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Cutie mark crusaders, at the age of 8, begin to develop skills beyond the reach of any pony. Their strength increases dramatically, their hearing is now sharper than ever, and it seems they can no longer be damaged. This leads them to discover a secret that their families have hidden from them, they are not ordinary fillies, in fact, they were not even born as such. The very essence of the Tree of Harmony and the mysterious Chemical X runs in their veins, and it is up to them to decide what to do with these revelations.

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Can't wait to see more chapters

Why isn't there a violence tag?

I'm surprised we're still in the early parts and you already know that there will be fights. And answering your question, I hadn't thought about it :facehoof:

...So this is where the Powderpuff Fillies start. I was wondering... I'm looking forward to seeing this continued. :twilightsmile:

It will continue in the future. Now I'm with the DC fics. When I'm done with them I'll see if I continue with this one.

Okay. ( :yay: You didn't forget about this!)

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