• Published 10th Apr 2017
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A Frozen Rose: The Nightmare War. - Selene Moonlilly

It was a just a normal day for me. I had been playing my favorite online game when I entered an area that had a warning on it. Thinking nothing of it I pressed accept and entered the area. Looking back I really should have read that warning because n

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Prologue: Bandit Slaying.

Author's Note:

Hello Silver here with the first chapter of the rewrite. Now the story is going to be in first person veiw. Hope you like the new version as much as the old one. Well that is about all so have a nice time reading and let me know what you think.:pinkiehappy:

Dear Diary, No that's too cliche. How do you start these things? You know what I’ll just start at the beginning.

My name is John Romero, or at least it was some six thousand years ago, give or take a century. You see I haven't always been in the body of an eternal prepubescent little girl. At one time I led what was considered a normal life in my home dimension.

I was a seventeen-year-old male human who lived in Springfield, Oregon in the United States of America with his mom and two younger twin sisters. My mom’s name was Sarah Romero and she worked at the local hospital as an E.R. nurse. My sisters were named Kaylin and Jennifer, and as they were both thirteen they went to middle school. I was really into video games and was always getting the newest games and systems, spending all my extra time and money on them. I mean gaming pretty much defined my life back then. Come to think of it, I guess you could blame that unhealthy obsession for my current predicament. Well, let's begin with the day it all went wrong, November 15th, 2025.

I spent most of the day in my room playing my favorite online game Fire Emblem Online on my Nervegear. Now I probably should explain what Nervegear is because we don't have anything like it in this world. Nervegear is a virtual game headset that catches the mental signals in your brain and transmits them to a virtual body instead of your real body. While you couldn't move or feel anything in real life, you could feel and experience everything in the game.

I had just defeated the Fell Dragon Grima, gaining the felblood crest for my female manakete character named Aussir Tilek or White Rose in English. As I had already got the Crest of Naga the week before, that meant that I could get into the secret outrealm that required both marks to open. It was a feat no one had managed to do. Getting one crest required you to solo a fifty-floor dungeon, with each floor increasing in difficulty as you descend further. It was no wonder why nobody had accomplished it in the first four months of the game's release. It took me two and a half weeks of long nights with barely any sleep but I finally did it and I didn't want to wait to find out what was so special about the outrealm.

As I was about to open the gate I heard a ping. I opened my main menu and saw that I had a message from my mom. I sighed and opened the message. ‘It is dinner time come down and eat.’ I wasn't about to let anything stop me from opening that gate as soon as possible. I quickly sent a message to my mom that I wasn't hungry. After that, I put both my hands on the gate. The Crest of Naga in my right hand and the Felblood Crest in my left hand started to glow. A message box popped up in front of me. ‘You will not be able to return if you open this gate are you sure you wish to continue? Yes or No.’

As this message appeared at both of the Naga and Grima dungeons I rolled my eyes and pressed yes. As the gate opened I was surrounded by a bright light that made me close my eyes. When I opened them again I noticed that I was in a large white circular room with no exit. In the center of the room, there was a counter with lots of different goods on it. The items present varied from class changing items like friendship seals to near legendary weapons like Sol. Behind the counter sat a woman with a red ponytail wearing a red and yellow trickster outfit from Fire Emblem: Awakening. She was in her iconic pose with the index finger of her right hand on her chin with a sly smile on her face.

“Oh wow someone actually got here, guess I owe Adam twenty bucks now.” She said while looking me over. Then she brought up her right hand to chin level and swiped down bringing up her menu. “Let's see, Who are we dealing with? Humm, I see, would you say that all this information is correct?” She asked as she flicked her wrist and the info window moved to in front of me.

Player information,

Username: John Romero

Age: 17

Gender: male

Character Name: Aussir Tilek

Character Gender: Female

Race: Manakete, Ice dragon variety

Class: Magic Fighter level 30

Weapon Ranks: Sword A Magic B Dragon Stone S Staves S

Abilities: Ice Dragon form, Paragon, Dragon’s Bane, Renewal, Miracle, and Vengeance.

Hair Color: Sky blue

Eye Color: Silver

Member of the Eyes of Dawn guild.

“Yes, this is all correct,” I answered after looking at the window very thoroughly. “So, now that I made it here, is this all there is to that gate? Just this room, because if it is I am quite disappointed. I was hoping something interesting was going to happen, after all the time I put into getting here.”

“Oh, don't worry about that Hon. Something interesting will definitely be happening to you in a little bit. Just as soon as the director and her associate get here in about…” A loud popping sound and a bright light interrupt her mid-sentence. “Well, I guess right now.”

I heard a snapping sound and then I was lifted up off the ground. “What’s going on? Why am I floating and why can’t I move?” I asked frantically, suddenly very concerned.

“What’s going on is that you have volunteered to be the first of the control group for interdimensional travel and body argumentation. The data we will get from you will enable us to get government sanction and funding.” A very feminine voice said from behind me. “And before you say that we can not do this to you, remember the warning that appeared before you entered the gate to this area? Well, by pressing yes and entering here, you legally signed your life to us.” As she said this she walked in front of me and I saw that she looked like an older version the woman behind the counter that was full of goods. “Hello, I am Doctor Anna Sharp. Director of the Nerotech company, nice to meet you. I would also like to thank you for your help in saving our race before we send you off to your new life.” She told me then she then looked behind her and asked, “ Is everything ready Sara? All energy sensors up and running and ready to record all data from this event?”

“Yes director, I’ve double checked everything and we are ready to proceed as soon as your associate is ready.” The young woman replied, after which they both looked behind me. I then felt a cold feeling that started at my feet and then made its way upward. I shivered at the feeling and tried to say something to get them to stop but when I opened my mouth no sound came out. As soon as the feeling reached my head I passed out.

I came to suspended in darkness with a figure in a cloak in front of me. I tried to say something only for no sound to come out of my mouth. “Funny they think that they know what they are getting you into.” She laughed for a moment at this, “Well at least you won’t be here when they get raided, before I forget.” She pulled out a small envelope with only two words written on it, “From Eris.” “A word of warning keep your eyes closed, and your mind sound, this is going to hurt… well, it doesn't have to hurt but it’s a bit more fun this way.”

She snapped her fingers and things started to shift. A tear opened in the air, with this multi-colored thing looking right back at me before it swallowed me up. It felt like my very atoms were being ripped apart and put back together. I don’t know how long that lasted as I had blacked out almost immediately.

“Hay Rose, we are almost there. You might want to stop writing and get ready.” A voice said to me from outside of the wagon that I was currently sitting in. I let out a sigh and put the journal and quill away in my bag. I then proceeded to get up and headed toward the front of the wagon. I then stuck my head through the cloth hanging down from the top of the wagon. I was greeted with the sight of a decaying fort made of stone surrounded by trees on all sides.

“Damn, the forest is going to make things messier,” I said to the two figures driving the wagon. Both of them were wearing heavy brown cloaks with the hoods pulled up. The one on the left looked at me and pulled back his hood revealing his giant white colored bunny like ears and silver hair.

“Don't worry Rose I got the forest. I won't let a single person escape.” He said with a cocky smirk. Before I could say anything to him he jumped off the wagon and in a flash of light was replaced by a giant white-furred rabbit. The rabbit then raced out into the trees.
“He doesn't even wait for a plan.” I groaned as I brought my left hand up to my face and then pinched the bridge of my nose in exasperation. I then hear a chuckle come from my right.

“Aye but be honest lass, you would be worried if the lad suddenly acted like he had a brain.” the other cloaked person said.

“You’re right Edge, but I just wish Angel would act with a little more caution,” I responded with a sigh. “You can stop the wagon. I think we are close enough to the fort that we should continue on foot.”

“Okay lass. Now you should go get your armor on.” Edge said as he pulled up on the reins causing the two horses pulling the wagon to come to a slow stop.

“Fine but no peeking.” I retorted and pulled my head back into the wagon. As the cloth settled back into place I heard Edge mutter something about me being too scrawny and young for him to even think about it. I laughed at the irony of that then started to put on my armor. First I pulled on my chain link leggings over my pants. I also put on a chainmail shirt on over my cloth tunic as you could never be too careful with arrows flying at you. I pulled on a white robe with a hood on it over my head and then smoothed out the wrinkles as it covered my body. On the center of the robe was a rising sun with an eye in the center symbol. I then turned to the weapon rack and picked up a mend staff, a green colored spellbook, and an obsidian dagger. I then left out the back of the wagon pulling my hood up over my head as I did.

I moved to the front of the wagon where Edge was waiting for me. He had the hood of his cloak off his head. His silver hair was blowing in the wind revealing his pointed ears that marked his manakett heritage. He turned at my approach. “So how do you want to handle this lass. Nice and quiet or the usual?” He asked as we walked toward the front of the fort. In response, I give him a smirk revealing my fangs. “The regular it is.” He said as he threw off his cloak. Underneath he wore leather armor. Strapped to his left arm was a buckler. He then drew his sword from its scabbard with his right hand. “BANDITS OF THE FROST CLAN I AM CUTTING EDGE OF THE EYES OF DAWN GUILD, MY GUILD IS HERE ON THE ORDERS OF QUEEN CHRYSALIS OF THE UNITED LUGAZ IN THE BADLANDS. YOU ARE WANTED FOR HUNTING LAGUZ FOR SPORT AS IF THEY WERE NOT BUT ANIMALS. IF YOU SURRENDER HERE AND NOW YOU WILL NOT BE KILLED. YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE CITY OF ASHENVALE TO ANSWER FOR ANY AND ALL CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST THE LUGAZ.” Edge bellowed at the top of his lungs. We waited a couple of minutes for their response which to no surprise came in the form of seven arrows flying at Edge and myself.

“They always choose the hard way,” I said my smirk still very prominent on my face. As the arrows got closer I lifted up my hand and cast elwind causing each arrow to be shredded to pieces by razor-sharp winds. Edge started to move forward while I followed behind destroying any arrow that came our way. “They keep shooting seven arrows at a time at us. So they at least have seven archers if not a couple more watching the back of the fort.” I said as I let out another blast of elwind from my hand. Edge just nodded in acknowledgment and kept moving forward. By this time we were almost at the front gate of the fort. Amazingly the gate looked to be in good working order but they had it wide open.

“Okay seriously, I know they’re bandits but still you would think between the lot of them they would have enough brain cells to close the gate to their fort,” I complained as we walked through the entrance to the fort.

“Are you really complaining about the enemy making things too easy lass?” Edge asked.

“I just want the chance to let loose once in awhile is that so wrong?” I retorted as Edge cut down two sword-wielding bandits that came at him. He suddenly let out a grunt of pain as an arrow found its way into his shoulder. I quickly scanned the vicinity and found where it came from. The archer was on the top of the keep knocking his next arrow with his bow now pointed at me. In response, I sent five wind blades at him ripping through him. His lifeless body fell to the floor. I then turned to Edge to see him pulling the arrow out of his shoulder. After he was done I used my mend staff to close up the wound.

“Well any Idea where we might find the leader of the clan?”I asked Edge.

“Probably in one of the towers or in the commander’s room in the main keep. Want to bet which one? My money's on the main keep.” Edge answered.

“I know better the to bet against you Edge. You have an uncanny knack for always winning and I would like to keep my bits a bit longer.”I replied as we head to the main building and stop at the doors. I could hear yelling through the wooden material of the doors.

“Fun over boys we are being attacked, finish what you are doing and then get ready to fight.” a gruff voice said quickly followed by cries of pain. At the cries I quickly pushed the doors open to a sight of eight bandits skinning the bodies of a pair of wolf laguz while they made a seven-year-old silver-haired wolf girl watch. At the sound of me opening the doors, all the bandits stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

“Edge I want you to get the girl and leave this room. For your and her safety, you are not to come back in until I tell you to. Do you understand?” I said as a cold rage slowly took over me.

“Are you thinking of doing what I think you are lass? I don't think…” Edge started to question only for me to interrupt.

“I said do you understand?” I said while grinding my teeth.

“Aye lass.” He answered as he rushed at the bandit that had ahold of the girl.

“Don't just stand there stop the swordsman.” The biggest of the bandits ordered the rest. The bandits started to head to Edge too but had to stop as I got in their way. “ Don't think we'll go easy on you since you are a kid. We kill anyone who gets in our way.” As the lead bandit said this Edge had grabbed the girl and left through the door. After the doors closed behind him I started laughing.

“What's so funny little girl? You know you are about to die right?” one of the underling bandits asked.
“Oh, how cute he thinks he's a threat,” I said with scorn dripping from my voice. ‘I think I can get away with twenty percent power and not attract their attention. ’ I thought as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a rainbow colored orb. “Do you know what this is? It is called a dragon stone. It allows a manakete to transform into their true form without losing themselves to their baser instincts.” I then concentrated on the stone and felt the transformation take its hold of my body. First, my clothes disappeared followed by my skin growing blue colored scales. I then grew a tail and wings. My mouth elongated into a snout followed by horns growing from my head. My body then grew five times bigger almost filling up half the room.

“Now who wants to die first,” I said as my breath cooled down the temperature of the air it touched. As soon as I talked the bandits started panicking and tried to make it to the exits of the room not behind me. Expecting this I to expelled three cold magic spheres from my mouth each hitting a different door freezing them solid alongside any bandit caught trying to open the doors. “ Now now, we can't have you leaving so soon after all you have so much to repent for,” I said as the bandits turned around to face me and the only exit now available to them. “ I know what your thinking there are five of you and only one of me. I might not get you all if you charge me.” I taunted them hoping they would fall for the bait. I was not disappointed when the leader looked at the door behind me and raised his weapon.

“Come on lads, even though she is a dragon she is still a flesh and blood creature which means she can be harmed attack her.” The leader said to his fellows. The five of them spread out and surrounded me.

“It's amazing how you said all that and yet you couldn't be more wrong,” I said as I kept my attention going back and forth between the five of them looking for who would make the first move.
The moment came as the two bandits on both ends of the group rushed me with their axes held high above their heads at the same time. With my eyes never leaving the three in front of me I whipped my tail at the one on the right hitting him dead on and sending him flying straight into the back wall where he hit with the sound of breaking bones. His body fell to the floor unmoving. I then used my left fore claw to grab the other one and crushed him into a gooey mess. The remaining two underlings looked at their boss as if to ask what they should do next. Tiring of waiting and knowing the longer I stayed in this form the more I risk being found by those two divine dragons I took in a deep breath. Seeing that I was preparing to attack them the leader shouted to attack but he was too late as I exhaled air from my lungs so cold that it froze them almost instantly mid-charge. With the last of the bandits in the room dead I transformed back into my human form my clothes appearing back on me as before my transformation. I slowly walked to the doors that remained unfrozen and opened them up to the sight of Edge and the little wolf girl talking with Angel. Upon seeing me the little girl rushed up to me and then clung to me. Angel looked behind me to the inside of the fort and raised his eyebrows. I just shook my head. “I will tell you later, now are all the bandits dealt with?” I asked not feeling up to explaining right now.

“ Yep, I made sure to get all the archers as you were busy inside boss. I am sure that none of them survived.” Angel answered as his ears twitched in excitement. I nodded my head in acknowledgment as I let out a yawn.

“Okay we need to move from here as what I just did could have drawn the attention of people I would rather not deal with. Now let's go and I promise to explain things after I get some sleep.” I said as we loaded up the wagon and I got in it and laid down on the bedroll I laid out in it. As I did the wolf girl curled up against me and fell asleep. Feeling exhausted I soon followed her into dreamland.

I was in my full dragon form heading home to the cave I shared with my mate Sombra after a meeting with the queen of the Crystal Kingdom. She had requested me to imbue part of my power into a heart-shaped crystal to help protect her kingdom. I gladly agreed to do so for twenty sunstones. I looked down at the bag holding said stones resting in my front left claw. ‘These will do a great job of keeping my eggs warm.’ I thought happily as I approached my cave dwelling. I landed in front of it but as soon as I did I was assaulted by the overwhelming smell of blood. Fearing the worst I drop the bag of gems and rushed into the cave. What I saw turned my blood cold. Strune all about the cave were dead human bodies each one impaled by red crystalline spikes. In the back of the cave by the entrance to the room that held our eggs was the body of my life mate. His body had been stripped of its scales and his head was gone. At the sight of his corpse, I let out a mournful roar.

I woke up from my nightmare to an unusual weight and warmth coming from my midsection. I slowly opened my eyes and yawned. I then tried to sit up only to meet some resistance. Looking down I saw a silvered haired laguz girl clinging to me in her sleep her wolf ears twitching back and forth in agitation. ‘Oh that’s right we picked her up at the fort.’ I reminded myself as I rubbed her back to try to soothe and settle her down. After a couple of minutes, her ears stopped twitching and her breathing evened out. Just as I was trying to detach myself from the young laguz without waking her up I hear a soft voice coming from the front of the wagon.

“We are at the meeting place boss. Do you want to come help set up camp or are you to busy playing mother to do that?” Angel snarked as he poked his head through the fabric separating the inside of the wagon from the outside. I looked up at him then gestured at the seven-year-old attached to me.

“I will join you as soon as I can get away without waking her up,” I answered him back.

“Angel leave the lass alone and go gather some firewood.” I heard Blade order Angel from outside followed by Angel’s head disappearing from the front of the wagon to be replaced by Blade’s. “ As for you lass, I suggest that you lay back down and let the wee one get more sleep. After what she has been through she will need a friendly face when she wakes and she seems to trust you the most out of us three. Also, don’t worry I will let you know when Stygian and the others get here.” After he said this his head also left the wagon. I shake my head and then settled down for a long wait.

I was flying over a large city with buildings made of crystal that was surrounded by an aqua colored barrier. All around the barrier attacking it were wendigos, spirits of ice and hate that were the product of my wrath.

Queen of Winter! We are here at the behest of Harmony, now cease your attack on this city and submit to justice. A voice said from behind me. I turned around and was greeted with the sight of two dragons. One had golden colored scales while the other had midnight blue scales. Both of them were about the same size as me.

You really expect me to stop after what they did to my mate and eggs? Not happening. I will only stop once this world is removed of the vermin know as humanity. Now go play with Discord or something, I have a cleansing to attend to. I told them as I gestured the two of them to shoo with my right front clawed hand.

Then you leave us no choice but to stop you ourselves.The gold dragon said as she readied to charge at me but she was not fast enough as I dodged her attack and shot a blast of ice at the dark blue dragon.

“Well, It seems that you are not as dead as I was lead to believe.” I heard a voice say from behind as everything around me faded to darkness.

I turned around and was greeted by the sight of a black dragon. Despite the difference in color and the addition of a third eye, I could tell this was the blue dragon from years ago. I mean you don't forget one of two beings that hit you with a pure concentrated rainbow in magic form. If it wasn't for my miracle and renewal abilities that probably would have killed me. I just let out a sigh. “Damn, I had hoped that neither you or your sister would notice my usage of power. Well now that you have forced your way into my dreams what do you want. I gave up on eradicating humanity ages ago, so you can leave me alone.” I said to her as I stared definitely into her eyes.

“Oh, I am not here to punish you for deeds five thousand years in the past but to propose an alliance. You see one hundred years ago I grew tired of the humans’ lack of appreciation for the night so I went to my sister and she just shrugged off my concerns saying that it was the way of humans to be fearful of the night what with them not being nocturnal. So I changed a portion of the humans making them so. At first they were unhappy with the blessing I bestowed upon them but after a few weeks, they came to appreciate and enjoy the night. The changed then started to see me not as a bringer of darkness but as a guardian. At that point, they started to refer to me as the night mother.” She told me. “ But then my sister betrayed me saying that what I had done was wrong and a perversion of the natural order. She…”

“Okay, I am going to have to stop you there. As interesting as you seem to think your back story is, I really don't care. If you aren't here to give me an ultimatum then could you get to point.” I said interrupting her and crossing my arms over my chest for empathise much to her ire.

“I see you have retained your disrespectful demeanor.” She said with a scowl.

“What can I say I have never been one to give respect where it isn't deserved. Now please tell me why you are here or let me get back to my nightmares.” I retorted with a shrug of my shoulders.

“As you wish. In six months the spell keeping me from entering Arcadia will fade. When that happens I want you on my side. As my sister and I are about the same strength having another dragon with me would tip the scales in my favor when we fight.” She said as she looked at me intently with all three eyes. I was just about to refuse her proposal when she continued talking. “Of course you don't have to answer me right away. Take your time to think it over. I will contact you in two months for your answer.” After she said that her form started to fade into the darkness. But just before she completely faded from view she said something that caused me to wake up.

“You might find it interesting to know that Celestia has in her possession two Ice dragon eggs. Now with there only being one ice dragon in the last nine thousand years, I wonder whose they are?”