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(Set in Season 2 of MLP)

Discord didn't just accept his fate in the Season 2 premiere, instead fighting back against the power of the Elements. The powerful magic pulls a post-True Pacifist run Frisk into Equestria with no obvious way to get home. How will their presence change the course of pony history? Only time (and the story, I suppose) will tell.

Arc 1 summary: Frisk enters Equestria and befriends the Mane Six before playing their role in Cadance's wedding and the defense against the changeling invasion.

Contains: Snappy one-liners, Twilight nerding out, flirting, puns from somebody other than Sans

Upload schedule is as follows: Major story updates every weekend, with "interludes" (side chapters that I couldn't fit naturally into the main story) published as they're completed.

Now posted on AO3!


(11/6/2020) Finally made some cover art for this story! Will be adding it as soon as Fimfiction lets me :P
(11/24/2020) Took me almost three weeks but I figured out how to get Fimfiction to stop crashing whenever I tried to upload the photo. Enjoy the art from yours truly!
(11/27/2020) Now back from hiatus! NaNoWriMo gave me a reason to write again :pinkiehappy:
(12/19/2020) Traced and recolored the cover art in a digital art program because I thought it looked better. And I worked too hard on the shading for the Elements of Harmony.
(1/13/2021) The people have spoken! I'll get to working on Equestria Girls, but I'm gonna be putting the story on temporary hiatus until then, reasons being I don't want to get too far out of continuity, I can't watch a movie in one sitting, and also I've gotta figure out how to fit Frisk into the movie. See you... well, whenever it's done, I guess?

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Maybe Chara will help Frisk at the wedding. Consider there's a chance Chrysalis won't listen to reason.

Hey, I kinda like that idea. Assuming I see this through all the way to season 4 before Frisk gets back home that's definitely going to happen with Tirek but Chrysalis is certainly a good alternative should I decide not to go that far into the show.

ok but what about episodes past season 2
i wanna see frisk's effects on seasons 7-9

I didn't say the story would end at any particular season finale, just that I don't know when in the MLP timeline Frisk is gonna find a way home ;)

well, and this may sound selfish of me, i hope they're stuck for a good while yet
a thought arises: what if some other undertale characters end up crossing over? like, say, a certain bony pair?

Welp, better prep the megalomaniac song from now.

Nicely done! I look forward to the next chapter.

Will this story go on forever? I won't read it if it goes on forever.

I do have an ending in mind eventually. Just don't ask me when it's actually coming. :twilightblush:

Conclusion: Frisk is no danger to Equestria and is likely to be a good ally should the need ever arise, though their abilities do require further observation.

Chara stares out of the corner

Comment posted by Starkeeper_Ponyfic deleted Nov 27th, 2020

Four chapters in, and I already love your Frisk. They're deliciously punny.
I see that Sans has taught them well. :)

you worked so hard on the lyrics, yet it's my least favorite part of the chapter
rest easy though, it's the song, not your adaptation
i just hate that song

Hey, I get it! Some songs are overdone for some people, and if it's not your taste there's nothing wrong with that ^_^

Loved it and the use of the song!!!

I was listening to the instrumental as it played

New beginnings!!! Keep it up!!

There will be huggage of the goat in part two :o

Oh no! Not frisk!!!!

Great chapter, keep it up

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments you've left so far! It fills me with so much joy whenever I see the little red numbered box on the notification bell :raritystarry:

I'm actually really liking this story so far, keep up the good work!

I love it and cant wait for more!!!

Do Equestria Girls and put it in this story instead of a separate one. I feel like the story will end too quickly otherwise and the Equestria Girls movies are just the thing to make the narrative seem less rushed.

Rarity's face grew hot to the point she had to wipe sweat off her brow. "W...Why, you've never looked better! Now, ah... go rock the show, darling!" she encouraged before risking a look in the mirror to confirm the bright red color of her cheeks. Twilight did look particularly nice today, Rarity reasoned, and the wings looked so natural on her... That was all, right?

just don't

It's just harmless fluff, and I haven't even planned any romantic endgames. Just trying to write somethin cute for the RariTwi shippers reading :<

like seriously there's not even anything more than blushing, it's not like Rarity professed her love for Twilight

Why is this tagged 'on hiatus'?

Taking a temporary hiatus to write Equestria Girls because it's been forever since I watched the movie and there's also a bit over three times more content to cover relative to all the previous canon-focused chapters.

Thank you! It makes me super happy that you like it! :raritystarry:

I have an idea- maybe the magic from the portal also causes SOUL magic to enter Equestria, and the Dreemuur trio has to teach the mane 6 how to use it?

I. Sang. With no instrumental. 🎵

Let’s see what happens with the mirror……..

Please never give up on this story!

Don't worry, I haven't! Just kinda stuck on how to get Twilight to meet the humanized Mane 5. Got Fluttershy and Rarity so far, and Pinkie will be easy, but it's AJ and RD I'm having a bit of trouble with. But don't worry, I am going to get this done!

Comment posted by horses are fuckin weird deleted May 5th, 2021

"Why dost thou not understand that Sombra cannot be trusted! He deserves NO MERCY!" Luna screamed, horn sparking.

ey, lulu, whatever happened to "friendship is magic"?

Oh, They're bonding early! :pinkiehappy:

I just realized Frisk made their own Undertale AU :rainbowderp:

I'm gonna be honest, I hadn't even thought about that but you're right :twilightoops:

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