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Spike never really believed in magic, but that changed one night. While he was up late playing Splatoon 2, he saw a shooting star go by outside his window. Jokingly, he wished that the world was like Splatoon. What happened next was the last thing he expected. His wish came true. Now, Spike, and everyone else in Canterlot is an inkling, and Canterlot is Inkopolis. Now Spike lives his new life, as an inkling who's trying to make a name for himself in Turf War.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 22 )

Should we expect Spike and the girls fighting off any octarians soon?

Spike will, but the girls will not be involved in Octo Canyon, but they will start to suspect something after Spike starts working with Marie. After working for Marie for a while, he presents her with a bit of an ultimatum. If he can't work with his Squad, he's not going to help her anymore.

When should we expect this to happen?

He'll start working with Marie in chapter 5, he'll form his squad in chapter 7, and I'm thinking his ultimatum should happen around chapter 11 or 12.

Spike snickered and said, "Well, you can talk the talk, we'll see if you can walk the walk tomorrow."

full metal jacket!

He gave Mr. Grizz his word he would tell anyone

I think you meant 'wouldn't', great chapter though.

Thanks for that, didn't notice it when I should have. Glad you liked the chapter.

As Spike super jumped off the top of the oven, Marie said, "Donut stop! You kneed to keep it up!"

Don’t not donut

It's a pun, it's supposed to by donut.

If you plan on having another Splatfest in the story, how about having the theme be, Mario vs Sonic.

I do plan on doing another Splatfest or two, but I probably won't be using Mario again, I might do Sonic VS Shadow though, plus, I'm going to do a Splatfest tournament, so I need to think of four choices from the same franchise. The first actual Splatfest tournament in the game(if you haven't played it) was which TMNT was best. The first round was Raph VS Leo, second round was Mikey VS Donnie, and the third round was Raph VS Donnie.

Why do you hate motion controls?

I don't hate them, I just suck at using them

When a expect a octo expansian chapter? (Sorry bad spelling).

Never likely, I might do Octo Expansion as a sequel, but it won't be in this story, sorry to say

Shame... still good story!

When is the next chapter coming?

I'm still brainstorming and working on other stories, both here and on fanfiction.net

Comment posted by Ares Olympian deleted Dec 29th, 2018

I would use them if my right joy-con stick wasn’t messed up.

No offense, but this chapter feels extremely rushed.

None taken, I admit it is rushed, I was having trouble and just used what little muse I had

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