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Sorry for no updates! · 7:28pm Sep 18th, 2014

I've been deployed in Afghanistan for over a year and a half :) I'm glad you guys are so patient with my work, considering I have one chapter left to write ha ha! Anyways guys I hope I can finish it up for you when I get back (if i get back lol). Peace!

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didn't know you where in the corps, in that case take all the time you need, I quite enjoy your story so far, and I hope you continue to write.

If that's ok... :fluttershysad:

Awwwww! Come on roker! You're sooo close to finishing the story! Come on! Do it for the fans! This is my favorite sequel out of all of the ones I've read. You can't just leave it as it is! Please finish it!

1321798 Uh, kinda lost motivation for it

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