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Novel Idea


In a world known only as New Equestria to those living there the old ways of magic are long gone things of myth and fancy, until one day a pony by the name of Ironcloud MacHoof changes all of that by awakening a magical source like none other that had been sleeping for millenia.

Cover image is owned by pashapup on Deviant art so check them out! Will get an original cover asap.

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The artist for the cover artwork is Pashapup on Deviantart

:moustache: This looks interesting lets see what happens

Writing could use a bit of refinement, but the story is very interesting.

Definitely watching this.

I like this. There's a couple of grammatical mistakes, but nothing major. I really like where this is going, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Hm... Spike seems to be guarding... a crystal encased Celestia? And probably Twilight and Company?

This is pretty awesome so far! Could use some editing, a couple fixed and it would be perfect! Really looking forward to more :3.

99353 feel free to edit it and send me the copy, I'll gladly replace it :pinkiehappy: just don't have time atm.

ooooh. i liked the first chapter. you did a good job describing the world in which this story is taking place too.
can't wait to read the next chaptrer!

So freaking awesome, except for the fact that it's reaaaaaalllly late. Please update faster.:fluttercry:

:pinkiehappy: Most Excellent my good sir!
:moustache: please keep up the awesome work.

"Lost in the inky smoke the two combatants howled and moved attempting to get an edge over an opponent that neither of them could see; a surprisingly hard feet." tehehe..
I love the story! :D Can't wait for the life-altering events following this battle o:

Yup, i'm watching this one.

Can't wait for more. Very interested to see how they respond to the return of Celestia.

How is this on the main page?

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