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Frostheart did not enjoy the period of Hearth’s Warming. It was too loud; too bright; there were far too many ponies everywhere; And far more importantly, there was far too much good cheer and joyous feelings abound.

And since, as a windigo, she kinda needed negative emotions to survive, that last one was a serious problem.

Which in turn forced her into having to sneak into a pony settlement during Hearth’s Warming Eve in order to find some negative emotions to eat. The plan was simple, find somepony having a bad night, have a discreet meal, and leave. In and out, minimal contact with the ponies. Easy.

Now if only she could tell why the settlement’s name was ringing alarm bells in her mind things could be perfect! Oh well, she could think about it more as she searched for a target within Ponyville.

Written for My Name is R for Jinglemas 2022.

Featured! 12/25/2022 - 12/26/2022

My Name is R has done a Reading of the story. :heart:

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As Hearth’s Warming Eve swiftly approaches, Thorax, the new king of the changelings, finds himself facing a difficult dilemma. Princess Luna has invited him to participate on the Hearth’s Warming Ball she will host this year.

And so, Thorax finds himself on a cold winter day, but days before the ball is to take place, standing outside Carrousel Boutique, as he gathers his courage to ask Rarity a very important question.

Written for GaPJaxie for Jinglemass.

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In a desperate attempt to escape the Elements cleansing light, the Nightmare found herself drifting in the void between dimensions after a failed blind teleportation. For how long she remained there she did not know, until, finally, a chance to escape appeared as a strange Shard pierced through the void heading to an unknown destination. Unwilling to let such an opportunity pass, the Nightmare fused herself with it.

On Earth Bet, Taylor Hebert was experiencing what could rightfully be called the worst day of her life, before suddenly discovering that she now possessed strange powers, right alongside an odd megalomaniacal voice in the back of her mind.

This is a MLP:FiM x Worm crossover, in which in an attempt to escape the effects of the Elements the Nightmare abandoned Luna and ended up lost in the void between dimensions. Where she then proceeded to hijack the Queen Administrator Shard and so ended up as Taylor’s power. Meaning that Taylor now has all the powers of the Queen of the Night, up to and including a voice in her head that thinks that World Domination is a perfectly acceptable life goal.

So let’s see how Earth Bet will deal with the Queen of Escalation and the Queen of the Night joining forces, shall we?

Beta Reader: The amazing Emtu!

Featured!: 09/25/2021 - 09/27/2021

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Cutie Marks are an everyday, but extremely important aspect of pony life. They showed a pony’s greatest skills and talents, interests and aspirations, some would go so far as to say that they allowed a glimpse at a pony’s very soul itself.

If you could interpret the darned things, that is. Something that, more often than not, was easier said than done, especially when one considers the myriad of ways even the simplest of symbols can be interpreted and analyzed, and the many, many meanings even the most basic of marks could have.

As such, upon making three strange new friends with very similar and unique-looking Cutie Marks, young Singing Blossom couldn’t help but wonder: What did their Cutie Marks mean?

This is a Canon-Compliant Omake for my story The Power of Freedom, meaning that basically what happens here happened off-screen in the main story.

In this, we see Singing finally getting her answer to the question she first tried to ask Ganondorf during chapter V, about what his Cutie Mark means.

Timeline wise this tale took place around chapters XI to XII of the main story.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured! 05/28/2021;05/29/2021; 05/30/2021

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As she suddenly woke up as a tiny pony staring at two very familiar pairs of eyes, Ganondorf couldn’t really say she was surprised. Disgruntled and mildly annoyed, yes, but not surprised. She really should’ve remembered to put something to break the cycle of reincarnation when she made that ritual to escape from Hyrule all those years ago. So being reborn after the end of her last life was by no means a surprise.

Sure, being female this time around was odd. But at least it seemed that there wasn’t some destiny bullshit railroading her path in this life, so that was something. Not to mention that Link and Zelda were also here. That was another plus.

No curse, no meddling gods, no stupid destiny. Yes, things could definitely have been far worse. So she and her fellow Triforce Wielders just had to have an average childhood for a change. How hard could that be?

This is a non-canon sequel to my story The Power of Freedom, following the idea that after their first life in ancient Equestria the Triforce Trio gets reincarnated as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Yay!)

Reading TPoF is not necessary to read this, though it would make it more enjoyable in my opinion, all that is needed is to know that the Trio broke free from their original fate of endless reincarnation imposed on them by the gods of Hyrule, escaped to the pony-world and lived a full life as ponies in the early years of Equestria.

Also, since this is a non-canonical AU sequel, there will be no spoilers in regards to the end of TPoF here, so no worries in that regard.

Timeline-wise this story starts about two months before the return of Nightmare Moon.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured for the first time! From 01/17/2021; to 01/20/2021

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It was a chance encounter at the night of the Grand Galloping Gala that led to Fluttershy and Princess Luna becoming friends. But as the moons passed and their friendship deepened, the shy pegasus started to realize that what she felt for the Princess of the Night was more than mere friendship.

It was something she had never expected. But now, at the night of Hearth’s Warming Eve, Fluttershy knew it was a path she had to tread if she wished her feelings to be known.

This was written for Miller Minus as a part of Jinglemas 2020. For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Beta reader: The amazing Emtu!

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Heroes, those who are touched by Fate and Destiny itself, can’t help but leave a mark in the life of others. Unknowingly entwining their destinies together due to their sheer presence, forever altering the destiny of those they interact with. Leaving behind marks that can persist long after they are gone. And Link was no exception to this rule.

Something that all those who ever met Link could easily attest, especially when they find themselves accidentaly turned into new beings and in a whole new dimension due to that.

This will be a series of non-Canon omakes and short-stories to my story The Power of Freedom, depicting various other characters of the Zelda franchise appearing in the universe of the story, their many adventures and misadventures, and all the chaos and shenanigans that shall ensue due to that.

Reading the main story is not necessary to read and enjoy this, but it would make things flow more smoothly in my opinion. If you haven’t read it, just know that the setting is that the Main Characters of the Zelda franchise, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, were turned into ponies and transported to the ancient days of the Pony Tribes, before the first Hearts Warming Eve.

Beta Reader: The amazing Emtu!
Featured! 11/27/2020

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
- Mahatma Gandhi

A young minotaur on the brink of adulthood goes to learn about his clan’s proud history from his wise grandfather. Of the duty and legacy he now must uphold.

He is told of the beginnings of his species proud nation. Of the great deeds of their forefather, and how, through his indomitable will, he reshaped the world itself despite all odds and hardships.

That, in the end, there is no greater strength than an unbreakable will.

This is a Canon-compliant Omake to my story The Power of Freedom, meaning that what happens here happened ‘off-screen’ in the main story.

Reading the main story isn’t necessary to appreciate and understand this, but it would make it far more enjoyable in my opinion.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!
Featured! 09/27/2020; 09/28/2020

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As her father dragged her to Manehattan for a business trip, Diamond Tiara was more than ready to do whatever it took to avoid a very long and boring stay at a hotel room while Filthy Rich finished his deals. As such, when she found out about a tour of the Big Apple and all its sights and wonders, she grabbed the idea with both hooves as a far better way of spending the day, after all, anything was better than being bored out of her mind as she stayed stuck in a room with nothing to do!

Of course, considering that her companions for said tour ended up being a grumpy retired dark lord, his extremely cheerful gargoyle son-in-law, and an utterly clueless saddle arabian tourist, she soon realized that a bit of boredom once in a while may not be that bad when all is said and done.

My attempt at the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest, so let’s see if I can turn five randomly generated prompts into a story, shall we?

For those who are curious, those prompts were: Grogar; Diamond Tiara; Scorpan; Manehattan; and Saddle Arabia.

Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

Contest Results: Fourth Place

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Legendary swords, items of power and magic, great artifacts that can topple countries and raise kingdoms when wielded by those worthy of their supernatural might. They are the greatest of arms, wielded by heroes and villains alike as they battle fate itself.

As such, as the wisest of sages can easily attest, there are very good reasons why any sane being would do well in keeping such dangerous artifacts well contained and safely hidden away from prying eyes and unworthy hands until such times when their mighty powers may be needed once again.

So the fact that both Link and Ganondorf lost their legendary blades as they traveled through the void towards ancient Equestria may be something of a problem…

This is just a fun little, non-canon, Omake to my story The Power of Freedom, depicting one of the many possibilities that could’ve come to pass due to Link and Ganondorf losing their swords mid-travel as they reached ancient Equestria.

Reading the main story isn’t necessary to appreciate this, but it would make it far more enjoyable.

Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

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