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Heroes, those who are touched by Fate and Destiny itself, can’t help but leave a mark in the life of others. Unknowingly entwining their destinies together due to their sheer presence, forever altering the destiny of those they interact with. Leaving behind marks that can persist long after they are gone. And Link was no exception to this rule.

Something that all those who ever met Link could easily attest, especially when they find themselves accidentaly turned into new beings and in a whole new dimension due to that.

This will be a series of non-Canon omakes and short-stories to my story The Power of Freedom, depicting various other characters of the Zelda franchise appearing in the universe of the story, their many adventures and misadventures, and all the chaos and shenanigans that shall ensue due to that.

Reading the main story is not necessary to read and enjoy this, but it would make things flow more smoothly in my opinion. If you haven’t read it, just know that the setting is that the Main Characters of the Zelda franchise, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, were turned into ponies and transported to the ancient days of the Pony Tribes, before the first Hearts Warming Eve.

Beta Reader: The amazing Emtu!
Featured! 11/27/2020

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I like.

Te acuerdas del mago que apareció en Zelda: a link to the past, el mago que estaba a servicio de Ganon. De alguna manera llego a este mundo después de morir y años después de eso, decidió tomar a un aprendiz. Ese aprendiz era Sombra.
Me imagino está relación como la de los sith de Star wars con eso de la regla de los dos.

Glad you liked the chapter. :twilightsmile:
And I remenber him. Agahin or something like that was his name, wasn't it?
It is a possibility. Adding the random villain to those transported could be fun. :trollestia:

Crossover tag. We probably need to file a bug report from the fact that you were even able to tag a non-MLP work without also having the Crossover tag.

Looking forward to more of these! I recently convinced myself to read The Power of Freedom and now I'm reading anything I can from it.

That would be Agahnim, the sorcerer responsible for Ganon’s release in ALttP.

And this was cute. Which is absolutely how it should be, turning Midna into a pony. :twilightsmile:

I could swear I had added that. Fixed now, thanks for the heads-up.
Happy to hear you are enjoying both this and my main story.
And yeah, this will be fun. A few choices I am considering are either Darunia, from OoT, or Daruk, from BotW, as a diamong dog, and Impa as a zebra. :yay:
Got close to his actual name! :scootangel:
And happy you liked it. Turning Midna into a grumpy bat pony was awesome. :rainbowkiss:


No Epona? :rainbowlaugh:

Darunia might be better as a minotaur... but that’s just my take. His loud, brash character is so much more than just digging rocks. :yay:

Didn't mention her because she would be the one to change the least (was thinking saddle arabian). Though the fact that she will be able to talk will be nice as far as she is concerned. :derpytongue2:

Imagine the scandalized looks when she asks Link to ride on her back for old times’ sake. :rainbowlaugh:

I have no idea who either of these characters are. I've never played any of the games. But I can't stop grinning after reading this.

this chapter had me giggling non-stop. Especially the first seven words.

“What did that idiot do this time?


also DAMN I had no idea Ballad of the Wind Fish had official Lyrics now! And Links awakening is one of my all time favorite Zelda games. Even if that damn owl lie's to Link about the nature of the island

I myself only discovered that thanks to my beta, Emtu.
He linked me the song. Before that I also thought there was only an intrumental version! :trixieshiftright:

pass on my thanks to them then for telling you about it and by extension me about it XD

Lovely, definitely tracking this.

“What did that idiot do this time?” Midna groused, continuing to stare at her reflection in the small pond she had found shortly after waking up, with a mixture of annoyance and resignation.

Get transported to another world :moustache:

Midna, for her part, simply stood there, staring at the other mare as she processed what had just been said. Because, really? The girl used to be a dream? And then was turned into a seagull of all things? Just what? Before with a small head shake, she shoved it all to the side and focused on a single fact.

That last bit explained everything didn't it :trollestia:

Marin talks about starting a fire twice in a row. Was this a mistake?

Also, I like how you're not only using ponies.

I didn't even know before I Googled it, I was just looking for the original extended version. I haven't had a chance to pick up the Link's Awakening remake.

Welp, you reminded me that I forgot to play one more modern Zelda game...Link's Awakening (the remake). I'm no longer worthy to be one of the Zelda fans :(

Imma catch up and go back to here after >:D

Happy to hear you liked it. :twilightsmile:
It does, doesn't it? :pinkiecrazy::scootangel:
The first time she spoke as she went to gather the firewood, the second was when she was about to start the fire. Marin is a happy chatterbox, so I thought that her repeating it was warranted.
And yeah, I plan to have fun with the many diferent species that inhabit the MLP world. :pinkiesmile:
Haven't played the remake yet either. So don't be too hard on yourself. :raritywink:


I don't care how or how long will it take, but for heaven's sake you have to make Midna a relevant character in the power of freedom. I hate to tell what a writer should do but for the three goddess sake Midna is by far one of my favorite characters in all Zelda games, even more than Urbosa, Riju, or hell, even Zelda. I NEED HER THERE FOR YESTERDAY, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and now that I let all the excitement away in the last comment I think I should talk about this fanfic as well.

First, I think you might have noticed I like Midna, so I'm more than a little happy with her participation here. Her interactions with Marin are both fun and extremely adorable. And more importantly: I really want them to know that for once it wasn't actually Link's fault, it was Ganondorf's.


I really want them to know that for once it wasn't actually Link's fault, it was Ganondorf's.

Wonder if they would believe him if he told them that.
Link: It wasn't me this time!
Midna: Yeah sure, pull the other one!

Happy to hear you liked the story. But while Midna is also one of my favorite Zelda characters, and by far my favorite of all of Link's companions and hanger-ons, there is simply no way to introduce her into the main story of TPoF withouth breaking the plot I have going.
But at least here she will have quite a few moments to shine! :scootangel:

I understand. You still broke my heart in a million pieces like a mirror, but I understand.

Jokes aside, can't wait for an update, both here and in Power of Freedom.

Well played.

You still broke my heart in a million pieces like a mirror

This almost sneaked by withouth me noticing. Great reference to the end of Twilight Princess. :trixieshiftright:

References and puns are my reason to live.

In that case, you probably enjoyed this story's title. :scootangel:

O most definitely did. And I don't know if you noticed but I love Midna as well.

Changing a little the subject. Any chance of Fi appearing here or in TPOF? Since you put Marin and Midna I don't think you're too worried in keeping things limited to a certain point in the Timeline, so even with the Master Sword lost somewhere I think there wouldn't have too much problem having Fi. (I love her as well)

And Impa (From any game except Age of Calamity) would certainly react very well in turning into a pony. (Please, read it with irony)

That is the whole point of this non canon collection if side stories and omakes.
To pick up characters from the various games to see how they react and what happens withouth having to worry about timelines or the main story's plot. :eeyup:

Argh.....I wish Midna's presence weren't non-canon! She is easily one of the best characters from the franchise, and you've done well at capturing her temperament and fierce demeanor...even if it was as often a facade to hide her fears as anything else. Granted, part of why she's such a great character is because throughout all of the Zelda games, she's on a very short list for people who actually have a character arc that they go through over the course of their game.

And...it's no surprise at all that Link would have played the Ballad of the Wind Fish throughout his lifetimes. Especially when he started picking up memories of his past lives before the Trio fully awakened to their cycles of reincarnation. His past lives and the people he'd met in them would seem like dreams and phantoms for however many lives it took before the memories properly coalesced as something he knew were past lives.

Yeah, the Ballad of the Wind Fish fits such a scenario extremely well.
And I agree that Midna is one of the best developed Zelda characters.
Glad you liked the chapter. :twilightsmile:

Reading the comments made me think that if the Minish came over that they'd turn into Breezies.

I got several suggestions for some omakes, greatazuredragon! Have the three goddesses watching over their chosen before they hear about how the gods abandoned them and, In a fit of stubborn determination, decide to go to equestria to help along their pantheon. this was the only one I can actually visualize, but I also think linebeck, Fi, Navi, Malon, Skullkid, and Saria are a few more examples... Though I shudder on how you might write it out if anyone suggested Biggoron.

Sorry for the lond delay in answering, my internet has been dead for a while, and even now its spoty at best.
I must admit that could be fun. Specially Biggoron. :pinkiecrazy:

“Wait, you know Link? Kinda dense, massive wanderlust, no concept of what danger is, can’t leave things well enough alone, obsessed with the color green? That Link?”

Ouch. Midna with the brutally honest description of Link. Not that we'd expect anything else from her!

Indeed. The princess of the Twili has always been very direct. :rainbowkiss:

Ah, links awakening...one of the two darkest games in the series (the other is Majora's mask).

An entire island with a civilization of sapients...that link knowingly ERASES. Especially since he gets explicitly told that the whole place was a dreamscape AFTER he beats the nightmares but BEFORE he plays the ballad of the windfish one last time.

Without even trying to ask around to see if there was some other solution, afaik. :facehoof:

Sure, to be fair to link, there probably wasn't, because (something something even the windfish needs to eat or something), but I don't think we actually get confirmation of this, just the vaguest of implications that leaving the windfish asleep for much longer is a bad plan.

Of those, Linebeck is the only one from the as yet unrepresented Adult Timeline, and Fi much the same for the Pre-Split timeline. As we've already abandoned the idea of sticking to one timeline (Midna is Child, Marin is Fallen), it would seem odd to not include some Adult in there at least, assuming more are added.

Add to it the Owl lies to Link about the islands nature at first saying "theres no telling if the island is real or not" Then after you get I think the face key the owls all like "Oh yeah after you wake the windfish this place will vanish as its just a dream"

Given that Fi is literally the Master Sword she is techenelly already their for both

Ooh, ooh ooh ooh, Navi and Medli! I want to see Navi and Medli! Not necessarily together, but it'd be fun to see them, especially if you pair Navi up with Midna. Medli would make for an adorable griffon!

True, she would make a cute gryphon. :raritywink:
Happy to see you are enjoying my stories.

Oh, hai Marin! Nice to see she didn't go "poof" like the rest of the dream.

That's actually canon to the game. If you manage to beat the game withouth diying even once you get a cut-scene showing her flying away as a seagul. :eeyup:

Is that on the remake? It's been a loooong while, but when I played Link's Awakening DX I recall Marin being a fairy in the "perfect" ending.

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