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Checklist for driving to the Everfree Northwest brony convention:
1. Get a map; 2. Pack the car; 3. Discover a wounded Queen Chrysalis...
4. Go on a roadtrip anyway

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This is one of my new favorite stories. I don't even know why.

That picture is adorable. :rainbowkiss:

This should be interesting...

His face brightened. "But think of the publicity we'll get!"

A promoter after my own heart.:pinkiehappy:

This story starts in the Upper Peninsula? I may have an idea about what caused it.

Wait, so is Pen Stroke "the general"? lol, does that make you a colonel, TNaB? :pinkiecrazy:

No more HIE please... Although I love the original idea :pinkiehappy:

The possible volume for shenanigans is tantalizingly high.

I had a mild panic attack when blackouts across the country and dead zones of no communication were being reported.

hehe, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Rather refreshing. I like how well you're characterizing the narrator of this story; I wish I could get into my characters' minds like that.
I'm glad I get to see an "actual" person, instead of "U r hyooman in p0nievil. Screw anything that walks."

>Not being aware of Ponies in Earth.
Fanfiction knowledgeability: -1

Story looks good, will like and fave while awaiting the next chapter

Um... I kinda made this using some of the cover image. I'm sorry... :fluttershysad:I should of asked permission first... :fluttershyouch:Please don't hate me.. :fluttercry:Eeep.

"By all means, do."

Said his wife as she loaded the shotgun.


Hey 18+ hours of fan fiction content including a writing competition and the screening of the MLP Fan Fiction Documentary 2013. You should totally come. TNaB will even be paneling.


You should be :flutterrage:

jk :rainbowwild:

This can't end well... Lets see what happens between now and Chapter 1 :P

Oh, this is going to be fun.

The trunk of a Plymouth Valiant is just about the right size to carry a stricken changeling.


2633668 It's about five human bodies big. More if they're dead. :raritywink:

For some reason at first glace I though it was the Dukes of Hazard car lol

2633949 I get that a lot, actually.

Well I got to read this. Happy to see what that post was about. And good to see my post fell into the side of no oddities reported.

Still this looks like a good story and I look forward to reading the chapters as they come out.

1911..good shiny one..bad

Interesting.... I suppose I'll see you there at EENW, but if a war starts there.... I'm blaming you.

This story has my 110% support nota, :twilightsmile:

Love it love it, hilarious premise and all!

I have a very funny PoE that I've wanted to do as a joke for awhile that involves the mane 6 and a road trip, I've wanted to do that for a wwhiiiile, but yeah, other projects. :raritydespair:

Somehow this makes me think of the start from Hangover :pinkiehappy:


It's about five human bodies big. More if they're dead.

An important talking point in 1972. :trollestia:

Why must you tease us with such insanity before the story begins?!

Now I have to read it!

Never hurts to be prepared. Where could I procure a... how was it pronounced? Plim-mouth? I have reasons...

Even though I have... "Strong negative feelings" towards the Canterlot Wedding characters, this seems pretty cool. It seems worth a read.

Is this...is this ponyfall?

2635104 Not quite, although I did run things by TheSlorg before submitting.


CHANGELINGS ARE EVIL!!! :flutterrage:

(has a crusade against the changelings going on Twitter! So far it's an army of one... Ponies seem to enjoy being sucked dry of love... stupid masochistic ponies...) :trollestia:

So THAT'S what that blog post was about.


Oooooooooh. This should be fun. :raritystarry:

There was a thought—this whole situation sounded like fanfiction.

Yeah, that's... that's weird. :trixieshiftright:
Very odd. :trixieshiftleft:

...You have my attention.


WE NEED LOVE TO SURVIVE! how can you condemn an entire race because of our food source? we dont actually engage in killing! ponys arent killed, maybe they get a little tired and slight nausea, but thats it!

Now honey I have a perfectly logical explanation for this, if you will but give me the time to think of it.

Well this has certainly earned enough of my attention to make it on my 'read later' list with this concept.



Well, now. It seems that things will definitely be interesting. Following.

"I can explain."

"Aaaaaactually, no, I can't. Not sure I understand what happened myself. The most reasonable thing I can narrow it down to is 'magic.'"

And dear lord that picture is adorable.

I take offense to that. Not all of us are evil. Chrysalis' hive was forced to be evil by her mental control over them. My hive, we had pure free will. I actually helped the ponies during Chrysalis' invasion of Canterlot.
Uh, yeah. Shroud did kick some major flank, if what the whole Mane Six's account of it was true.
Hey! I'm the one that spun one around and slammed it into a brick wall like frickin Mario!
My OC's accounts aside...
*clicks on the hollow star, chuckling as it turns yellow*

The General is an obvious self insert- I love this already.

This has caught my attention, gonna keep an eye on this fic. :twilightsmile:

I believe I have a new story to track.

Let's see where this goes...

2636676 Self insert? No, not really. I only have a battalion, not a whole brigade.

OOOOO your Fucked now man!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

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