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Out at sea, rockin' steam dreams and pilot valves... Deuces.


What exactly was Luna up to during her time in exile? Adventure, that's what! From battling stardrakes, space-pirates, and her own shattered psyche, the banished Princess must strive to endure upon the rocky, bleached surface of the moon...and beyond. Lucky for her the moon isn't as lifeless as some might think.

I would know. I live there!

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Rust #1 · Sep 6th, 2012 · · · Prima ·

This is Moonstuck, if it decided to take steroids, grow a beard, transform itself into a superpowered lumberjack philosopher that can snap an i-beam using nothing except his buttcheeks, and who rides a flying killer whale (named Shamu II) to work ever morning. Except, you know, minus randomness and replace it with dragon-punching princesses. Actually, keep the randomness. That's good. Oh, and don't forget a healthy side of debauchery, something that no adventure should go without.

I am not responsible for causing angry opinions, overzealous adoration, or even for having a general idea of what I was doing when I thought this monstrosity up, due to my tendency to write when I am drunk. I am, however, completely and utterly responsible for the invention of donut holes.

You have been warned.


Well. This escalated quickly.

Can't wait to see where it goes though!

Interested. I am that.

your new profile pic.. pffhahaa

1404981 You have no idea how happy I am that you have a Roland Deschain avatar.

Ha! I'm lovin all the potential for puns this story has. "Shadowday and Sunday" "moonshine"?:rainbowlaugh: Love it!
This has promise. Gonna keep an eye on it. I just hope this doesn't mean you'll neglect Echo's story. Also, the second you mention the "tuffed ears" of the main character I knew they were bat ponies.
Also also. A certian man named Alfred is a butler. And Alfred works for a Batman! Chives is a pony butler and he works for a Batpony! Coincidence?! I think not! I bet the main characters name is Bruce Mane! Also the main character is rich with inherited money just like Batman! But i you truly want him to be Batpony, you're gonna have to kill his mother. Can't have one of those if you wanna be Batpony:pinkiecrazy:.......I'm sorry. I'm just a little tired. Gonna go to sleep now. Great beginning will look for more.:twilightsmile:

Celestia: Say Lulu, you never did tell me what happened while you were banished to the moon. So what is it like?

Luna: Not much happened Tia. Not much at all...

Hm. Seems interesting. Reading.

Update: Finished reading. Oh man. This is gonna either be incredible, or crash and burn hard (no pun intended).
I believe, though, that it will be the former. After all, how many stories go into detail about what Luna did during her banishment? And are written this well? AND have such a badass summary?
I cannot wait to see where this goes!

That last line though...


...what a place to leave us hanging.

I like it. And it's first-person !

this story has tickled my fancy. keep up the good work :trollestia::twilightsmile:

First I was like,

But then I,

Apologies about the profanity, it's rather hard to get good reaction shots without it.

"Mass panic and a wave of xenophilia that hasn't been seen since we purged the golems from the Kingdom. She also might bear us ill will, for one reason or another."
Chives, for being a master wiseass, you really do need to brush up on your vocabulary. Xenophilia is the love of outsiders. I think you were looking for Xenophobia, fear or loathing of outsiders.

I...totally did not see that similarity until now.

Mind. Blown.


Batpony is best pony. Insta-faved!mylittlefacewhen.com/random/

Yay! Yet another fic from the master of fictiondom, Rust! Quite a good read, liked the "Cultured air?" of comedy this fic has, somehow I found myself reading their lines with the voice's of Nigel and Frazier. I did however find some typos for you to review, hopefully they will go to polishing your latest masterpiece.
*merely need a a refurbishing - merely need a refurbishing
*my study jump at good foot of the ground. Myself and the desk was sitting at included. - my study jump a good foot off the ground. Myself and the desk I was sitting at included.
*and paper - and the paper
*bully of an meteor - bully of a meteor
*The Elder had never once been wrong about an impact. They had - The Elder's had never once been wrong about an impact. They had (Elder's - They) (Elder - We/He/She)
*dirty state of me. - dirty state I was in.
*might be able to finally be able to show - might be able to finally show
*to view he awakening - to view the/her awakening
*I truly like the most - I truly liked the most
*what's to say that there are others on the way?" - what's to say that there are not others on the way?"
*with a muscles like - with muscles like
*life began the second - life would begin the second
*handle opened the door - handle and opened the door
*towards my read. - towards my rear.
*possibly have enough time - possibly have had enough time
*one one the left - one on the left
*form of my own - form to my own
*seeing how she somehow - seeing as she somehow

a wave of xenophilia that hasn't been seen since we purged the golems from the Kingdom


Wow two new stories from psyco and rust in one day.

but at the same time i have already had enough rust for one day


1404981>>1404996 It makes sense if you thank about it.
Hey Trav, what do you aim with?

I haven't even read this yet and I know deep down in my heart that it will be the most goddamn awesome thing I have ever read.

Oh, this is going to be fun. :pinkiecrazy:

My, what a bully of an meteor this one must have been!

I believe that that 'an' should be an 'a'

The galactic gears age and rust away

I see what you did there.

Chives had joined me in flight, just a bit higher and towards my read

I think you mean "rear"

with a muscles like we're noodles: with muscles like

Xenophobia- Is the fear of aliens

Xenophilia- Is fucking aliens

Jugging by context, I think you mean the former not the later... Ya might want to fix that.. :trollestia:

Xenophillia? Nightmare Moon is just that hot?

THIS. THIS IS AMAZING. Keep going! :pinkiehappy:

There are few good 1st-person ficitons here.
And this one is really interesting.
fav, thumb up and keep reading.

Don't mess with furious Luna/NMM without EoH..
(or XBOX360, Pony Station3)


"Rust" Insta faving and reading, because i know is gonna be glorious:heart:

Now when you say 'Dark side of the moon'.....:pinkiehappy:

Hmm, an intriguing read. *notices the xenophilia part* :rainbowlaugh: Very intriguing,

oh well played. this i WILL be watching quite closely

So is she in her "Luna" state, her "Nightmare Moon" state, or a combination of both?:rainbowhuh:


1406202 I thought about that as well...knowing rust its likely correct...

This is like...

It will be like an epic swashbuckling adventure combined with ponies and glued together with a Mountain Dew commercial. Or, put another way:


All it needs now is a mad scientist and it will be a completed list of all the greatest things ever by itself.

Yes, yes, YYYEEEEESSSSSS. Beautiful work dude keep it up.

A good story and I found it in the feature box just after reading the notification that you put it up. Talk about timing.

I couldn't help it but the moment the desc. said space pirates I immediatly thought. "Dammit Bojack!"

Right, and now we wait for more

Oh, man.


Please, for the love of God, continue this!

This is awesome. Will follow. :pinkiehappy:

I like it a lot so far. Still keeping up with your regular Paar of writing excellence I see Rust!

Why, I say! This story is mmmmmmmmmmmmMOST UNORTHODOX!!!!

I love it! I've never seen a fic explaining exactly what happened to Luna while she was on the moon. :pinkiehappy: I'm sure they're out there, but this is definitely one of the best. It's well-written, funny, and makes me want to keep reading. Kudos to you! :heart:

Thank you for spotting those.
I noticed that one far too late, gents. Sorry for mixing the two up - wasn't thinking clearly enough!

Welp, hanging myself and deleting stories. Not like I update ever, but now there's not a hope in hellllllll.

I'll meet you there! :pinkiecrazy: LET'S DO BRUNCH.

1409230 I'll bring Rum.

And a pistol.

That was... Just... Awesome. Keep it up!

Also, for the record, I haven't seen any Moonstuck stuff. So this is a completely new thing for me.

It's adorable. And most certainly worth your time.

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