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Why I need to have my own apartment · 1:16am Jun 10th, 2013

Bad news, boys and girls. Someone took my source material for writing Quantum Theories of Friendship, and I NEED that book. Without it, I'm lost, and I can't reference the crossover material I'm using. Until I find it, I can't continue on.

If I can't find it within the next 3 days or so, I'll have to resort to getting a new copy. As if I wasn't already broke to begin with... ARRGGHHHHH

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Yes... It's just annoying :pinkiecrazy:

680877 what do you mean tell him? He's a busy guy.

I mean tell him... :pinkiecrazy:

680840 there's only one possibility. Doc.

Yo, read my new blog. I think it would explain my sitrep.

Can you guess who? :pinkiecrazy:

(if you can, tell him to get his ass back online and do his part)

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