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Legendary swords, items of power and magic, great artifacts that can topple countries and raise kingdoms when wielded by those worthy of their supernatural might. They are the greatest of arms, wielded by heroes and villains alike as they battle fate itself.

As such, as the wisest of sages can easily attest, there are very good reasons why any sane being would do well in keeping such dangerous artifacts well contained and safely hidden away from prying eyes and unworthy hands until such times when their mighty powers may be needed once again.

So the fact that both Link and Ganondorf lost their legendary blades as they traveled through the void towards ancient Equestria may be something of a problem…

This is just a fun little, non-canon, Omake to my story The Power of Freedom, depicting one of the many possibilities that could’ve come to pass due to Link and Ganondorf losing their swords mid-travel as they reached ancient Equestria.

Reading the main story isn’t necessary to appreciate this, but it would make it far more enjoyable.

Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

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Jolly good show

Aight, this was pretty fun! :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you liked it. :heart:
Indeed. Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Like is a weak word I love it

“I leave you alone unsupervised for but a few days, and what do I find you doing?” the brown-coated pony continued in a chastising tone of voice, as if a parent talking to a misbehaving child. And with a start, White Knight realized that Ganondorf wasn’t directing his words to the pony wielding the sword, but at the sword itself! “I find you terrorizing a tiny farming town, after possessing some idiotic weakling! A tiny farming town !”

No self respect at all, it should at least have aimed for a medium sized city :moustache:


:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, that's pretty much Ganondorf's thought process there! :pinkiecrazy:
At least the Master Sword chose an apropriately high class place to be a nuisance at. :trollestia:

Nice. This is everything I expected and more. Ganondorf scolding his sword was utterly hilarious, and White Knight’s reactions to the usual absurdity were the icing on the cake. But boy, is Platinum in for a surprise when Fairy Boy comes to reclaim his sword.

Incidentally, the first part with the sword-possessed pony made me think of the evil sword Sō’unga from the third Inuyasha movie. I wonder what Dorf would say to that piece of work.

Wish you would've added Link coming for his sword and Platinum's reaction.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Incidentally, the first part with the sword-possessed pony made me think of the evil sword Sō’unga from the third Inuyasha movie. I wonder what Dorf would say to that piece of work.

Ganondorf: That thing is way too thin to be a proper Dark Lord sword! :trollestia:

I thought about it, but i the end decided it would 'break the flow' of the Omake so to speak and take it away from the swords themselves. And as such I decided to keep things simple with one scene showing what Night Bringer was up to, and one scene showing what the Master Sword was doing at the exact same time. :eeyup:

I love it... Master Sword doing exactly what Ganon would have wanted his sword to be doing...

I could see this Ganondorf giving it to Zelda kinda like a prank knowing it probably wouldn't corrupt her but still mess with her.

Hehe, Ganondorf given Zelda a cursed item just to see what happens, FOR SCIENCE! :pinkiecrazy:
Yeah, I can see that happening. :trixieshiftright:

Ooooooo, can I have the evil sword?

I can put on goth Naruto make-up and be cool! (This will be totally uncool...)



Ooooooo, can I have the evil sword?
I can put on goth Naruto make-up and be cool! (This will be totally uncool...)


If you can't dig up the ground around the sword, pour concrete on it until you have a big lump, then shape it into a table or something. Declare it a feature for petitioners to lean on as they address the throne.

And then watch as the mighty holy sword blasts the concrete every which way with a burst of light! :trollestia:
Remenber that in this Omake the swords are both sentient and semi-autonomous. :scootangel:

Considering the nature of the Master Sword, the initial ZAP is proportionate to the evil in the pony trying to pull her, right? Wonder how long it will take for them to catch on...
Of course, the stronger subsequent ones are Fi getting annoyed with the stubborn ones and hoping they either get fried or learn the lesson. One of the two.

That's pretty much it, yes. :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

My reaction as well.

This was great.

Aww, now I want to see Swirly and Platinum's heads exploding when a pegasus saunters up and yoinks the Master Sword without any apparent effort or difficulty. :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, that would be really amusing! :trollestia:

Not gonna lie, I'm really hoping both swords being sentient makes it into the main story. There's a lot of shenanigans to be had with that.

I'm thinking about it, but as of right now I'm still undecided about the 'level' of sentience the swords will have in the main story.

Is it really cursed?

Depends of the point of view. It's a sentient magical blade that control darkness and flame, is quite bloodthirsty, and has no problem in controling the weakminded to do her biding. As such most beings would call the blade 'cursed'. Ganondorf on the other hoof really doesn't see what the fuss is all about regarding the 'useful' features he gave to his sword. :trollestia:

Is this his cannon sword?

Canon to the games? No. His weapon changes drasticaly with each one, I'm afraid.
Canon to my story? Pretty much, yes. The only thing that I'm not certain about is the level of 'sentience' I'll give the sword in it.

I mean, I don't know much about Ganon's sword to be honest, but the Master Sword has always had SOME kind of sentience to it. Especially in Breath of the Wild specifically, where it just kills you if you aren't strong enough to be the hero, or something like that. Any sword that's considered to be "evil's bane" or something similar has to have some amount of ego in order to determine what is and isn't evil.

Of course, how far you want to take that is up to you. :pinkiehappy:

Indeed. But at the same time the level of sentience of the sword varies wildly from game to game, from barely nothing, like OOT, to full blown sapience, like SWS.
There is still time to ruminate about it though, so no rush. :twilightsmile:

if you do give the weapons sentience can you bring back Fi? Lots of people found her annoying but i found her way more interesting then Navi and the ending of skyward sword makes her fate really depressing (being stuck in a sword for for eternity looks like it would suck especially since she isnt ever mentioned again likely meaning she has no way to talk to link).

Fi as a character wasn't bad in my opinion, at least story-wise. It was just that the game mechanics making her both state the obvious constantly and over-repeat things again and again when there was no need to do so was extremely annoying. Exhibit A, her telling the player that a green rupee is worth one rupee for the thousandth time. :facehoof:

As for bringing her into the main story, like I answered before, I'm not sure of the level of sentience I will give the sword yet.

why didn't you have Link show up to claim his sword?:rainbowhuh:

I wanted to keep the Omake simple with only two scenes, one regarding Ganondorf's sword, and one regarding Link's, and thought that it would be more amusing to show what was happening to the Master Sword at the exact same time as they dealt with Night Bringer.

I see! :twilightsmile:

Also this is just my thought, but imho the sword shocked those the touched or more or less depending on the worth of the ponies heart. As an example the more selfish and self serving the pony that touched the sword was the greater the shock. The more selfless and actually NOBLE a pony the less the shock, but still enough of a shock to discourage more attempts

That's very close to what I had envisioned.
The more 'darkness' a pony has in his heart the stronger the 'shock', while a truly good pony is able to touch the sword withotuh repercursions, not remove it mind you, but touch it withouth being zapped.

Hypothetical question here, but what if the Master Sword DID let somepony pull it as its temporary weilder, and it made sure to let said pony know? How else would it get where it needed to eventually be.

“I wonder why some ponies are zapped by it, while others can touch it completely unmolested? And is it just me, or is the strength of the zapping variable as well?” the young mage thought out loud while paying very little mind to both his master and the princess right by his side. “It’s truly a curios artifact, how fascinating!”

Another name for the Master Sword is Blade of Evil’s Bane. It’s very possible that the ponies getting shocked are ones that don’t have very good intentions.

“And I swear to the stars above and the celestial orbs in their eternal dance! If I find out who it was that started this absurd nonsense about how ‘who that removes the sword from the stone shall have the princess hoof in marriage and be Unicornia’s new king!’ I shall not be held responsible for my actions!” Platinum ranted as she paced back and forward as her eyes twitched in annoyance. All the while Star Swirl started to uncomfortably tug at the collar of his robes as he avoided making eye contact with the princess. “I already have far too many idiotic suitors vying for my hoof in marriage as it is, without idiots thinking that it’s some carnival prize to be won in a silly contest!”

“Wait, you mean that’s not true?!” the fat, and still lightly smoking, pony asked from his prone position on the ground with a look of shock on his muzzle.

I rest my case.

Canon fact: "Only a true hero may wield the sword of evil's bane!"
So, yeah, the Master Sword may only be wielded by a true hero, but there is nothing saying there can be only one true hero, is there? :trixieshiftright:
Precisely, yes. :scootangel:

This was just plain fun, I hope you do more.

This was just perfectly hilarious


Lose!” he shouted, hating himself for the words


Happy to hear you liked it.:pinkiehappy:
Glad you liked it.
And thanks for the heads-up, will fix it.:twilightsmile:

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