Loquaciously prolix Autumn Blaze hires terse Bulk Biceps as a parsimonious expert who can efficiently orient the isolated kirin on Equestria's history.

It was forbidden.(From the contest rules (related to word count): "...please don't write an entire encyclopedia on the comprehensive history of Equestria, featuring Autumn Blaze and Bulk Biceps.") :raritydespair: Yet, it must be told. :pinkiehappy:

Era: Season 8. (See an index of my stories, sorted by My Little Pony Season).

- Attained the Feature Box (#1 position at highest) on 25/5/2021 and 26/5/2021. Thank you!
- Equestria Daily on Kirin Day 2022/April/17, listed it as a top Kirin-featuring fic. Thank you!

Entry in the May 2021 Pairing Contest. (Contest Folder Link). Not a romance (though seeds of a romance may be planted for the future), just featuring two characters rarely seen working together.

Cover Image from here, with rights to the cover image discussed on that page.

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You absolute rebel.

I was actually hoping someone would do this XD

You are now my best friend, Rule Breaker. :rainbowlaugh:

What do you call the opposite of malicious compliance? Benign infraction? Whatever the case, this is a magnificent example of it. The prose gets a little overwrought at times, but overall, it's a lot of fun. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

It was only a matter of time... :rainbowlaugh:

try not to be over 10k words, OK? It's fine if it goes a little bit over, but please don't write an entire encyclopedia on the comprehensive history of Equestria, featuring Autumn Blaze and Bulk Biceps.

You broke the rules, but in the best way possible. :rainbowlaugh:

I have a certain feeling that your story is going to win something in this contest. Mark my words. :ajsmug:

I actually glanced at this fic's title in the feature box two or so times without reaction before it finally clicked where I had seen that title before. You daring rebel, you. :rainbowlaugh:

"Bulk Biceps, my dear." Autumn Blaze threw a foreleg around Bulk's massive form. "This was a triumph--huge success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction! We should have cake!"

I'm GLaDOS Autumn was pleased with their performance. :derpytongue2:

Also, thanks for the plug! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

I knew as soon as I saw it. The title alone made me laugh, and the story was just as amusing.

Thank you all for reading and for the comments! :twilightsmile: Good luck to everyone in the contest!

You are welcome! I saw others point out related works by different authors and thought it might be helpful for readers to discover other pieces of interest; it also might give the stories another opportunity to shine. There is a lot of interesting writing here!

The only way this could've been better is if it was exactly 10k and 1 words

Listening is heavily underrated. Bulk Biceps is a wise muscle horse.

:pinkiehappy: Thank you. Agreed! It did occur to me to attempt to reach 10,001 words (even though "a bit" over 10,000 is permitted :derpyderp2:), but alas(!) that did not quite work out.

My First Idea was to create a second chapter with only "filler" words like headings for an encyclopedia pulling out the "entries" from the main story, eg: "a b c d e f g"... or just garbage like "... ... ...", but that seemed prohibited by site rules and a little presentationally questionable.

My Next Idea was the obvious one, to actually write 10,001 words without padding or adding new subplots. Although this piece maybe could have had additional encyclopedia entries or it could have extended Autumn's travails in Ponyville, those attempts did not flow as well and thus about 400 words were cut--including an entire paragraph on the mad pony of the opera! :derpytongue2:

A humorous juxtaposition of the excessively loquacious (however moderately sesquipedalian) with the concise and monosyllabic. [insert 500 word long joke here]

Always a fan of flouting the rules. :trollestia:

The Equestrian Odd Couple... :) (🔥 / 🏋)

(Abundantly and aptly (appropriately!) appreciated!(alliteratively) / YEAHHHH!)


This was an extremely funny story and I really loved how it was done.

Thank you for reading, and for the kind words!

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