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Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk are constantly bickering. It drives their sister, Adagio Dazzle, slightly crazy at times, but when she bursts in on what sounded like a more heated argument than usual, she sees something that won't be easy for her to accept.

Somehow, this leads to Fluttershy trying to help her. Then the rest of Fluttershy's friends get involved.

- off-screen lesbian incest
- people expressing controversial views about sex, bestiality, incest, homosexuality and homophobia
- implied bestiality
- at least one borderline abusive relationship
- swearing
- mild violence

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Got m' interest piqued. Good start.

This was actually pretty funny, although I feel bad for poor Adagio. Surprised there weren't more up votes or reviews yet.

Critique wise, I didn't see much of anything that really jumped out at me. The writing was fairly fluid, dialogue felt appropriate. Only thing that felt even slightly off was the latter half with Adagio standing there. I feel like it could have been stretched out a bit more to build up some tension.

Besides that, nice start.

She just feels left out

“WILL YOU TWO STOP ARGU—”, Adagio Dazzle shouted, as she slammed open the door to Sonata's bedroom.

She'd come back early, already stressed from the part-time job she'd been forced into, after a mix-up with her work timetable. Her sisters had been fighting, again, more fiercly than usual from the sounds of it, and hadn't heard her come in. She'd headed to her room, not wanting to get involved, but eventually the yelling had grated on her nerves too much, and she'd decided to intervene.

The sounds of distant traffic filled the silence that followed for almost a full minute, before Adagio stepped back out of the room, gently closing the door behind her. Without a word, she turned, walked across the flat, picked up her coat and bag, and left through the front door, gently closing that behind her, too.

Adagio be like:

This is relevant to my interests.

Have a moustache!

The ending of the chapter feels kinda abrupt, I think. Nonetheless, interesting enough. Hoping to see some more good stuff.

Then Adagio uses all the shampoo and conditioner!

Okay, I admit the description made me wish for Flutterdagio. Reading it, it seems weird that with the whole Aria/Sonata incest and Adagio's reaction as the main plot from the description that this has the best Fluttershy and Adagio bonding I have seen so far. And from what I have read so far, this could still easily as a Fluttershy and Adagio friendship (or romance ) focussed fic. I assume that the focus will return to what eventually.

Considering this is marked drama instead of comedy, I am quite interested in where you are going with this.

6941935 There aren't enough “Nope” gifs for this moment.

6943045 Heck yeah. How many bottles do you think that mane of hers normally soaks up?

6943176 I'll admit, while I didn't intend this to be an Flutterdagio (does no-one use Adagishy as the name for this?) fic, it does seem to be going that way. Sometimes my stories get away from me, and end up heading in a direction I didn't expect. With that in mind, I'm quite interested to see where I'm going with this. (For some reason, I imagine Rainbow pulling Adagio aside and treating her to a “get your own girlfriend, this one's mine” speech.)

“Hey, ” Adagio turned to Fluttershy, placing one hand on the other girl's shoulder and bringing her round face-to-face, “you do realise I'm still evil, right?”
“Of course!” grinned back Fluttershy, before starting her way up the stairs. “Feel free to use any of the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Clean towels are in the cupboard. We'll be just down the hall, here.”

That's our Element of Kindness alright. :pinkiehappy:
Well, kind of.

6943229 Adagishy works as well. Actually sounds a lot nicer.

Also, that is the joy of writing. Sometimes you end up places you did not imagine.

But you did a really good job with the character dynamic. Fluttershy really makes an effort approaching her, and Adagio seems shocked enough to actually accept her more on impulse than anything. Basically grasping for something that can stabilize her. And Fluttershy is really showing that kindness she (well, the pony 'Shy) got her element for. As a shipper, my mind immediately jumps to "Could this be a realistic romance development for a severely underrated and completely adorable pairing?", but it would work just as well to build a friendship (or both, obviously). There have been many stories reforming the sirens, having them befriending the Rainbooms. Many that I have seen have been rather unrealistic in how the Sirens and Rainbooms approached each other. Often, it went by quickly and unrealistically. But you did it in a way that really feels believable.

(In short, Flutters good, Dagi good, characterizations good.)

I had to look this up “rictus grin"

6943810 I've looked it up myself, now, and I'm not sure it was the best choice of words.https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/rictus seems to be the best match for what I had in mind.

I bucking love it!!!!!!

Sometimes you just...wish you hadn't.

But you did see. And now, you can't unsee.

This is cute. I like it.

Somewhat weirdly, I'm having flashbacks to my own fic wherein Adagio taking a shower at someone else's place is a plot point. That aside though, I like the characterizations and I appreciate the tight handling. It's well above the norm and that's commendable. The shipper in me is holding its breath for AdagiShy, but even if it's just them becoming friends, that's good too. It's also secretly holding its breath for more on the lesbian incest, but again, even if that just stays in the shadows off the main stage, I'll be happy.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Wow. I thought the shower would have helped Adagio clear her head a little more, but it looks like the wounds are still fresh.

This is getting interesting. :pinkiehappy:

...But I smell tragedy with all of them in the same building. Been wrong before, though!

I must say, Adagio is taking walking in on her siblings *ahem* interacting quite well. I that had been me, my reaction would be to get reacquainted with my last meal, pass out at the same time and then promptly choke on my own vomit.

Bucking love this story!!!!!!

6960598 Eh, I read enough greek mythology to know those peeps in the past slept with all their siblings. I bet Adagio is just upset she didn't get in on it first...lol.

And the drama is revealed to all. Might be that Adagio revealed it a bit quickly, but considering how shaken up she is by this...
Let's see how the Rainbooms react. And, more importantly, how this situation will be resolved in the end.

Also, Fluttershy is starting to show some influence on Adagio. I'd love to see more scenes between them. Flutters here seems quite able to crack Adagio's mean girl exterior and start reaching out to her. Not to mention make her feel better considering how out of her element Adagio is right now.

Rarity seemed to pick up on what happened really fast. Hmmmm?

Do I smell Twidagio here? Sci-Twidagio?! :rainbowkiss:

*Shipping goggles off*

She seems much more bothered by this than I'd have thought. Maybe there's more to this than caught-sisters-going-at-it, maybe she's just really worried what will come of it, and maybe catching them together was just the last straw in a long line of stressors. Looking forward to finding out!

Take this like, and this track, and some sparkles with that icecream!:pinkiehappy:

Well that would indeed be disturbing

Maybe it's a siren bonding thing? but they left her out of it, so it's a betryal of sorts, or in thier society it beyond Taboo?

Okay, Adagio's brain is clearly broken... and who can blame her?

"Okay, Adagio, this is your new roommate Screwloose!"


"M... Meow?" :rainbowlaugh:

Clearly, all the girls want the 'Dagi, and I'll just have to write a harem ending :raritywink: :rainbowlaugh:.

Honestly, though, I'm not entirely sure what the right amount of "freak out" is for her, in this situation. I'm just gonna play it by ear and see what happens.

Do you know what your mistake was Adagio? It was thinking that Fluttershy was weak. Actually, I'd have to say that, on certain levels, she's stronger than any of her friends are! You just don't have the right life experience to understand what that strength is and what it does!

Dah. Okay Applejack, let's put this in simpler terms for you, okay? Sonata and Aria were having sex, okay? I didn't use the nicer phrase 'make love' because the language they were using, according to Adagio, really doesn't mesh well with the idea of 'love.' In fact, it was probably very ugly hate-sex fuelled by their frustration and powerlessness. Naturally, seeing her sisters treating each other in that way was just a teensy bit traumatic for poor Dagi!

I'm still liking where this is going, but the shipper in me is calling for more Fluttershy and Adagio interaction.

... Why am I putting this into my read later folder?


but the shipper that is me

Is what you meant, yes?

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!

It's because you liked the description, but don't have time to read it right now, right?

Or maybe the description put you off, but you somehow sensed the awesomeness radiating from the actual story, despite the crappy description?

Because you meant to add it to favourites, but you're on a mobile and the buttons are too small?

6994792 the inverse. Because I read it and wanted to see how it ends.

Ah. I normally use "Tracking" for that, and "Read it Later" for all the stories I keep telling myself I'm going to read, but never actually get around to…

… I'll admit, it's not a perfect system.

6995109 thanks for teaching me about a new feature. I should really clean out my read later list. O.O

Wow. That. Wow.

“Oh gods, we fight all the time. Is that how they flirt? Have they been coming on to me?

Suddenly, 'all the girls wanting The Dagi' is a lot less funny. Sincerely hoping there is indeed no funny business while she's with the Rainbooms, that could only make things worse at this point. :pinkiesad2:

Loving this. So much.

Wait. So they were having angry sex? How did she not catch them before?

Sundagishy adoracouple? I can ship it

I really liked this chapter. The breakdown and internal conflict Adagio has going on was very well presented. How her proud nature fights against the pain and the need for comfort. And how she eventually starts to (begrudgingly) accept the Rainbooms.

Already looking forward to the slow transformation of Adagio eventually becoming more accepting of affection from her soon-to-be friends.

Wow! Adagio is on a long trip down Trauma River isn't she?

or — Aria shivered slightly — was Adagio planning something clever? No one did “sneaky” and “vindictive” like Adagio Dazzle. If she was really angry, Aria knew, she wouldn't see it coming — whatever “it” proved to be.

I know we're in the middle of an emotional, dramatic thing here, but it's nice seeing someone remember that Adagio is actually pretty darn crafty to have pulled off what she did pre-Deus Ex Vinyl Scratch. :pinkiesmile: (In fact, I'm guessing it's for that very reason that her MyStable and bank accounts, things they might use to find her and/or get money if they needed it, are left practically open to them while her emails, meant solely for her own eyes, are not. Or maybe Aria only knows her well enough to guess two out of three? :rainbowderp:)

Later, Aria would insist that she yelled, and spun around in annoyance. Aria Blaze did not “shriek like a little girl”, ever, nor did she “jump three feet into the air”. Any suggestion to the contrary was only the result of Sonata's over-active imagination, and everyone knew how unreliable she was.

Hehe. Silly Sonata. :raritywink:

If they thought she was going to be mad before it's nothing compared to what she'll do after she finds out what happened on her bed. May Celestia have mercy because Adagio won't.

Sunlight crept in through the window,

C'mon, you two. Just use the door.

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