'm the girly type who loves to shop - especially for books, write fanfics, draw, and read my favorite book series Goosebumps, which I discovered back in the winter of 2012 at the age of twelve that I'm still currently collecting, along when I found out when I became an R.L. Stine fan. He wrote other horror book series, and he used to write joke books before writing horror. I love horror, listening to MLP creepypastas whenever I can.

Alrighty, I hope this explains why I love Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce, along with the other two things I explained. Also, I should write the story about the mane characters ready Goosebumps books, which will be hilarious. :pinkiesmile:😊

In my opinion, Megaforce is only second worse because of comparison. In fact, I know a lot of people really like Lightspeed Rescue, but I’ve never cared for it

I've seen a view episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue when I think about it. 🤔

Ok, after reading these 6 chapters, I can safely say... this is a copy and paste of another story on FimFiction with tiny elements changed to fit the Super Mgaaforce season.

You can say that... But that story, the one where you think I'm copying, inspired me to do my own with my favorite season of Power Rangers. You know, like those My Little Dashie inspired stories. Unless you read them of course because I have. They're pretty good in my opinion. Depending on the writer. Although, I can never understand how those kind of stories get published because My Little Dashie wasn't in the My Little Pony universe, which makes me nervous to write my very own. Can never understand it. Nope. Mainly from being new on this website since I joined back in twenty-nineteen, not too long ago in October. In fact, that's why the note said I'll be back on that month because that's where the story started at. I do, however, go through chapters to make sure I don't forget what I jot down. The same for my Goosebumps fanfics. I do have a good collection of the books. I don't have all of them, but I'm saving up my money from babysitting to get the books. As for right now, I'm saving up for the Goosebumps Two Thousand series.

If you want me to, I can tell you how I got into those books. Just let me know, alright?

D A M N.
Boi, i really like this story, and boi x2 finally i find someone who likes Megaforce!

I really hope that you continue this, even if it already passed half year since the last update...

Don't worry, I'll continue writing this. I do need to watch the clips of them on YouTube to get my memory all fresh up. Sadly, on my old fanfiction account, not here, has to be changed do to Google account recovery. Surprise that I don't have to change my Fimfic account, but no, I don't need to, so I'll be posting this story on my new fanfic account and also Wattpad. All I need to do is copy and paste each chapter on my fanfiction docs, publish it. and I'm good to go! And yeah, this story started off in October, and I'll have read this myself to know where I'm at - to keep it fresh. I'm always have this idea that I can make it a series too. So I'm glad you love the crossover. I hadn't watched the show in a while. You can say I'm taking a break until October comes to us again. Glad you enjoyed this and my writing skills. :pinkiesmile::rainbowwild:

Good then :D

(N*1 Best response in the world)

Thank you! Glad you like my response.

Oh damn, too many chapters in a day. Anyway, time to read.

Noah x Fluttershy = NoahShy

Its all i can think of.


Also, I should write the story about the mane characters ready Goosebumps books, which will be hilarious.

If you do that, will they complain about the constant cliffhanger endings that never get resolved?

Good question. Probably. But I love the cliffhangers. I already know which books they'll fit with. But I need to get every book first because I don't have all of them yet. So the characters will complain or they'll be like, "What's gonna happen next?" or something like that.

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I enjoyed the seapony parts of the last couple of recent chapters so far. Do you think you could probably do more with the rangers as seaponies in the underwater world because I would kind of like to see more of the rangers as seaponies.

Hmm... I can do that for future sequels and shorts. Even deleted scenes that never made it in this book. Glad you like them as seaponies. :twilightsmile:

How do you like the shipping of Noah and Fluttershy? Cute, huh. I just believe the Blue Ranger needs to be shipped with someone since it's always Jake and Gia, Emma and Troy. I do got a pony character in mind to be with Orion, though you'll have to wait and see. :raritywink:

First of all, ok thanks I’m glad you have that in mind, deleted scenes sequels and shorts sound nice.
Second of all, I actually love the shipping between Noah and Fluttershy I think they look cute together. Fluttershy is my favorite character on MLP and I’m pretty glad to see her getting a ton of focus and it’s pretty nice to have Noah shipped with someone here since I’m a Troy/Emma and Jake/Gia shipper and so It’s nice to see Noah being shipped with someone here because Noah and Fluttershy are Great with each other. I think they make a really cute couple.

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I love these when will the move used on skatana called the super mega blue strike be used to fight the villians

I'm guessing you want the Super Mega Blue Final Strike from what your comment says... Hmm. I'll think about it. I'm not sure which chapter it'll be, but maybe it'll be on this story. Maybe, since we won't know yet.

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