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This story is a sequel to Never Break A Promise to Your Mom

Featured May 23-24, 2022.

Cozy Glow, after her stint in villainy, decides to devote her life to defeating villains. She says it is for the good of Equestria and friendship. It is certainly not because she wants her mom to lower her punishment and extra credit.

What a silly, silly idea.

Though not being grounding is certainly a side benefit.

This is my take on a kinda-reformed Cozy Glow.

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This was pretty good.

"Why did I ever want to stop being a statue! He thought miserably.

Of course, what isn't shown is Twilight munching on a massive bucket of popcorn. Enjoying Discord's misery.

Gotta like it when Cozy uses her smarts for the forces of good. And to show how other upstart villains are below her.

And Discord has gotten his come-uppings.

Now if only Spitfire would be stripped of her Wonderbolt title and be forced to clean some toilets with her tongue for all the cruelty she has committed in half of every episode she appeared in.

great story but please take a look at my story

Awesome story my guy but I just have one question when is the sequel for fairy odd friendship going to come

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