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The Mane 6 have led a pretty fast-paced life ever since they all came together, but recently, things have been pretty laid back. The most recent world-saving feat had been accomplished by somepony else, and all has pretty much been quiet since then. It sounds nice, but Rainbow Dash quickly grows bored and demands adventure! So they all quickly come up with an idea and pack their bags, but when they embark on their new adventure, something goes horribly wrong, and they end up getting puled into a world very different than the one they're used to.

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Hey umm... what kind of crossover this story is? A game crossover?

Really? Your doing a Zelda game crossover for this? Keep up the good work y'all!

Awesome! Cant wait to see how this goes

So far so good. Keep it up.

Can't wait to see whats next!

I can tell I'm going to enjoy this :) more!

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Twilight needs the first aid juice from Resident Evil 7, or as Markiplire calls them goop juice.

Wait, since when did Starlight come along!?

This is after season 6. Starlight has been living in Twilight's castle for a while now.

just wait until twilight learns that link is not exactly human

I've never played the associated Zelda game... But it's a good read, definitely.

Excellent dynamic entry for Mr Hero. He might have been surprised that Rainbow was able to move at the same level of speed, even if she was just watching, but his skill and experience isn't going to let that distract him until the lizalfos are dealt with.
I worry a little over how Flutters and the Pink will react to his casual ruthlessness in dispatching the monsters, though.

That's actually an excellent question, and one I hadn't thought of. I'll have to address that in the next installment.

As for not having played the game, I definitely recommend it. It's one of my favorites to date.

Also, in light of this, I'm obligated to to give you a spoiler warning

I think you tagged the wrong person with this one. BotW was the first game I got for my Switch, and I've played the hell out of it.

I'm excited to see what's next!

Indeed, that would seem to be the case. Apologies, my friend.

Loving this story so far please keep it up and update soon.

This Chapter So far I'm Loving it. Please Continue with the update pretty soon, Please.:rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by caalv24 deleted Mar 14th, 2018

Keep yer shirt on, I'm working on it. You could try asking nicely though.

There's a Legend of Zelda series tag now, might wanna add it.

After what Link's been through, some PTSD is very understandable. The demons are something almost every soldier who has seen combat must learn to live with.

Of course Zelda hits it off with Twilight. They're almost frighteningly alike. Likely with Glimmer, too.

Thank you for the heads up.

My friend, your comments make my day. I appreciate it when people take the time to analyze my work.

damed blood moon i killed a silver lynel during 1 once to have him respawn in my back and charge me

I had just finished killing all the guardians and malice in castle town, drained the master sword and my ancient arrows and was having a look around. Then the blood moon hit.


i mostly use ancient arrow on flying guardian i prefer to make the stalker eat is own laser (when there only 1) with shield bash it save alot those arrow

do I have to play the game first before reading?

That is recommended. Or at least know the story of it.

wwell kinda sucks I don't have a swtch

If you're looking to avoid spoiler's, the game is also available on the WiiU. If you don't mind spoilers, you can simly look up the main story arc, game mechanics, and overorld map, since that's what I'll be mainly using here. I'll probably allude to some of the sidequests in the game, so if those come up and you get confused, let me know and I'll try to clear it up for you.

I don't mind spoils and I can link you some videos that lead into the culture behind some of the enemies in the game if you want

To this day i still haven't got all the damn Korok seeds

Even if all you get for ALL of them is literal gold horsefeathers, you get inventory upgrades for each seed.

i think i got like 288 so far T^T

GOOD LUCK, and may Hylia watch over you.

If you've got the patience for it, there's one on all the highest mountain peaks in the Hebra region.

i'll check see if i got it thanks ^_^


Excuse me but just allow me to say that setup when they were actually going to go to the human world was fricking good, made me want to see more of your take on what their reactions would be through the portal. The Apple Admirers thing? When you think about it, it seems a little off, but otherwise it makes logical sense. Good job man. I just wish you'd done a separate story apart from this with their actual vacation in humanland, but yeah, gg

Probably upset cause he was asleep for 100 years

I haven't played it, but I have watched my friend play it, and gathered all that I could, so yeah, what you said

used to be a group of six friends but now it's two friends and four gravestones

What i want: A Picture of Link chasing Spike.

As much as I would love that, I can't draw worth a hoot. If you or somebody else wants to draw it though, I would be more than happy to put it in.

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