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Snow Frostfang

Brand New Animal Fan (BNA for short), Waifu is Michiru Kagemori from BNA

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  • 45 weeks
    Code Vein

    Well, I’m proud to say that I’m starting to play CODE VEIN today.
    If what my friends on discord said this is anime dark souls, so that sort of helps as having played Bloodborne and reaching max blood level with every stat maxed out I can only say that please don’t spoil anything for this game for me as I’m going blind into this well sort of as I’ve watched my friend’s breakdowns of the one-handed sword and two-handed sword combat.
    (I’ll link them here if anyone is interested in them)

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  • 49 weeks
    Good news

    So here we are again but this time with good new.

    As I said in my previous blog my friend Twipon3 was presumed dead, however as it turns out he’s alive, however he’s in a coma.

    I’m happy he’s not dead and to anyone who reads this, I’m sorry for the previous blog, asi didn’t know he survived till today.

    Let’s all pray he wakes up.

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  • 49 weeks
    words can't make what happend any better.

    Hey everyone, Didn't think i would go through this, but here goes nothing.

    Just today, i found out that a dear friend of mine passed away.
    how i found out was through a friend of his from his server.
    My friend used to be on this site before moving on, after an incident that happend, I won't go into detail about it but he decided he was leaving FimFiction after it. Sadly after the incident people started to hate him here on fimfition, never knowing that he left.

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  • 53 weeks
    FNAF security breach.

    I’m excited for this.

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