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Cutie Marks are an everyday, but extremely important aspect of pony life. They showed a pony’s greatest skills and talents, interests and aspirations, some would go so far as to say that they allowed a glimpse at a pony’s very soul itself.

If you could interpret the darned things, that is. Something that, more often than not, was easier said than done, especially when one considers the myriad of ways even the simplest of symbols can be interpreted and analyzed, and the many, many meanings even the most basic of marks could have.

As such, upon making three strange new friends with very similar and unique-looking Cutie Marks, young Singing Blossom couldn’t help but wonder: What did their Cutie Marks mean?

This is a Canon-Compliant Omake for my story The Power of Freedom, meaning that basically what happens here happened off-screen in the main story.

In this, we see Singing finally getting her answer to the question she first tried to ask Ganondorf during chapter V, about what his Cutie Mark means.

Timeline wise this tale took place around chapters XI to XII of the main story.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured! 05/28/2021;05/29/2021; 05/30/2021

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Una pregunta con respecto a ganondorf.
Que tan grande es en realidad ¿es tan grande como big mac o le hace competencia a luna?

Además ¿existe la posibilidad de que el árbol de la armonía tenga sus bases en la espada maestra de link?

A very good answer. You write a very good Link.

It's ALWAYS such a treasure to see two story lines that should NOT work together mesh so well

This was so cute and sweet!


A very good answer indeed!

uh what?

And Link once again showing why he's the best of the Triforce Trio when it comes to children. Those experiences from the Hero of Twilight are coming in handy.

And I did enjoy this too, aye. :)

Quick grammar note: if the same person continues speaking past a paragraph break, you don't close the quotes. You do, however, begin the new paragraph with fresh quotes.

Ganondorf is slightly bigger than Big Mac in size. :eeyup:
As for the Tree of Harmony? I don't want to give spoilers, but I can say that I won't be following Canon in regards to it. In this AU the Pillars did not create the tree,
Glad to hear you liked it. :heart:
Yeah, that's always a joy. :pinkiehappy:
Indeed. :scootangel:
And Las_piedras asked about Ganondorf's size in comparisson to Big Mac, and if the Master Sword will have anything with the creation of the Tree of Harmony.
Indeed. Of the three he is the best in dealing with the little ones in my opinion. Though, oddly enough Ganondorf takes the second spot in the list, with Zelda as the last. :pinkiecrazy:
I am aware of that. Though, aparently one such ocasion slipped by my in the chapter... :derpytongue2:
Edit: found it.

“Indeed,” Mister Link agreed, both of them all but ignoring the sounds of the still ongoing spar . “Remember this, Singing, for, when Courage, Wisdom, and Power work together in harmony, very few things cannot be achieved.”

Unless I'm forgetting something, Zelda and Ganondorf never earned the full Triforce like Link did in Skyward Sword.
I think Ganon might have had all the Triforce and used it to create The Dark World in Link to the Past, but he more took the other two pieces from Link and Zelda since LTTP takes place in the Fallen Hero Timeline.

“Your inability to understand my words already proves my point by itself,” Miss Zelda replied as her eyes narrowed, also getting up for some reason. “Wisdom is the most important of the three by far. For without wisdom, how can one prosper?”

Power without Wisdom will often lead to destruction.
Power without Courage will never be used.

Wisdom without Power can never accomplish anything.
Wisdom without Courage will never try to accomplish anything.

And Courage without Power or Wisdom is no different from foolishness.

I recall hearing that Zelda is implied to have the full Triforce in Breath of the Wild, in the context of why Smash Ultimate Link no longer has Triforce Slash.

“That’s really neat!” she cheerfully proclaimed

Indeed it is :twilightsmile:

It varies wildly from timeline to timeline and from game to game if I'm not mistaken.
Precisely. There is a reason why it makes so much sense that the Three have to be together for the Triforce to become the Allmight Artifact of legend. Only one, or even two of those caracteristics by themselves are not enough for a harmonious whole. :scootangel:
I'm not sure. She does the whole 'sealing light' thing, but it felt more like it came from her Goddess Hylia blood than the Triforce.
And I don't think there is an oficial stand yet. :applejackunsure:

Don’t forget her half of the light force

Wow that was a pretty good answer from link and I do like how Ganondorf and Zelda always fighting with each other this was a pretty interesting story keep up the good work

Also, do we know that wasn't Hylia's power manifesting some?

Vati has the other half, also why not both


light force

That sounds like a DC super power. :rainbowkiss:
Happy to hear you liked it. :heart:

Also, do we know that wasn't Hylia's power manifesting some?

It hasn't been oficially clarified yet, so its up to interpretation.
It is canon that Zelda is a direct descendant/reincarnation of said goddess though.

Sorta an artifact, kinda like the powers link gets from the champions in breath of the wild

It's weird that we know a lot more abilities Power and Wisdom gives its user but for Courage it's close to none. As far as we know, Courage can repel evil influences (Twilight Princess) and some say that with the Triforce of Courage, Link has mastery of all kinds of weaponry. From swords to improvised weapons. Aaaand that's all we know :( I hope BotW 2 could explain its power more or am I missing the point of the power of Courage? :twilightsheepish:

It also aparently prevents Link's hat from falling off his head no matter what crazy acrobatics he is doing. :trollestia:


Ohhhh ffffffff you right 🤣
UPDATE: His hair gains its own gravitational field as a wielder of Courage.

Unexplained and odd hair/mane based powers... the acidental similarities between Link and a certain pink mare just keep growing, don't they? :raritywink:

You know, it's funny: for all Zelda's pontificating and Ganondorf's boasting, it always seems to be Link that has the best grasp of what Wisdom and Power truly mean. I guess there's really something to be said for practical experience.

:eeyup: Having the universe basically throw everything it has, and the kitchen sink, at you at a semi regular basis aparently does wonders to broaden one's world view and give you plenty of life experience. :trollestia:

Everything about this was amazing; I'm really glad I asked for it.

Singing was adorable as ever and it's always fun to see Ganondorf and Zelda bicker like this but Link's profound moments where he gives a measured approach almost steal the show for how much it resonates.

Thanks for writing this

Awesome to hear you enjoyed it! :heart:

And yet it wasn't enough to keep it attached in transit to another dimension...:trollestia:

An interesting story, I imagine that the triforce will end up creating the elements of harmony and these will have the same function as the medallions of the sages. So each pillar would be a sage and the maine 6 will also end up being sage. :twilightsmile:

2. Fair
1. Is Vaati still around in Hyrule? If this takes place after FSA, I don't see how he'd still have half the Light Force after getting beaten up for the 3rd time by Link.

Don't want to give spoilers, but I'll admit that the Pillars won't create the Tree like they did in the show canon.
Not sure to be honest. I never played the games that had Vaati as the BBEG, so all the info I have about him is second hand. :twilightblush:

Wow, Link and Singing are such good friends. Courage is probably the weakest of the three and yet with courage Link has grown wiser than Ganondorf and more powerful than Zelda creating a good equilibrium. After all to push yourself past your current limits you have to have, to quote Rainbow Dash, “the courage to fail”.

I thought he was RiP.

Boy your stories are pretty popular I seen it like on the popular or feature

Yeah, it still surprises me at times. This is its third day in the Featured Box. :raritystarry:

Pretty cool huh even your other previous stories I see them as well

Is this the first confirmation of Link talking?!? Or am I massively forgetful?

Heh, no he has talked in TPoF before. :scootangel:

Okay! It was probably just the shock of him speaking that got to me. Was playing one of the older games earlier that day :twilightblush:

Something I would love to see is characters reaction to links ability and willingness to eat almost anything, for example sharing a meal of gems with a dragon with everyone else just looking shocked and confused as he chows down on literal rocks(heck I wouldn't be surprised if Link actually knows how to make Goron cooking and uses that to get some dragons on their side)

That's a very interesting idea. Especially since its canon that he actually did eat Goron food at least once. :scootangel:

*pumps hoof* here here!! to seeing link eat most anything put in front of him!
and I mean things other beings are willing to eat, not just random things...link is a pony now. not a super goat:pinkiehappy:

Grogar resents that remark. :derpytongue2:

Don't you mean resembles?

"Indeed,” Mister Link agreed, both of them all but ignoring the sounds of the still ongoing spar. “Remember this, Singing, for, when Courage, Wisdom, and Power work together in harmony, very few things cannot be achieved.”

Harmony... It's my Headcanon that that is what the 4th Upside-Down Triangle in the Centre of the Triforce is. Something that only exists when the 3 other forces are in perfect balance.

Yeah, I could see that working. :twilightsmile:

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